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In the fifteenth book of The Critter Club series, Liz is excited for her sleepover at the museum She has always wanted to go to a wedding. But then she gets even bet Amy and her friends care for some chickens and prepare for the Santa Vista Quiz Bowl in the thirteenth book of The Critter Club series! Amy has never liked being in the spotlight. When all of her friends decide to form a team for the Santa Vista Q Marion finally gets to babysit her little sister Gabby in the twelfth book of The Critter Club series!

Marion has always wanted to babysit her sister -- but her parents have said she is too young! When they finally ask Marion to watch Gabby during Liz deals with some unfriendly competition at the beach and tries to rescue a baby octopus in the eleventh book of The Critter Club series.

Liz and her family are at the beach! Liz loves building sand sculptures, so when she sees a flyer for a san The Critter Club cares for a precocious pig that might just be giving Ellie good luck in the tenth book of the Critter Club series.

The Critter Club: Ellie's Lovely Idea 6 by Callie Barkley (, Paperback) | eBay

When The Critter Club takes in an abandoned pig named Plum, the girls are really excited. Critter Club - 9. Amy comes up with the perfect Christmas present for Ms. Sullivan in the ninth book of the Critter Club series. Her dad and soon-to-be stepmom and stepsister are visit Critter Club - 8. Fashionista Marion enters a styling competition in the eighth book of the Critter Club series -- but will she regret helping out one of her competitors?

Marion is so excited. Critter Club - 7. The Critter Club is going camping -- but are they really ready for a weekend in the wilderness? When Liz invites the Critter Club girls to her house at Marigold Lake for the weekend, they are really excited for their camping adventure -- especiall Critter Club - 6. Critter Club - 5.

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Can Amy and Chloe get along? Critter Club - 4. From violin lessons to training for an upcoming horse competition, Marion is scheduled to the max.

Ellie's Lovely Idea

She now lives with her husband and two kids in Connecticut. They share their home with exactly ten fish and a very active ant farm.

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Illustrated by Marsha Riti. Book 6 of The Critter Club. Price may vary by retailer. A Different Drummer Books. Le James McGill University.

Elle visits CMS Critter Club students

The University of Manitoba Bookstore. University of British Columbia.