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This molting process, when applied to healing, can range from mildly irritating to debilitating contractions of violent pain depending on the lessons being presented. What do we do with pain? How can we end it? Turn around and move into it. Snake unlocks her jaws and swallows life whole. Confronting pain is the only way to completely dissolve it. Snake teaches us that the basic function of pain is to teach us of the true reality of life outside delusional social conventions.


That reality is a silent experience beyond words. It is in this silence that healing occurs. We are that which quickens the skin and bone. We are conviction itself and that energy is eternal. Conviction is a cosmic force that moves planets and burns stars. Snake can not survive without direct daily contact with the sun.

Her inability to generate her own body heat makes her dependent on her external environment. But this seemingly external dependence is ultimately an internal process indicating that both the internal and external are one. They are not the same, but they are one together and inextricable. Likewise, to live well we too must make sure our outside environment is providing the fuel we need to generate our own conviction.

Snake medicine finds the balance between what we can accomplish alone and what we need help with from the outside world. This balance between the inner and outer relationship with life also teaches us about our relationship to the art of receiving assistance particularly in regards to the medical arts.

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We can not will ourselves to be willing. We can not order our minds to be receptive to healing. Eventually that matter will mind back in the form of back pain, headaches, knee pain, etc. To address an ailment, we must start from where we are, tensions, limitations and all.

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If our thoughts are fraught with doubts, unreasonable expectations, anger, or fear, the first order of business in the healing process is to address our mental state of mind and guide it towards greater receptivity. Your ability to locate your own inner conviction to heal will propel you forward into life. During the molting process a snakes eyes glaze over, indicating that she is dwelling between life and death. Her body dies as her life energy reemerges. The life within your body is an eternal continuum of energy. Snake knows that death of the body is only a molting of spirit into the next expression of life.

The connection you make with that spirit within you is something you take with you at the time of death. It is the one and only thing you take with you into the beyond.

Power Animal for February: Black Snake, by ‘Backyard Shaman’ Amy Katz, M.A.

When money, status, house, career, and family must all be left behind, consciousness is never lost. Seeking greater conscious awareness is the most sensible investment of time you could make in your life and it is the most important thing you need to do every day before all other goals. The snake totem has been used as the symbol of medicine for thousands of years all over the world. In America the health care system itself is in a molting process of renewal. It is of no small irony that the ancient symbol of healing arts, the Rod of Asclepius was, in America, replaced by the caduceus , an ancient symbol for commerce.

Whether this was deliberate or unconscious, the symbol of commerce has most certainly dominated the medical arts in this country, crowding the field with profit-making business-minded people rather that with true healers. This commercial symbol has created an illusion that health can be bought and sold. But this illusion will eventually molt into a new system. Until it does the true healers of this Earth may be a bit harder to find, but they are here and you can find them if you keep looking.

When you meet a doctor for the first time, if you do not sense a deep passion in them for their work do not return. Or will you dive deep and discover the infinite magic which is Snake energy? Black Snake is kin to Water Dragon.

Snake Medicine: How Shamanism Heals

But not nearly enough perceived. Until your body undulates in the undercurrents and power brims from your inner being, Snake is dorment. Wake him up if you want to slip through the cracks between consciousness and unconsciousness, dreaming and waking. Snake is the shaman of the underworld. Do you ever dream of snakes? Or fear them obsessively? Lastly they are symbols of the enemy. I have seen 2 of the exact Same kind of snakes in the span of 2 weeks. Both times I almost stepped in them. It has been a few years since I has seen one up until this point. Kinda wondering what it all means.

I understand this now because I was concentrating on my sahasrara chakra and considering the oneness of all humanity and the entire fabric of the universe with myself. I had a friend over and my cat brought a small red snake into the house yelling at me and dropped it at my feet. My friend and I had just spent the entire night discussing shamanism, alchemy,yielding to Spirit, essentially everything you wrote.

Thank you so much for this article. Feel like we received a sign. I recently dreamt of a white and black checkered snake, and this reading gave me a deeper understanding of the symbolism. Continue to Be a wonderful gift to humanity, Mother Earth, merging worlds, and beyond. I dream of an anaconda twice a week, for the past three years…. In this dream the anaconda is eating…… People…. I found out that I was a snake totem…. So I had this spirit visit me for a few nights and I asked it to leave as I felt unnerved and it said to me in a clear audible voice that it will but it will leave me a gift.

