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Eve has a successful company making instructional sex films for couples. And now a major network has asked her to do a series of documentaries, and Eve thinks it might be her big break to become the director of a major movie, her secret dream. And even though she was very much attracted to him, he acted like a real jerk and she walked out on him.

This really surprised Linc, as women usually bought this act hook, line and sinker. He has become a race car driver on a later age than usual. His family has been in politics for generations, and his career has been plotted for him since the cradle. He does not want to hate his life and his parents for making him do things he does not want. But Linc wants his best friend to win, as he is much better qualified for the job. If only he can ruin his reputation even more in the eyes of his voters … And marriage to a free spirit goth person like Eve might be just the thing … And so they end up married after the bride and groom and most of the guests have driven off.

How can all three of her daughters so easily throw away everything she has thought them?

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And now her mother is staying with her as well, and she is 71, and looking for a man to have her first orgasm with herself. Usually this would make her proud, a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, but this is her mother! Sure, her mother had a horrible marriage to an abusive man, and when he died young, raised her and later her three granddaughters almost on her own, she never found someone to love.

But hearing her talk about this, is just too much! Meanwhile, Eve is really disappointed in Linc on their wedding night, and is determined not to have sex with him again, and Linc is completely amazed when he realised she faked an orgasm with him. It was fun and fast and well written.

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Of course, the mother is a bit over the top, but she believed in what she preaches, and I admire her for that. Yes, I enjoyed everything about this book basically. May 12, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eve Farrel is starting to panic. She's recently watched both her older and younger sister find their happily-ever-afters and settle down in marital bliss-to the complete shock, dismay, and chagrin of their very famous feminist and anti-marriage mother, Jacqueline.

Now that mom only has one single daughter left, she's determined that Eve will stay that way, no matter what. Jacqueline is driving Eve nuts, to the point that she now believes there's only one way to get her mother to leave her alone, once and for all-find a man, fast, and get married, even faster. Fortunately for Eve, there's a man who is having a very similar problem.

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Everyone and their brother knows that Linc's family is urging him to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming Mayor of his hometown, and nothing Linc says to the contrary will convince the constituency that he doesn't want a life of politics. In the current poll, he's even ahead of his best friend, Craig Sanders, the man Linc wants more than anything to win the election. Desperate measures are called for, and taking a very unsuitable woman as his wife just might do the trick. Eve is definitely an unsuitable politician's wife. Kimberly Raye has written a laugh-out-loud romance story that has two people thrown together as a matter of convenience, and learning to love each other as a matter of the heart.

Eve finds out pretty quickly that Linc isn't as bad as he'd like the world to believe, and Linc in turn realizes that there's more to Eve than a sexy body. As these two find a balance between the desires of their family and the desires of their own bodies, it's a joy to be along for the ride. Feb 24, Judy Geeky Reading rated it liked it Shelves: I liked the characters, and really enjoyed getting to know them. I liked Eve and her outrageous self, and how Linc was trying to appear worse than he actually was. I liked their getting together, and how their relationship developed.

This was a fun book, I enjoyed it. It had a couple problems, but overall it was pretty good. Feb 10, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: Review written for www. Well, ok, the NASCAR information was no longer accurate since the book was originally published in but that is ok. I really liked that there were problems. Not problems that we normally see but real life problems.

They get married first and have sex later and she fakes an orgasm and he knows it. Now how do they get through that? Her mom is a pain and his parents are set in their ways. She expects h Review written for www. By marrying the least likely person he can find. Eve and Linc meet up at Eve's sister Xandra's wedding. With her sexy job, off-the-wall family and black nails, hair and eye makeup, Eve is the perfect choice to send the good citizens of Adams reeling.

But while their charade progresses, Linc and Eve are about to find out that love comes in the unlikeliest of packages. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Other books in this series. I'm Watching You Karen Rose. Forget Me Not Marliss Melton. Angel With Attitude Michelle Rowen. The owner of a production company, Eve makes and markets sexstructional videos. When she suddenly finds herself as the only single daughter, she's suddenly cast in the good girl role.

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What's a bad girl to do? If you're Eve, you will find the most misogynistic man in the world and marry him fast. He got into racing a little late in life - trying to his hand at a law career first. But he decides he does not want to follow in his father, grandfather, and great grandfather's footsteps by seeking a career in politics.

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But he owes a lot to his best friend Craig. So he decides to run for mayor in his small Georgia hometown, but does everything he can to make sure he's not elected; even if it means marrying the most inappropriate woman he can find. When Linc and Eve join forces to solve each others problems, you'd think it's a mismatch made in heaven.

It's not like this is forever - just until November. But the two have smoldering chemistry and soon begin to realize that they are not actually so mismatched after all. In a secondary story, Eve's mother, feminist talk show host Jacqueline Farrel is furious that her life partner and father of her three children actually has the audacity to ask her to marry him.

When she moves out and shows up on Eve's doorstep, Eve and Linc have to put on a show to make her flee. What will happen after the election - will Linc and Eve be able to go their separate ways? Will Eve's mom and dad settle down and make their three daughters legitimate?

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  • Raye's comedic timing, great delivery and smoldering love scenes will keep even the coldest reader warm. Unlike most authors who run out of steam halfway through a series, Raye definitely saved the best for last! Good book part of a series. I liked the characters, and really enjoyed getting to know them.

    Sugar & Spice Tribute Batman Forever (1995)

    I liked Eve and her outrageous self, and how Linc was trying to appear worse than he actually was. I liked their getting together, and how their relationship developed. This was a fun book, I enjoyed it. It had a couple problems, but overall it was pretty good.