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Belmont is quiet and stern. Rita is stressed about her future in cooking, and she is somewhat of the matriarch of the group. Aaron is a cold arrogant jerk, but there is something lovable about him. Finally, Peggy is a professional shopper who has had a lot of engagements and left a lot of broken hearts. Rita is so complex, and we see this quickly. Her mother, a cooking genius, placed a lot of expectations on Rita.

Rita wasn't born with her mother's talent, but Rita is an extremely good cook. Yet she doesn't like the pressure she's felt when cooking. So the road trip was a good idea for her. Jasper is sweet and charming, yet a little wicked and arrogant. He has sworn off women and hasn't had sex in nearly two years, after An Incident. He used to be a ladies' man, and he has the lasting reputation to prove it. But Jasper is so much more than that, and he wants to prove to everyone that he is so much more.

He is intelligent and kind and chivalrous and driven. He has a bar and he's opening an eatery - Jasper is may be feeling lost, but he has a lot going for him. Jasper and Rita's relationship evolves rapidly. Both of them do not open up easily, especially Rita. One will assume one thing, the other will assume another thing, and both will end up apologizing. I like that they both realize their mistakes as the story goes on versus Jasper constantly being the only one apologizing, or vice versa. The romance was very steamy! In classic Bailey fashion, there were tons of hot encounters between Jasper and Rita.

I like that, despite writing so many romance novels, all of Bailey's steamy scenes are pretty different. I also really like how this book is not just focused on Jasper and Rita's relationship, but also the relationship between the Clarkson siblings. Each sibling is so unique and complicated and dealing with their own mess and misery.

I can't say I have a favorite Clarkson, because I genuinely like them all. And I like seeing how their relationships with each other and overall change and grow and improve as the story goes on. I was hoping it would go this way and not the other Anyway, overall I really enjoyed this book. It's not just a steamy romance novel; it's a story of personal growth in both Rita and Jasper and familial growth. What I Did Not Like: I think this has more to do with me personally than the book but maybe not, who knows -- I didn't like how fast the romance occurred, how fast the feelings developed.

I suppose it's possible, but it just felt very fast to me. Why I say this has more to do with me personally - I just read a book that pretty much took place over two days, in which the hero and heroine meet and fall in love in those two days Chasing Lady Amelia by Maya Rodale, in case anyone was interested. Great book, but the romance felt fast. NOT undeveloped, but fast. If that makes sense? That is probably my only complaint though it weighs heavily against the story. Would I Recommend It: I mean, I'd probably recommend just about any of Tessa Bailey's books, if you're a fan of steaaaamy romance novels.

Every time I read one, there is a new story, new characters, new steamy scenes. This novel is perfect if you like road trips, charming men, and a strong sense of family in a romance novel! And steamy romance, of course. Like I've said, not my favorite Tessa Bailey book, but that doesn't mean it was bad or anything. I can't wait to read Too Wild to Tame - let's see what Aaron's story is all about!

Apr 13, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Tessa Bailey once again proves to her readers that she can deliver a romance that is sexy, funny, witty, and ridiculously entertaining!!! And in her newest release Too Hot to Handle , Tessa opens this book with a fiery explosion. W ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Tessa Bailey once again proves to her readers that she can deliver a romance that is sexy, funny, witty, and ridiculously entertaining!!!

And to make matters worse, her siblings shows up. Like any typical family, you put four strong personalities in one car traveling from California to New York, you would expect lots of bickering and for the Clarkson clan, there is no shortage of that. And so when their Suburban breaks down somewhere in New Mexico, a good samaritan comes to the rescue. When Jasper Ellis spots the Clarkson family stranded, he decides to help them out and also catches the eye of Rita. Right off the bat, Jasper is intrigued with Rita and tries his best to charm her.

Since the car will take a day to be fixed, Rita and her siblings are stuck in this small town. And so when Jasper invites Rita to his bar, sparks and sexual tension is in the air. Knowing his time with Rita is short, Jasper tries his best to keep Rita and her siblings to stay longer in town even if it means delaying the repair of their car. As much as Jasper wants to keep Rita in town, he knows the choice lies solely on her. Or will she let her fears stop her from truly living the life she wants?

Too Hot to Handle was one of those sweet romantic reads that weaves elements of family, understanding and second chances.

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Tessa Bailey not only gave readers a love story but she allowed readers to feel the depth of a family coming together. Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: Nov 13, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: In a matter of twelve hours, everything had changed. What else could she have expected after committing arson? Jasper Ellis was the god of sex. And—and—he was way, way fucking more than that.

