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How Do I Teach ‘Christian Hedonism’ to My Kids?

He has the ability to create, to have a sense of justice, to intercede, to rescue, to show mercy, to forgive - these alone place him far above the animals, perhaps even the angels. Man is, surprisingly, quite Godly. Furthermore, man has the ability to have a relationship with God.

Man has the ability to receive the Holy Spirit - God Himself. Finally, man is destined for immortality. There is nothing more God-like than to be immortal!

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This is soon followed by the commandment "Fill the earth and subdue it", Gen 1: The earth is not yet filled and subdued. There are lots of resources and there is much unused land.

Guillermo – God's Plan

Leviticus 18 is entirely devoted to various directives on the sanctity of procreative powers. Men and women were ordered not to have carnal relations with animals. All such defilements are an abomination. God has, in effect, decreed that all humans must be chaste.


What is the Purpose of God’s Creation of Man in His Image and with a Spirit?

Singles must be chaste. The married must be chaste. Widows must be chaste. Through marriage we procreate human beings that he has known or foreseen before the foundation of the world. Chastity and marriage work together to promote fertility.

God’s Purpose in the Creation of Man

Humans, through Jesus Christ, become children of God. Filled with the Holy Spirit of God himself, they fulfill the demands of chastity and generous procreativity. They multiply with joy. There are workers, engineers, farmers, accountants, doctors, craftsman and scientists and people of many talents and persuasions all conceived and designed by God. Quite early in salvation history some important lessons had to be taught. Many are familiar with the lesson of Sodom and Gomorrah, Gen In the Onan account Gen 38 , which is not too well known or understood, another important lesson about procreation had to be taught.

Onan was one of three sons of Judah. The first son did evil in the sight of God and was killed. We are not given the reason. Onan married her but when he had intercourse, he went through the motions, then spilled his seed on the ground. It is clear that God killed him because he defrauded the marriage of its procreative purpose. Tamar later went on to have illicit sex with Judah, her father-in-law. Despite their sins, neither she, Judah, nor the twins were killed. Only Onan was killed as an everlasting testament to the evil of defrauding the marriage of its procreative purpose.

But how does that happen in me?

In this lab, Pastor John explains the ways in which we are made like Jesus. This lab is part of a series through Romans 8. Therefore, we are being made into images of the image of the Father. The Way We Are Changed The glory we get in glorification is the glory of the Son.

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Our bodies get older and weaker, so this growth in glory cannot be physical. We are, however, being transformed day by day within. And one day, our bodies will be transformed physically to be like the glorious body of Jesus.