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Halloween has always been hard for me I can never get the right costume never get enough candy or go trick or treating without an adult then if I am with an adult we only go to like 8 houses I'm sad. It's fun to learn about the origin of traditions, isn't it Kinsley? We Wonder if you like to trick-or-treat with your friends, or if you prefer to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood? We are sorry to hear that you found some incorrect information in our Wonder about trick-or-treating I live in Vancouver, Canada, and we don't do that.

But, I'll try and go to my cousin's and do that. Thanks for sharing that you don't participate in trick-or-treating where you live, Mushkale! We really enjoy hearing about the cultural differences and similarities of our Wonder Friends from around the world! Please let us know if you get to go trick-or-treating with your cousin Thanks for asking if there is a Wonder about wolves! We don't have one specifically about wolves yet, but these two past Wonders share a little something about them: Instead of trick-or-treating for candy, some kids ask for money to help those less fortunate!

I think we say trick or treat because of the fact that we get tricks and our costumes are scary and sometimes costumes are the treats!!


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That's a really awesome way to think about trick-or-treating, Rachael! Thanks so much for leaving us this great comment! We like ALL types of candy, Natalie! Sweets are a super special treat in moderation! Thank you for writing us back and asking us about our candy favorites! My family loves trick-or-treating because you get candy and because you have fun mostly with your family. Trick-or-treating sure IS a lot of fun with your family, Natalie, you're right! Do you have a favorite candy that you like to get on Halloween?

What an awesome wonder, Wonderopolis! I have always wondered why we say "Trick or Treat" on Halloween. I never realized that if somebody gives the children candy, then they will not "trick" that person's house.

50 Types of Trick or Treat Givers on Halloween!

I also never knew that in the Middle Ages, the poor people would go out "souling" on Hallowmas November 1 and go door-to-door asking for food. I think that "Trick or Treating" is so much fun for all ages to get some candy in really cool costumes! I also think that it is really cool to see everybody's costume while going "Trick or Treating," because people make really cool costumes and they are always so much to see! I have always wondered why we say "Trick or Treat" and now I know! Why do people dress up in costumes for Halloween? Is there also a reason just like why we say "Trick or Treat"?

I completely loved this wonder! Way to go, Wonderopolis! The Scottish children hoped to keep evil spirits away by dressing like the evil spirits themselves. Thanks so much for hanging out in Wonderopolis and letting us know all the cool things you learned today! Thanks for stopping by Wonderopolis and leaving us this comment, Zion! I went trick-or-treating, and I know someone that's 42 that still trick-or-treats.

It's the best day of the year for me! There are LOTS of people who think you are never too old to trick-or-treat, xxrecon9xx! It's fun to dress up, hang out with your friends and family and, of course, eat Halloween candy! I really like to go trick-or-treating with all of my friends. I do not really like to say "trick or treat", but it is only for one day, so that makes my life much better!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you had fun trick-or-treating last night! We heard "trick or treat" a lot over the course of the evening, but we also heard "thank you" a lot, too!

It made us very happy to know that our Wonder Friends were using their manners! This year, I'm a hobo! I have a sign that says, "will work 4 candy". What do you want to be? That sounds like a great idea for a costume. Check out Wonder Could You Be Royalty? We hope you had a very happy Halloween, too, Ninja Girl! We saw clowns, super heroes, witches, goblins, zombies, athletes and animals!

It was a lot of fun! We're so happy to count you as a new Wonder Friend, Cecile! Thanks so much for sharing Wonderopolis with your students and colleagues! We're excited to go Trick or Treating!! We thought it was interesting that even Wonderopolis couldn't answer the question where does "Trick or Treat" come from.

We are still curious!! Thank you for sharing this interesting information. We can't wait to see the next wonder! We're happy that you are excited to keep exploring Wonderopolis and we hope you had a GREAT time trick-or-treating last night! We say trick or treat because it is the polite thing to say on Halloween. We are giving the option to give us a trick or a treat. Saying trick or treat is fun! It is fun to say to people! People passing out candy want you to say it! It is polite to say and you should say thank you after getting a treat! My sister and I always trade treats with each other when we are done trick-or-treating to end up with treats we like!

Thank you so much for sharing this super comment with us today!


We think it is an awesome idea to trade candy with your friends and family once you are done trick-or-treating, so everyone has a whole bunch of the kind of candy they like! We think other Wonder Friends will like this idea, too! We discussed some things we do for Halloween, like getting together with all our our friends and family to go trick-or-treating. Many of us shared that we go through our candy and even seperate them into categories. Some of us shared that we have even been to haunted houses and been scared by clowns and men with chainsaws. We always like to say "trick-or-treat" because it sounds fun.

Happy Halloween, Kerrick Elementary School! We liked reading about your Halloween traditions very much We know of a lot of Wonder Friends who separate their candy into different categories, too! So that is why people say trick-or-treat. The adults hand them treats if they don't want their house played by a trick. I don't know when I will stop trick-or-treating. Maybe when I'm 18 or I am already 10, almost 11 and I am in 5th grade.

I love trick-or treating, it is one of my favorite hobbies. One time, I got two big trash bags filled to the top because I went to maybe about 10 big neighborhoods. I think I won't do that again because when I got home my whole entire body was hurting so badly I had to go straight to bed. Carrying two big trash bags full of candy would make anyone sore and tired, Austin!