He was everything underneath the sex. I need so many things and they all begin and end with you. I want it to stay lost and I want to be the man who steals it. All day, every day. Stay with me right here. Sep 25, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: Her brain is classically dirty. A man who woke up, stretched his flexing biceps over his head, scrubbed a hand down his abs, and grinned before getting up to drink coffee naked in his kitchen.

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Because why spend one unnecess 4. Because why spend one unnecessary moment dressed? And speaking of clothes, the warmth coming off his tucked-in flannel shirt rivaled the sun. She would bet anything that if she sniffed the material curing around his shoulder it would remind her of snuggling into pajamas fresh from the dryer. As I was reading this book, I finally figured out one of the many reasons why I love her writing so much.

She is an artist at writing similes and metaphors. Tessa, I would read your grocery lists.

too hot to handle

Promises dug like tiny tractors in his gut, excavating vital components of what impulse directed him to say, leaving messes behind. They are not close siblings so there is automatically tension between them. When the car breaks down, of course Jasper is riding by on his sexy motorcycle. Tess is the queen of insta-lust, alpha-male, dirty-talker who wants his woman. Fuck yourself up against it. You answered the door begging for something bad from me. You and this sweet, neglected pussy. Now fuck your vibrator.

Jasper is the owner of the Liquor Hole get it! He is a reformed playboy trying to be good and responsible now, but his reputation precedes him. Rita is a little black sheep of the family. I loved watching her transform her strength and how Jasper helped her get there. Jasper and Rita think they only have a day together until the car is fixed. Well, due to some unexpected events each day I love all of this , they end up getting a few more days together, enough time for the 4 siblings to help Jasper open his new restaurant. I feel like I already have a clear picture of who each sibling is, but I know Tessa is going to pull out so much more in each book.

I cannot wait to learn more about every single one of them. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Of course, Tessa is saving his book for last! But I know I will enjoy the journey. Their trip comes to a halt in Hurly, New Mexico when their car breaks down. Luckily bad boy biker, Jasper, comes along and saves the day. Jasper wants to have a real relationship with Rita, he knows it isn't rational since they just met, and she'll be only in town for a few days.

But Jasper doesn't want to just sleep with her, he wants her forever, and he sets out to convince her to stay in town for good, to believe in them and to take a chance on him. The more time they spend together, she finds they really are good together and Rita finally feels right emotionally, Jasper feels right to her, and the small town even feels like home.

May 11, Alyse rated it really liked it. The Clarkson siblings have always had a weird relationship with each other. And when Rita Clarkson finds her mother's journal stating her last wish for her four children, they begin a cross country drive to complete their mother's wish, only to brake down in No-Where-Town, New Mexico. On his way to his grandma's house for some lunch, Jasper Ellis comes across the four Clarkson siblings.

He knows that they are only passing through town and will leave the minute their car is fixed. But the more time he spends with Rita, the more he realizes he needs more time with her. Rita is the first person to see him beyond his playboy reputation and wild party ways. After an EPIC televised melt-down and the burning down of her mother's prized restaurant, Rita is hoping this trip to New York with her siblings will help her determine what she wants to do with her life.

All she knows is that she wants to be DONE with cooking and restaurants. But fate might have other plans for the second oldest Clarkson sibling Will Jasper be able to convince her to stay with him or will she drive off with her siblings to head to New York? The storyline is enjoyable, the chemistry between Rita and Jasper leaps off the pages, and the Clarkson's family dynamics add greatly to the story. I you don't mind a somewhat "insta-love" story, then I fully recommend you get a copy of this book!

Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 4. Without a doubt this is a love story between two people, but it is also a love story of four siblings trying to move past their awkward relationships with each other with a little help from their deceased mother, it is the story of a man trying to make the grandparents who raised him Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 4.

Without a doubt this is a love story between two people, but it is also a love story of four siblings trying to move past their awkward relationships with each other with a little help from their deceased mother, it is the story of a man trying to make the grandparents who raised him proud and it is the story of two people learning to see past their fears and the mistakes they've made in order to accept the love they have for one another.

This is a deeply emotional book; however it is not without its comical moments, a few profound ones and some incredibly sexy ones and when all rolled up together they equal a superior romance. After accidentally burning down the restaurant her famous chef mother left to her after her death, Rita Clarkson is trying to figure out what is next in her life when she remembers her mother's wish that she and her three siblings do the New Year's Day Polar Bear challenge in New York City.

