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Katharina Luther — — Katharina and Martin Luther: Is God Still in Charge? Autobiography; recommended by Courtney Reissig. Her Heart Can See: Lord we petition You to save this family from all this pain. Wake this man up and let him see the consequences of his lifestyle. Convict him Lord, turn his eyes toward You! Strengthen this family Lord, give them peace as they walk this out. I love this story. It always testifies to me of prayer even in the midst of trials. What an awesome idea!!! Aprons can serve so many purposes.

And, now, for a quiet place to meet my Lord in prayer. Pray for my son that I believe have demon spirit he involve with a woman that he have destroy his marriage and his wife still love him until it have affect her health and she is a very sweet person please pray for us most of all my son. Lord, we lift Daphine's son to You asking for a miracle for his life.

Convict him of sin, righteousness and Your judgement! Make him strong in Your name! Heal his wife and make her strong. Oh, and prayer works here, apron someone else. Like that lady with the daughters and the abuse and nervousness. Also, I would like to encourage her, that the future can be better than the past makes it look like it might be.

Yes, Lord do a mighty work on her sister's family, and let them tell of your wonderful works all the days of their lives! But please, give the aprons to another if you have chosen me, I have an apron, and quiet places I can use to pray and I do. Someone else will need them more and God will direct you to them. Thank you and God bless. Lord you are our healer and we lift Sis to you right now asking for a miracle for her.

Heal and restore everything that has been broken in her life. I need prayer for peace, contentment and wisdom. Peace and contentment if The Lord wants me to stay on the course I am on. Wisdom to know what He wants for my family. Praying for strength, overcoming fear, healing for our family. Our 4th son was diagnosed with a fatal genetic condition and passed away 2 hours after birth.

We have spent the 3 months before he was born praying for a miracle of healing and at the very least time with him alive before he went to heaven so our other boys could meet him. God answered those prayers. We have spent the last 4 months since his birth and death praying for strength to face the day, overcoming fear of daily trials and health concerns, and healing emotionally and physically for our family. I think of Suzanna Wesley often as I pray without ceasing for all the needs in our lives and that our children will heal from the loss of their brother. God is good - even when we cannot see Him or feel Him.

Oh Amie I am so very sorry that your son died. My heart breaks for you. We lost our first grandchild and to this day I cry over our lose. I wrote a blog post about her, if you would like to read it here is the link http: Take fear away and replace with peace and joy. Bring comfort Lord, please Lord!! Love and big hugs! Praying for all the above ladies who have shared heart-breaking stories.

Thank you Sharon, for the encouragement to continue praying even more fervently for my husband and three young children. I need prayer for a job for my husband. That I can make time in the day to be with God for more than just 15 minutes. That I will guide my children in the ways of the Lord. He is extremely gifted with music and has an amazing ability to lead people into the presence of God while leading worship.

He started leading worship when he was 15 and about a year later he began to slowly slip into sin and walked away from God all together. He went several years walking his own path and even landed himself in jail for a few months. He came back home and started going back to church and it didn't take long before God start changing his heart.

I had never seen a change in him like this one. He was almost glowing he had so much joy in his heart! He got deep in the word and God began to speak to him like never before. I had been praying for this for so long but somehow, I was still amazed at what God was doing. He got involved in a small church that I was unfamiliar with but he loved it and seemed to really be growing spiritually so I supported him. He has always had a very strong anointing on his life and its very obvious to everyone who is around him so within weeks he was part of the praise team and very quickly took on the role of the worship leader.

In a few more weeks he was asked to lead the student ministry. I was very uneasy about this but he was 19 years old by this time so there wasn't much I could do. I just knew that the bible talked very specifically about going into the ministry to early. I remember the first night I heard him preach, I was blown away! The anointing was even stronger than it was when he led worship! So I thought maybe I had been worried for nothing. But it didn't take long before the devil began trying to stop what God was doing. Jealousy began to rise up among some of the other young boys his age in the church and things started going down hill fast.

Within a few weeks I could see the joy fading away. He began to dread spending time at the church and was constantly saying it was just to stressful to be there. He stopped spending so much time in the word and started spending his time with a girl instead. After about four months he resigned from his position and left the church. He got a job with my husband who is and iron worker and has very little time off to even go to church. When he is off, he claims he's to tired.