That's a LOT of trick-or-treating! We hope you have a fun time trick-or-treating tonight! It looks like a lot of fun trick-or-treating! I feel like trick-or-treating with Wonderopolis and friends!

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Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Does everyone go trick-or-treating? Try It Out Are you ready for a sweet treat? Sink your teeth into the following activities with the help of a friend or family member: Do you plan your trick-or-treat route in advance? With careful thought and planning, you can make sure you hit all the best spots for sweets during your door-to-door candy run. Check out this fun Trick or Treat Route-Planning Activity to improve your problem-solving, planning and thinking skills! For over 60 years, this program has inspired children to help out their less fortunate peers around the world by collecting spare change for needy children everywhere.

Are you willing to make a difference in the lives of the world's children? What kinds of candy do you hand out during Halloween? Ask an adult friend or family member to take you on a field trip to a local store to check out their selection of Halloween candy.

How many different types of candy can you find? Which ones are your favorites? Which ones do you not like? Compare the prices of different types of candy. Which types of candy tend to be the most expensive? Why do you think that is? Scotland, where it is called guising. This is a clear predecessor of trick or treat. The main difference between the two was that the children performed small entertainments before being given gifts - poems, jokes etc. This is now merging into trick or treating, with sweets being expected without the party piece.

The earliest citations of trick or treat in print that I know of are all from Canada. For example, this piece from the Calgary Herald , 3rd November Hallowe'en came and went The greatest activity was manifested by the very young, who wandered in droves from door to door, heavily disguised and demanding "trick or treat".

To treat was to be untracked. No real damage was done except to the temper of some who had to hunt for wagon wheels, gates, wagons, barrels, etc. Trick or treating spread across the USA in the s and is cited then in newspapers from many states; for example, the Indiana paper The Vidette-Messenge r, October 30th This seems to be the popular pastime among the younger folk and Valparaiso people It seems that the practice wasn't universally popular amongst adults when it appeared in the s.

Many of the early references to trick or treating feature ' what's the world coming too ' type comments by outraged residents and police. The Reno Evening Gazette, 1st November , alludes to Nevada children using methods similar to the protection rackets of the Mafia. Its piece was headed 'Youngsters Shake Down Residents':. In return the youngsters offered protection against window soaping and other forms of annoyance.

University of Nebraska Press. Lyric and Epic in the Seventh Century". In Fisher, Nick; van Wees, Hans. New Approaches and New Evidence. They were about the bigness of twopenny cakes, and every visitant on the feast of All Souls took one. He adds, "There is an old rhyme or saying, 'A soul-cake, a soul-cake, have mercy on all Christian souls for a soul-cake. Later, it became the custom for poorer Christians to offer prayers for the dead, in return for money or food soul cakes from their wealthier neighbours.

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People would go 'souling' - rather like carol singing - requesting alms or soul cakes: Compendium of Symbolic and Ritual Plants in Europe. They were therefore offered at funerals and feasts of the dead, laid on graves, or given to the poor as representatives of the dead. The baking of these soul cakes is a universal practice". Soul-cakes," which the rich gave to the poor at the Halloween season, in return for which the recipients prayed for the souls of the givers and their friends.

And this custom became so favored in popular esteem that, for a long time, it was a regular observance in the country towns of England for small companies to go from parish to parish at Halloween, begging soul-cakes by singing under the windows some such verse as this: Halloween and Other Festivals of Death and Life. University of Tennessee Press. Retrieved 28 October The begging ritual, taken up by nonindigents and by children, involved the recitation of a souling rhyme, which typically requested "mercy on all Christian souls for a soul cake.

Christmas in Ritual and Tradition. All Hallow Tide to Martinmas. Act 2, Scene 1. Edited by Ronald Black. Archived from the original on The Book of Hallowe'en , Boston: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co. Nicholas , October , p. The Chicago Tribune also mentioned door-to-door begging in Aurora, Illinois on Halloween in , although not by the term "trick-or-treating. Moss was a California-based writer. New York Public Library. Retrieved January 6, The New York Times. Trick or Treat a history of halloween. In plain fact it is straight New York or Chicago "graft" or "racket" in miniature. Certainly it wouldn't be a good idea for youngsters to go in extensively for this kind of petty "blackmail" on any other date than Halloween.

Neither police nor public opinion would stand for that.

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Mother", letter to the editor, The Fresno Bee , November 7, , p. As a mother of two children I wish to register indignation at the "trick or treat" racket imposed on residents on Hallowe'en night by the youngsters of this city. McElwee, letter to the editor, Washington Post , Nov.

The Commissioners and District of Columbia officials should enact a law to prohibit "beggars night" at Hallowe'en. It is making gangsters of children. I have lived in some 20 other towns and cities and I never saw nor heard of the begging practice until about I don't mind the tiny children who want to show off their costumes, but I resent the impudence of the older children.

Another year has rolled around and the nightmare of having to put up with the "trick or treat" idea again fills me with dread. Halloween , National Confectioners Association, Retrieved 23 October Halloween in the British Isles". Medieval And Modern Theatre Games". International Journal of Scottish Theatre.