Given that she and her siblings aren't what you would call close getting them to agree should have been difficult but soon they are on the road with the promise of a few stops along the way, however and unscheduled stop for car repairs changes Rita's life forever in more ways than one. There were so many fantastic moments in this book from the four siblings building a relationship unlike anything they'd had before, to Rita meeting and spending time with Jasper, a local bar owner and once the town's man slut, to the both of them finally seeing their true selves, to them both accepting they are capable and worthy of love.

Rita and Jasper had their challenges including the fact that Rita plans to keep going on the road trip with her siblings and fulfilling her mother's wish for them. Jasper's vow of celibacy makes him want to do right by Rita and take things slow unfortunately Rita sees this as rejection. The fact that their time is limited to the amount of time it takes to repair their vehicle creates different problems for each of them.

As this book takes place over a matter of days, yes you could claim this is an "insta-love" story, but their connection is deep, it is easy to feel their love and by the end there is no doubt these two will live a long and happy life together. Each and every moment in this story was special, these characters are unforgettable and it is impossible to finish this book without thinking about how the rest of the Clarkson siblings will find love.

Too Hot to Handle by Tessa Bailey is a not to be missed book. Review copy provided for an honest review. This series is all about the Clarksons, a family that is both charming and just plain weird. Typically I love series that revolve around a single family and the premise of this series is quite unique too. Rita and her three siblings will travel to New York City and as their journey goes on, Bailey will try to pair each of the siblings off. And I think she does pull it off for the most part. In the beginning of the book, it takes a little while to set up because Bailey does have to state why the siblings are travelling to New York and also introduce each of the siblings.

Generally speaking, I did like the Clarksons. I think I like them more when they are together rather than on their own. They have that banter and that playfulness that I think all siblings seem to have. However, the problem for me was everything seemed to a little rough around the edges. The writing also seemed to jump around too much for me to really sit down and enjoy it. Sep 30, Laura rated it really liked it.

Tessa Bailey can always be counted on for a hot read, usually with a hero who takes dirty talk to the next level. Jasper does not disappoint This book is hot, fun, and full of "sit in front of a fan" moments that keep you reading and enjoying the story, the characters and well, the hot sex.

But, what Bailey is also able to do is to tell a good story.

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Rita isn't happy in her life, although she has started to make small steps to fix this. She is estranged from her brothers an Tessa Bailey can always be counted on for a hot read, usually with a hero who takes dirty talk to the next level. She is estranged from her brothers and sister, grieving the loss of her mother and dealing with the loss of the restaurant that was her mother's.

So, when she and her family end up stranded in New Mexico, well, they are not a simple thing to take on. Jasper isn't simple either. There are things about himself that he is struggling to change, things that he is afraid to show to people as he knows what they think of him or what he thinks they believe and is more than a little reluctant to get involved with Rita, as she is leaving and he doesn't want to go back to the person he was before, the person he didn't like. But, that is what draws them together Have I mentioned it is hot? DNF I thought this story started well and it was rather entertaining.

However, somewhere along the line I started having a complete disconnect from the characters. I normally don't mind insta-love but their chemistry wasn't clicking for me. I felt it was starting to get drawn out and I just wasn't interested anymore. I tried to get into it but this one just wasn't for me. Complimentary copy received for honest revi DNF I thought this story started well and it was rather entertaining. Complimentary copy received for honest review. View all 3 comments. Mar 23, Sara Kate rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was really charming and HOT.

Tessa Bailey definitely knows how to talk dirty and to write very steamy love scenes. The mouth on Jasper has him a spot on my book boyfriends list. I really loved this story a lot and I'm eager to continue the stories on all the Clarkson siblings. Rita Clarkson finds a journal that her deceased mother left behind. In this journal is a wish for her four children to jump into the Hudson on New Year's Day like she did so many years ago. Rita has been having a This book was really charming and HOT. Rita has been having a difficult time coping with life and after her beloved mother's restaraunt goes up in flames she decides that her and her three siblings should take a road trip to New York from California to fulfill their mom's wish from her journal.

After some reluctant grumblings from the siblings the estranged Clarksons head off on a road trip only to have the car break down in Hurley, New Mexico. As the siblings are arguing on the side of the road a hot man on a motorcycle comes to their rescue. Jasper immediately has eyes for Rita and has a lot of tricks up his sleeves to try to show Rita the man beneath and to prove to himself that he is worth more than just a quick roll in the hay.

Jasper is known as the man slut and no one takes him seriously. He has been striving for two years to prove himself that he is worth more and not the town joke. This leads him to try to romance Rita and take things slow so she can see him for who is which leads to almost a cat and mouse type of fun flirting with them while the Clarkson's are "stuck" there for a few days. Rita and her siblings all sort of go through a bit of self discovery on this trip and they all form and mend a bond between all them. They all grow a little closer and start to understand each other a bit more. This book has it all, family drama, lust, passion, and humor.