He has moved out of my house and has a very young girlfriend who sleeps over with him all the time. He was also just arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor. My heart breaks every day as I think about the amazing plans God has for his life.

Sandy Dengler

Now he has chosen to ignore Him and walk away from everything he knows to be true, for the second time. I wrestle with frustrations of loving him and being angry with him at the same time. As I read your blog today it reminded me of the promises that God has spoken to my heart over the years andthat no matter how hopeless things may look, there is ALWAYS hope in Christ Jesus! And through Him all things are possible! Today I am going to begin praying for my son like never before and I will not stop until I see him come back to Christ or until God takes me home!

I know this was a little long and definitely more than one word but thank you for letting me share it! I am reminded today of Gods faithfulness and for the first time in a while I have hope again! Thank you and God bless you and your family! That is such a hard road Joy! You are such a wonderful mom to pray and encourage as you have. It is a spiritual battle and we have to fight against Satan's schemes to devour our children through prayer. Lord we ask that you convict Joy's son of sin, righteousness and Your judgment.

Bring him back Lord, and this time for good! Lead him to a faithful Christian girl who will help him on this journey.

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Wisdom to share with my children through the different things they face in their lives. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you! Your post today blessed me tremendously. Prayer has been on my mind and heart for awhile now and Susanna Wesley's story of faith and prayer is one of my favorites. As I've read over these replies I've found myself praying along with each one. Please pass the apron on to bless someone else, but know you've been a blessing to me! Praying for my son to return to Christ and that his marriage be restored for the sake of Christ and his two precious children.

We pastor a small church and at 17 he began hanging out with a group of "outcast" kids. He always had a super strong relationship with the Lord. He began bringing these kids to church and eventually met a young girl who was in deep emotional crisis. His relationship with her eventually lead to an unplanned pregnancy. He married her but never seemed to recover from his choice.

Charles Wesley’s Gift of Music

He eventually left his wife after another child was born and is now living with a lost girl and her son. I know prayer changes things I just keep trusting and standing on his word. I recently found a book at a local Christian bookstore called "90 days of Prayers for the Prodigal" by J. I had been on a fast for 30 days when I purchased it.

One of the things I had been frustrated with was feeling as though my prayers were becoming rather repetitious. This book has given me a scripture and relevant issue specifically to pray about each day. I feel like I have some renewed direction during my prayer time for him. Thank you for posting the blog. It was a God-send today! My prayer is for reconciliation in my marriage, but more than that. I desire reconciliation between my husband and The Lord.

This is my heartfelt prayer! I wish it could all be one word, but it's not. Peace like a balm for a weary soul. Provision for our homeless family of 6. Hope for a husband who finds himself on the sidelines of ministry. Service for this couple who have given their lives to serve, but find themselves at a loss on what or where to go next. Growth for our 4 teenagers. Healing for our bodies that are caving to the stress. Binding of a broken heart. Thank you for sharing her story. We too were once missionaries raising 3 boys.

After a season that felt like forever in a holding pattern, God opened an unusual door in the secular world that in turn positioned us for the next phase of ministry. We are currently going into our 16th year pastoring a non-denominational church state side in central Louisiana. I know where you are because I too have been there. Be anxious for nothing I will be praying for you and yours. May God bring others alongside to encourage you in this season. May you be still and know We have a place here for missionaries and others like yourselves to rest and wait.

If there's anything we can do to assist please let me know. I really mean that! My private email is jganaway cebridge. Feel free to communicate with me. Be assured that I will be praying with you and for you. Wish you were here so I could give you a great big hug With His Love, Julia Ganaway. I know my concerns are not unique, but sometimes it can get very lonely in the midst of it all. Thank you for coming along side and being an encouragement. I will take you up on your email offer.

Transition, becoming a single mother, and finding a job that will give me enough salary to support myself and my son. I pray for my sister to conceive a healthy child , she has been trying for a couple years and had a miscarriage last year. I shall add for you and your sister, my amen, and saying to have and to hold, said short person. I was blessed and married my amazing husband just 5 weeks ago! He came with a 6 year old son that we share half time with his mom.

