Guide Service Availability: Principles and Practice

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Service Availability: Principles and Practice

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They're suitable for those wanting to build on their understanding of modern business management practices to improve their career opportunities or academic progression. Level 3 Accreditation status: Financial and Quantitative Specification codes: International only Assessment availability: On demand and series 2,3,4 First teaching: Tue Dec 31 Tue Jun 30 User tabs Teaching Studying. The related Disaster Recovery topic focuses upon a major failure of the primary data center requiring failover to a secondary disaster recover data center or fundamental rebuild of the primary data center.

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This topic outlines the different principles of HA that you should consider when designing a Rational development environment. It is critical that HA is considered from the outset of designing your environment because the design itself will constrain the HA solution.

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HA that is developed as an afterthought may result in significant rework of the environment or result in a suboptimal solution. However, the first thing to consider is what are your organizations real requirements for HA based on your business and technical needs and requirements for the environment itself.

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Availability - "number of nines" Availability is usually expressed as a percentage of up-time. The notion of "number of nines" relates to increasingly higher levels of availability, where a greater number of nines signifies a greater percentage of HA or up-time. For example, "Five nines" equates to an up-time of The following table shows the downtime per year, month and week allowed for a particular percentage availability assuming that the environment is required 24x7x 6 days a year.

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