Perfect read if you are looking for something light but hot and steamy at the same time. This book defiantly scratched my itch and I will be continuing to find out the other Clarkson's siblings story for sure. May 15, Laurie rated it liked it Shelves: I have a brother who does this every year in Wisconsin.

I decided that Rita was the screw-up, Aaron was the sanctimonious jerk, Peggy was the diva, and Belton was the stoic emotional mess. One or two I get, but all of them? Off they went fussing and fighting the whole way, or at least until their rusty SUV breaks down in Nowheresville. With no cell service, they send their sister off with a stranger to the nearest town to send a tow truck. Jasper, the stranger, noticed Rita right away. For years he was known as the party guy who owned the local bar. He was good for a roll in the hay, but not much else. He gave me kind of a desperate vibe rather than the OTT alpha I was looking for.

He was likable enough, just in a sad and kind of pitiful way. She was so unsure of herself, especially in the kitchen, that I had a hard time believing her to be the culinary school graduate who was good enough to make it on some Top Chef like show. This chick was lost and evidently had been for a long, long time. With Jasper doing everything possible to not be the one-night stand guy, and Rita doing everything she can to have a one night stand there was a lot of extremely frustrating push and pull.

These two just never really clicked for me, until the last part of the book. As for the sex scenes, Jasper had such a personality change during them, it kind of threw me. I found myself skimming through a good portion of the book. Things picked up in the last part which redeemed things somewhat for me and elevated it to a three star. For this review and more check out EDGy Reviews Tessa Bailey might be one of the very few authors who writes in the third person POV that I really enjoy.

The introduction to the Clarkson siblings left me hooked and intrigued. That wired and unhinged chemistry between Rita, Belmont, Peggy and Aaron will have you dying of what each of their individual stories are. You'll go out of your mind trying to figure out how these siblings ended up with a very broken relationship with one another.

I also loved where the author 4. I also loved where the author took Rita and Jasper's tale. The whole ticking clock and meeting at the roadside kind of thing made me want so much more. Not to mention that blinding tension and explosive heat coming off the two. It was like when Jasper reached his breaking point, all hell might as well broke loose. Rita Clarkson has always seen herself as the failure in the family. Among her siblings, she was the one left with her mother's legacy and all that did was put pressure down on her shoulders.

And with a string of events where the world just couldn't seem to get enough of tripping her down, she found herself short and messing everything up. She just could never live up to what her mother left for her.

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So when things finally crashed and burned literally for her back in San Diego, she can't help but honor her mother's last wish for her children to go on a trip together. And with the kind of bond the Clarksons have and their unending streak of having no luck, you'll know it's going to be a huge pain in the butt to pack them all in one vehicle. And a long roadtrip at that too. Jasper Ellis was known to be the local tramp of Hurley. Everyone's quick trip to pleasure town and resident entertainment. He was fine with all of that, until he heard what the women in town has to say about him behind his back.

It was like a douse of cold water to his system. And ever since, he wanted to strive for more. He wanted to have a better life than just managing his dive bar, Liquor Hole, and all that he became used to. Little did he know, his something better will come in the form of Rita Clarkson, together with her siblings stranded on the side of the road with their broken down Suburban. Rita and Jasper's whirlwind of a relationship was on fast forward mode the entire time.

Working with only a few days of bonding and proving their worth to one another while the Suburban was getting fixed, I was so rooting for Jasper. I wanted him to get his shit together and be the man Rita needs to make her whole. With these two, it was like putting two broken souls, allowing them to mend and heal together. And then talk your ear off with those filthy words coming out of Jasper's mouth and have you hot and bothered in zero to two point six seconds.

You won't be able to help but pray for a more mind-blowing HEA for them, believe me. Sweet, steamy and downright sinful, Tessa Bailey has created the perfect introduction in Too Hot To Handle to yet another series readers will get addicted to and follow until the end. Apr 07, Siobhan Davis rated it really liked it Shelves: Rita has to choose between her head and her heart in this funny, heart-warming tale of finding true love and happiness.

This series has a great premise, and once I read the description, I just knew I had to read this book. The Clarksons are a mad, eclectic mix of personalities, and I can't wait to read more of this series to find out what's in store for the rest of Rita's siblings. All of them were unique in their own way, and it was refreshing to read about such different characters. Characteriz Rita has to choose between her head and her heart in this funny, heart-warming tale of finding true love and happiness.