Susanna Wesley: Servant of God

It's a little harder than I thought, especially the part about growing a marriage while trying to gently correct 6 years of bad habits and permissive parenting on both sides. Your devotional has bolstered me to just take it to Jesus every day! He gave me a mama-heart and I will pray for Matthew like he was mine from the start! Praying along with you for all of the dear folks who've commented and shared their hearts! I need prayer of healing physically after my accident and prayer of faith and patience to Trust in His timing and not my own.

Brittanny are coming my way anytime soon? I would love for you to stop by the farm and I'll pray and anoint you with oil. My daughter, recently diagnosed with autism; my son who is struggling with his sister's behaviors and my husband, who also leaves me for periods of time to take care of everything on my own. He also struggles to manage our finances. He gambles despite my opposition. I am also waiting to hear about my job status.

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Right now, I am not guaranteed employment in the fall. Please pray for us. It is only through the grace of God that I've been able to manage this situation. Mari- was she diagnosed with full blown autism or on the spectrum like aspergers? There is a diet that helps some children with it.

It's worth trying, here is the link to my blog post about it-http: It's a lot of work but you have nothing to lose in trying it. Years after us going this route I've learned SO much more. Like gluten and dairy sensitivity affects many of these kids too. If you are interested I would help you more, just email me Sharon sharonglasgow. Lord, this family needs radical answers and hope for the future.

Restore and heal everything that has been broken in Jesus' name, amen. Thank you so much for your prayers! I will contact you by email. I prayed last night for The Lord to send me encouragement and help. Your writing provided me with much needed comfort. Hi Sharon, Salvation - for my grandpa You and I are kindred spirits! Praying for my children is how the Lord led me to this ministry which has now expanded to include encouraging others to pray for their spouses, our military, graduates, pastors, sponsored children, those in challenging times, etc.

I had a great-grandfather with a heart like Susanna Wesley's. We have his prayers for the generations after him recorded in journals. His son, my grandfather, grew up in the church and knew the Truth, but in his adult life never walked with the Lord or led his children, including my father, to the Lord.

Susanna Wesley: Servant of God by Sandy Dengler

My grandpa is now 90 years old and in his last days. I am praying for boldness in sharing the Gospel with him over and over until his last breath! He comes in and out of consciousness and can't see very well and can hardly hear a thing, but I keep reminding myself that he doesn't need to hear my voice - just the voice of the Shepherd!

He has been receptive to the Gospel in recent years but I just don't have assurance that he is saved! On a side note Blessings in Christ, Molly. And protection for my boys and my husband from people that take advantage of his giving heart even his own sisters and mother. Lord let him see right through them, let him be aware of their alterior motives. Or don't let me see it for it hurts me. I don't want to sound selfish, because I know it is right to give and help, the problem is that they don't try to help themselves, they feel it is his obligation to provide for their wants.

I am a former widow, now remarried. My husband is hard-working though now retired as am I , but is not fully committed to the Lord. I pray that I will not be an obstacle to God working in his life. My former husband was a pastor, wholly sold-out to the Lord. I do not want to blame my husband Herb for not being Joe. That would not be fair. I also pray that I would have openings to testify to his children and grandchildren, none of whom are believers. My husband is upright and believes that God wants us not to take handouts and manage for ourselves. He is correct, to a point, but He also expects us to lean on Him and Herb has not as yet found that out.

I pray that I would be the wife he needs and not get in the Lord's way.

God knows what prayer I need better than I do. I have had my confidence shaken, I am overwhelmed and I don't know whether these are spiritual attacks to steer me from God's path or if He is preparing me for a new direction. It grieves me down to the marrow and breaks my heart in a million shattered pieces. Their pain and the effort it takes for some to just navigate an hour, a day or even a lifetime, is incomprehensible to me, yet they persevere.

Many are people of faith waiting even a lifetime for the hand of God to heal. Moms who would like to pray together can start or join a Moms In Prayer group. Which also makes me think of how much it must take to build a Godly dude. Then, there seems to be a lot of people with temporary or uncertain employment. I wonder if there is some way people can build communities or something to help eachother, and support eachother, and meet needs together? Nice thought, someone specifically praying for the children, sons in particular. I am already praying for my four, Christine's son; will add all our sons to this list.

I have no daughters, but many nieces and nephews. So adding my nephews to a new prayer time list My husband has forgotten God and is fighting depression and anxiety and I have just lost my job pls pray for Gods will to be done and that I would be able to pray for mykids like susanna wesley For my children to return to their first love - Jesus. AND for the job that God wants me in!