I would say this is a vision as I was definitely not sleeping and I felt the snakes warm scales form on my bed while I was reading. Its a projection from parts of yourself, wiser parts of your higher mind, communicating to you through symbols. Because, your subconscious mind is the source of it, you can sense your waking dream with any senses, beyond just vision. I dream of snakes quite often. But when this happened the following story , I knew they were my totem: I was living in Tucson, Az, up about 15 from a dry wash that only filled in monsoon season.

My bedroom window was about 25 ft or so from the wash flat surface, and then down. One morning I told my husband I dreamt of a snake right outside of our bedroom window. It was large, but it had the huge, huge head! That late afternoon we were having dinner and the local chinese restaurant in the foothills where we lived. A few tables down was our neighbor of a few houses over. He saw us and come over and told us he was walking his dog down below our house in the wash, and he dog ran over to a particular spot and was barking like crazy.

The neighbor went over to him and saw what was causing the commotion. It was a large rattlesnake with the biggest, most huge head he ever saw on a rattlesnake. Since that time I knew I had been on a shamanic journey and of my attachment to the rattler. The other night I was taking a cold bath and the skin just started peeling off in rolls.

I was a bit freaked at first,But I felt like all the skin going down the drain was unwanted and unneeded baggage. I really feel awesome,like new. My cousin remembered that this happened to meh 20 years ago with my legs. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of or experienced a human shedding their skin like a snake. I have also been focusing on the names of the Divine Mother.

If that has anything merit. While having Reiki attunement the lady preforming it said she saw many rainbow serpents around me. Can anyone help me out on the meaning of this? Yesterday I saw a Garter snake in the middle of a path I walk in my yard. He was very still and I was worried that he might be eaten by a preditor. I watched him for a long time, and he seemed to be moving toward a place where I had seen other snakes. Today I saw him in the same place at the same time. I have been waiting for the results of a biopsy that could be serious.

Hello I would like to know what my dream ment night before I went to a healing church service for a health condition I dreamt I was on a swim team and dived into a bed of snakes they bit me all over then I woke up that day I went to a service looking to be healed the service was directed towards me they pulled me and prayed the whole time and said I was now healed.

This morning I woke from a dream about an albino boa. The snake was kind, gentle and seemed curious and attracted to me. It watched me as if it was looking after me, protecting me. I fell asleep in the dream and woke, in the dream, to the snake laying next to me for warmth. Thank you Ina for your article it was very informative When I was younger I used to dream a lot about snakes and my dreams were frightening but after I got to med school I dreamed of lots of snakes were burned or became some kind of statues and after that dream I never dreamed of snakes.

If snake is my spirit animal and I stopped dreaming of them does it mean that I lost my spirit animal or my spirit animal will no longer guide me? I too found a dead Gardner snake u der the right front tire of my car. I had a dream about snake the night before too and had been reading about spirit animals.

What is the meaning of seeing it? The day before that, a black and white spotted cat came to me from the left side of my house followed by an all black one an hour later. Then the dead snake the next day. Anyone have any ideas? I got good news medically after seeing the cats and got 2 job interviews lined up. Then saw the dead snake. Good or bad omen? I felt it as an enemy trying to harm me of some sort no longer is trying to by seeing it but also gut says some worry too over this.

SHAMAN SNAKE WOMAN by Lizanne Corbit

During meditation Reaching my peak when bang I get swallowed by a cobra made out of diamonds the feeling was unexplainable and the chakras colours of the diamonds…. I felt the scales and felt like was going through a fast slide in slow motion.. Last night was the first time I ever I had a dream of a snake. Two snakes to be specific, they looked like black cobras.

I opened a bag, or luggage and they were there but, they were very calm. I got very scared and closed the luggage again. Then I managed to place them in a black laundry bag and they remained calm, I remember hearing them breathe, and strong inhale and exhale and thinking to myself wow that snake has a nice breath flow. I woke up after that, wondering what it all means.

Does this mean they are my new spirit animals? What are these snakes trying to tell me? I then got into my truck and started to leave as a large black snake slithered out in front of my truck and started to raise up like a cobra. I stopped and stared as it just sat there refusing to move. After about 5 mins it slowly left the road came to my side of the truck, coiled up, shook its tail repeatedly like a rattlesnake and again reared up at me, before turning and slithering off toward the head stones.

I took this as my sign that i had asked for since this was out of the norm to ever see a snake here. Now im trying to decipher the meaning. Any help would be great thank you.