All of them are suffering severe emotional baggage, and they are at a crossroads in their lives. They are attempting to rebuild their relationships after the passing of their mom. Their mom was this larger-than-life somewhat-celebrity chef. Rita was her nominated heir and she is in charge of her mom's restaurant, but she is miserable as sin, and crumbling under the pressure of delivering to the same high standards as her belated mother.

She manages to convince her siblings to go on a trip - it was their mom's last wish- and they hit the road. Jasper enters the picture when their car breaks down just outside his village. He finds himself instantly attracted to Rita and wants the opportunity to get to know her.

He is battling his own demons, which force him to pull back from Rita when he doesn't actually want to. Consequently, he is sending out all kinds of mixed signals that are confusing Rita. There is a fair amount of angst and back and forth, so you have been warned! The main focus of the book is the developing relationship between Rita and Jasper and how they both come to terms with the issues they are hiding.

While, on the surface, they appear to be in similar situations, they are being drawn in opposite directions. Can they make it work to build a life together? This book is chock-full of witty banter and hysterically funny scenes and there are plenty of sizzling sexy times, too. I enjoyed the writing, the setting, and the pacing was bang-on. The only thing I didn't like was how this all took place in three days.

I had to suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy the story, because, in reality, Rita would have to be cray-cray to make the decision she did after only three days. Overall, though, this was a great read, and I look forward to continuing the series. Thanks to the publisher and publicist for proving a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This review will appear on my blog on May 24th. Tessa Bailey is one of my favorite contemporary romance writers so I know that pretty much anything she writes, I am going to love.

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No one writes a steamy sex scene quite like Ms. So I loved what she did with the story of Rita Clarkson, who has just accidentally burned down her mother's award-winning restaurant. On top of that, it was her mother's dying wish that Rita and her siblings - who aren't exactly close - travel to the East Coast to swim in the ocean on New Year's Day. The Clarkso Tessa Bailey is one of my favorite contemporary romance writers so I know that pretty much anything she writes, I am going to love. The Clarkson bunch is headed off on their road trip when their truck breaks down in the middle of New Mexico.

The oh-so-hot Jasper enters enters the picture and offers them a ride into town and help with the local mechanic. So now the Clarkson family is stranded in the middle of nowhere. Rita and Jasper were amazing!! But Rita is worried about her future and can't stop thinking about life without Jasper. She thinks he is just a temporary diversion but Jasper is so much more than that! He is shocked that he actually wants to spend time with Rita and can't stop think about her. Tessa Bailey always creates such terrific characters and Rita and Jasper were no exception.

You know you will always get an incredibly hot and sexy story with Ms. Bailey and add to that the wonderfully unique Clarkson family, then you have a great recipe for a funny, sexy and heartwarming story. I swore off women. But then you came pedaling into town with this mouth, those eyes and the way they see everything I want to do all manner of things to you. ARC provided by the publisher in return for an honest review. Feb 29, Jaime Arkin rated it liked it Shelves: This was probably 2. The dirty talking was awkward and had me cringing more than fanning myself.

Like to the point that I found myself reading passages to Erin while she drove us back from Chicago this past weeken This was probably 2. Like to the point that I found myself reading passages to Erin while she drove us back from Chicago this past weekend. I mentioned the potential of the plot. I felt like she was a big mix of personalities… shy and inexperienced at times, tough and unfeeling at others. I never really got a grasp on her at all. Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.

May 17, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it really liked it. Rita Clarkson is at a something of an impasse. Three siblings who have little to nothing in common. So, when their old Suburban breaks down in the middle of New Mexico, and the hot, sexy, charming knight-in-glinting-chrome on a motorcycle shows up, Rita Clarkson is at a something of an impasse. Jasper Ellis is the town bad boy—a title he loathes and has been desperately trying to change. Family dynamics can be a nightmare.

I am sandwiched between my older Type-A personality sister and my younger, babied brother who got away with everything. The thought of taking a cross country road trip with the two of them gives me hives. I enjoyed the true feeling of the passive-aggressive animosity between Belmont, Aaron, Rita and Peggy—all have their own perceptions of themselves and their place in the sibling dynamic. Apr 25, Shayna rated it it was amazing Shelves: One thing though, and I didn't see it mentioned in the other reviews, not all of the songs are complete, Love to Love and Rockbottom in particular are only snippets, a couple minutes long each.

Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. And you spoiled folks complaining about the quality It's the mids for gosh sakes!!

Too Hot to Handle ( film) - Wikipedia

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