I need an apron. What a great reminder of how my thots should go during lifes ever so changing circumstances. God has been inviting me all summer to make prayer a more regular consistent thing in our home, this blog blessed me beyond words and I believe it was from the Lord for me to read. We need prayers for trusting the Lord to provide, much like Susanna. To be slow to speak and slow to become angry.

God knows what we need when we need it! I'm thrilled that the blog ministered to you! Lord, provide for Liz and her family. Give them the resources they need to do what they need to do right now. We are studying prayer in our ladies Sunday School class. I think sharing the apron story and an apron would be such a wonderful tool in helping others. Turning in my notice today. Husband and I are stepping out in faith for me to be a stay at home mom to our children.

My flesh is nervous and scared while my spirit is confident. In doing this, we should have more bible time and prayer time so looking forward to this. I humbly ask for any prayers for this great calling. I just prayed for you Lori. You should read George Muller's book, it will increase your faith. I have a blog post written about 10 of my favorite books it's in this post. I'm going down all the comments and praying for each person individually.

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It has blessed me to pray for you. Love this post and your heart for prayer. Thank you for sharing both the joy and the sorrows of Susanna's journey. We need to hear both. I have been contemplating the fullness of a life IN CHRIST with authenticity, which means we have to be able to share the transparent view at times, most times, so that we can reach into the very heart of the broken and apply the salve of love intended by mercy's sacrifice. I didn't know what my one word answer could be As I write I ask for prayers for authenticity. How can I pray for you?

May you be strengthened with His might, wisdom and glory unto all joyfullness bearing much fruit for the Kingdom. I am a mom of four and wife of a youth pastor. We, like others on this comment page, had given our sons to The Lord. Our oldest being called to preach in his teen years. He has turned to drugs and alchohol and ungodly living.

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He is a saved child of God , but lost in a dark world of the enemy's blinders. What a wonderful devotion, that as i spend my quiet time with proverbs 31 every morning, to know my prayers may change history. Thank you for your sweet and compassionate words! Please pray our sons chains will be broken and he will come back to Christ. Lord, we cry out to you for Amie's oldest son. Convict him of sin, righteousness and Your judgment. Bring him back to You Lord, radically obedient!

Help him know that You love him no matter what Lord. I am so thankful for Proverbs 31 Ministries and your faithfulness to share God's word. It has made such a difference in my life. My need for prayer - Trust! I, like Hannah and countless others, prayed specifically for my only child and daughter. I dedicated her to the Lord when only 3 months old. She is now 28, married but I, like you never miss a day to lift her and her husband up in prayer.

How marvelous and faithful our Heavenly Father is! I would love to have a Prayer Apron as I can preserves and vegetables Thank you for sharing! Direction I've been praying this prayer for a while now, I have 4 kids, 2 of my own, and 2 are my sister's who I now have custody of. It rocked my world and I've been asking God for direction on where to go now that He allowed these huge changes to come along.

Thanks for the encouragement of sharing Susanna's story, I had never heard it before. Dear Mandi, I am a mother of 4, and now a nana to three boys. I don't know why you now find yourself raising your sister's two children. I wish you courage, peace, and much forbearance as you take on this "double" now job.

I am praying for you. Please pray for my children Lord, we ask that you do a mighty work in Dana's 2 older children's lives. Help them to hear Your voice and follow. This was a perfect devotional for me- I read it on vacation and saved it to re-read today. God is really showing me how I need to go to Him first instead of worrying.

I pray for my three young children and my husband and that I would be a good role model as a follower and devoted Christian. And that my children will chase after the Lord. I'm so happy this ministered to you Stacey! The Sowers Series Biographies offer children a chance to experience the Christ-inspired pathways followed by some heroic men and women. Their impact on our lives as well as a great deal of factual information is skillfully presented to the child within the framework of an interest-holding story. Over the years, the Sowers Series books have established their appeal with a wide range of readers.

Parents write in to say how much they enjoyed the books while reading them to their children. Thus it is difficult to assign a given book to a particular grade level. We feel that the following arrangement is sound especially when the Sowers books are being used for book reports or other school related projects. More Product Information Publisher: