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Once she finished reading the book, she set it back in the box and picked up the elf. The book said that she had to give her a name so she could receive her 'Christmas magic'. She ran through a long list of names, but none of them seemed right. She glanced up at the T. She liked the name and after looking at the elf for a few moments, she thought it was a good fit. She smiled at having come up with a name, but then she realized the effort that she put into naming a stuffed elf and she huffed at her silliness.

She stood up and went over to the Christmas tree to take off a candy cane, and then she went over to the fireplace, setting the elf on the mantle and sliding the candy cane under her arms. The kids will love you.

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She went over to the coffee table and picked up the white box, taking it into the hall closet to put it away so the kids wouldn't see it. She stopped by the bathroom to relieve her bladder and then she went back into the living room where she saw a tall woman with her back to her, admiring the Christmas tree. It nearly gave her a heart attack as she jumped and scrambled to pick up anything that could be used as a weapon. She was so scared and surprised by the intruder that she was practically shaking. The woman turned around and she smiled brightly.

You gave it to me. Santana took a better look at the women and she noticed that she had sparkly blue eyes, beautiful long blond hair, pale freckles across her cheeks, and a green and red dress. Santana started to feel lightheaded. She looked to the mantel and there was no stuffed toy there anymore, and it didn't appear to be in the immediate vicinity either.

Santana shook her head, still in disbelief. She just stared at Brittany smiling at her and the more she looked at her, the more she started to believe that she was not a threat to her, so she calmed down a little bit. She pinched the bridge of her nose. She was sure she only had one glass of white wine, but now she thought that she had drank way more than that and she was drunk.

I like you so much already…and you're so beautiful. Santana looked up at Brittany and she didn't know what part of that statement to tackle first. Santana nearly jumped when she felt Brittany's soft hand wrap around hers. Santana raised her eyebrows and she let out a little laugh, because while she should have expected that from Santa's elf, it surprised her. Brittany sat down and rested her elbow on the table as she set her chin in the palm of her hand. She eagerly watched Santana move around the kitchen muttering to herself.

When Santana set a plate of cookies in front of her and a tall glass of milk, she giggled and stood up, wrapping Santana in her arms for a tight hug. Santana had been taken by surprise by the embrace, but after a few moments, she tentatively wrapped her arms around Brittany and hugged her back.

Brittany flashed Santana a bright smile when she pulled back from the hug and sat down to eat her cookies.

Santana sat in the chair beside her and she just watched her eat as she tried to work out everything in head. She was sure the reference would go over Brittany's head, but then Brittany's eyes widened. Santana just closed her eyes and shook her head. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Santana sighed and slid her hands down and away from her face.

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I must have had some bad wine, or I've completely lost my mind and drank way more than I thought I had. Santana just sat there for almost a minute feeling Brittany's heartbeat. She was so confused. Brittany was right there in front of her. She could see her, talk to her, and touch her.

She seemed pretty real to her, but she was claiming to be a real Christmas elf that used to be a toy that Santa sent to stay with her. That deviation from reality was what Santana was having trouble with. Santana saw the way that she had frightened Brittany and the sad look on her face tugged at her heart, making her feel bad. I can transform into a toy or into my regular self whenever I want.

She read the book; it said if the elf was touched after she got her magic, she would lose it and not be able to return to the North Pole to report her findings to Santa. It never mentioned her being able to turn into a person, but she assumed that if the magic was gone, the transformations would stop as well and she would revert to a toy again. I always have it. That's just a little white lie that Santa came up with to tell kids so they don't try to play with us.

Just think of the injuries that could cause. It could be disastrous. I'm not really a toy, I'm a person, but the scout elves are supposed to look like toys while we're away from the North Pole, especially if we're around kids, because Santa says that it helps their imaginations develop. Brittany reached her hand across to take Santana's. You want to see their magic and you want them to see yours. Some people may think you're a bad person at first glance, but you're not.

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You're one of the best, and if people only took the time to see your magic, they'd know it right away. As soon as your mom gave me to you, I was learning your magic. You didn't want an elf, but I heard you give in because it was for your niece and nephew. I watched you read the book and spend time giving me a proper name, even if you thought I was just a toy and it was ridiculous.

You love your niece and nephew and you want them to have everything their little hearts' desire. You put them first when you didn't have to. I thought that someone like you must be a true sweetheart and I really wanted to meet you.

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I was hoping that we could be friends. Santana swallowed hard and felt her cheeks heat up. She really was starting to believe that she wasn't drunk and that maybe Brittany was real. She said a lot of things about her that were true, and touched on some of her insecurities; and while she was more than a little creeped out that someone had been observing her without her knowing it, she was also flattered that Brittany saw something special in her that she would risk breaking the rules and getting into trouble just so she could meet her.

As freaked out as she had been over Brittany's presence at first, it didn't take long for her to start to like her. It'll be totally worth it to spend time with you for the next two weeks.

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Santana scrunched her eyebrows together. I've seen my friend's elf outside of Christmas time. She showed it to me in July. If you go back to the North Pole, how come her elf was still in the box? Santana just stared at Brittany. Everything she had just heard seemed out of the realm of reality, and it sounded like something a crazy or drunk person would say, but she could tell that Brittany was being sincere with her.

She didn't look drunk, and beside her extreme exuberance, she didn't seem like a crazy person either. We come in all sizes. Santana tentatively reached her hand out. When she was a mere inch away from Brittany's ear, she stopped, second-guessing her decision to touch it, just in case it was a trap, but that only lasted a moment. Her curiosity had gotten the best of her and she had to know if those points were real.

She moved her hand forward and gently ran the tip of her finger across the shell of Brittany's ear. Brittany giggled because it tickled, and Santana's eyes widened again because it felt like a real ear, just pointy. She ran her finger across her ear a few more times. Santana just nodded and pinched her ear between her forefinger and thumb and tugged on the top a few times. You're a real elf. I was expecting some tiny mythical creature that didn't look at all like a human.

We just happen to have pointy ears and magic powers. What is the average lifespan for elves? I'm curious about you too.

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I wanna know everything about you. Santana felt her cheeks heat up. I mean, she's only the sweetest person ever. Why wouldn't I want to know everything about her? Santana giggled nervously and her cheeks burned even hotter. She hoped that it wasn't as visible as it felt. Santana cleared her throat trying to shake herself out of her stupor.

You had to have a name in the North Pole. A little girl named Maribel is given a magic sea shell that lets her go wherever she wants. She goes to Santa's palace in the Arctic. Claus asks Maribel to go with Santa in his sleigh on Christmas Eve. Maribel learns the true meaning of Christmas. Maribel sees many wonderful things: This is a fun Christmas poem to share with children, and adults too!

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