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The details and specifics will come out closer to release date…which could be a month away. It would also make sense that the WiFi update today included logic that could be leveraged by the Asus router when utilized. All other Wi-Fi calls right now end when the signal dies. The handoff technology is the thing TMO is pushing with the router in 7.

If you look at the site they put up, there are only a number of phones that support this handoff within their software. Older phones may have wi-fi calling, but not the ability to hand-off with this ASUS router. I seriously doubt the handoff capability is unique to the asus router. Its a usesless upgrade if thats the case. Why would I care about handoff while stationary while at home in most use cases.

I think you misheard, and I hope your wrong. Handoff only working at home if you have the asus router or whereever you have it seems like lame feature to highlight. I doubt Femtocell technology was added. The router can work alongside an existing Wi-Fi router in the home too. I doubt many people are running AC at home. I also have the Cel-Fi from t-mobile but I can return it if I decide to pick up one of these. I currently have a Netgear It is a no brainer for you.

It is also possible that the Asus router has much better range than your current router, resulting in a stronger signal throughout your home. Smallnetbuilder has this ranked 2 out of all routers for wireless range. It is ranked 3 for total router. See their ranking options here:. Signals are great and far reaching. How exactly is this different from the wifi calling we already have??? Some good things came out of it for some people, but relative to other Uncannier announcements I think it is pretty meh.

Where there is goodness:. Anything more is a guess at this point unless I missed a detail. The router will prioritize T-Mobile WiFi calling at a minimum, thus potentially eliminated some wifi calling problems some people experience. So there are some new things, but Uncannier worthy? Looks like the Uncarrier movement is starting to plateau.

However, this is uncarrier news and its better than Meh if you really think about it from a prospective or old customer. Let me know any other carrier that is relevant that does the above? At the time indoor coverage was a significant issue. As a little background I joined T-Mobile when I discovered their blackberry plans were good value and had wifi calling. Its also great when travelling. Second, every WiFi connection is a coy play on words. More WiFi connections are secured than not these days so this is a big exaggeration when you recognize how most people will infer it. You have to assume the user has access to wifi.

I live in the Mountains, though, and when T-Mobile signal certainly can suffer is in mountain towns. So that leaves me having to wander around hoping to find one, or having to buy some token item so I can get the WiFi password. Situations like this frame my position. The more people that join T-Mobile the closer they will get to profitability, and a profitable T-Mobile is probably better for all of us as it gives them even more flexibility.

If you think of switching back to T-Mobile because now all of their phones, including the iPhone, have wifi calling let me know. I can say I referred you and we both get unlimited data free for a year. Its a nice router and might do some prioritization but its basically just a nice router.

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Reasoning is if you do it the other way around all your other devices could skip the QOS settings baked into the Asus router to help prioritize WiFi calling traffic by simply going to your existing router, which is after the Asus router in the chain. Also keep in consideration that standard challenges with frequency range overlap with two routers in the same house will apply here too. With a tmobile sticker on it. I guess the net newbs will buy it, and they should.

Wi-Fi calling works just fine with a regular AC68 or Damn what if your current modem has wifi built into it, like the one att, gives u? This sucks is there any way around it or disable the wifi? Most likely, yes there is a way. I know on my all-in-one made by Motorola but provided by my cable company , I was able to login and turn off the wireless and routing functions. Some companies Comcast I know is one may make you call in. The first step is to get all of their phones to work with wifi-calling. That means getting many users to upgrade their older handsets, even if they are working perfectly fine on the regular cell towers.

The next step would be to start giving away millions of these routers to small businesses around the country. Each one could be preconfigured with a fully-open guest network SSID that will only support wifi-calling. Perhaps you could even limit it to T-Mobile wifi-calling. If not, they probably will before too long. Then perhaps for a small fee or you walk in and make a purchase you can get wifi data as well. I can also imagine in the not-too-distant future, years from now maybe, where cell towers are virtually obsolete becaue wifi is available almost everywhere.

Maybe years from now, the interstate highway system will deploy roadside hotspots along every stretch of rural roadway, so that you can always be connected. Imagine battery-backed, solar powered Access Points every few hundred feet that communicate between each other over a virtual backbone. Not talking about you personally, but I think many businesses would be willing to do so if it drives traffic to their door.

Imagine you come to a corner with a Burger King and a Taco Bell. Where do you go? Now extend that scenario to every conceivable mom-and-pop establishment out there. WiFi access could become to be expected, like air-conditioning and clean bathrooms. OK, the clean bathrooms are probably a pipe dream, but you get my point. Of course most of them already can. The guy that wakes up at 3am 7 days a week to make donuts.

The key point is that the router is a benevolent hopefully trojan horse that will allow TMO to offer voice and text service hundreds of miles away from the nearest tower. If you have a broadband connection, you can effectively become a public TMO cellsite. The key is whether that capability is a business advantage. They just plug their one laptop into the DSL modem that they get from the phone company, and that fully satisfies their business needs.

Along comes TMO and provides a free or low-cost top-of-the-line wireless router, and that business now becomes a magnet for mobile phone users. That business can now compete with Starbucks and McDonalds in a very limited way without having to hire an IT guy and a lawyer to set up a public wifi hotspot and deal with the legal risks. So the business starts handing out their WiFi credentials to anyone who has a T-mobile phone? A router could be configured to only allow specific ports and IP address to be available.

One other benefit for TMO. Essentially then, the Cellspot router, like the EIP, becomes a pair of golden handcuffs. I was planning on replacing it anyway.

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Looks like I can save a hundred bucks by just getting the TMO router. Not everyone will be eligible to get these devices. Also within a region it is governed by longitude and latitude. Pardon my French, but WTF you talking about? This is basically the same as any wifi router that you would purchase from Best Buy or Amazon. I would recommend you stick to French. Your English is way poor. These devices are FCC controlled. Of course they are, along with your laptop and every other wireless device sold at Radio Shack and Sears and Target and Walmart.

Wow this is great news… if it was … T-mobile is hyping WiFi calling which they launched in and offering a QOS enabled router, which they did in The key is the VoLTE and texting is just another cloud protocol. Cell towers and spectrum become relatively less important as time goes on. Wifi calling is available only when you can connect to a reliable Wifi network.. While traveling, most users cannot rely on having Wi-Fi calling capabilities in lieu of actual spectral coverage as they cannot be sure of being able to connect to all possible WiFi locations and they cannot even be sure where these connections exist.

Cell towers and spectrum can never become less important as they will always be the primary means of mobile connectivity. If that were they case, IP telephony would have taken off far more than it has and no one would really need cellular service. Traditional cellular service offers reliability and mobility that cannot be offered by Wifi yet.

WTF are you mumbling about?

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Your verbal diarrhea is pure BS. Oh you have roaming you say? I also love how you perfume BS with nonsense. T-Mobile is hands down the carrier of the future — today — for this last of the famous international playboys…. You are quite mistaken — in spite of what T-mobile would make you believe, most people would rather have good coverage domestically than international roaming perks.

It helps to read. I used the international aspect in hopes of unblinding you, but your are one dense slow dude. You work for Credit Suisse in midtown manhattan where if your office is centrally located so your lucky if can get iffy 1 bar of Verizon coverage, no problem your phone works ALSO over wifi. Your stuck and the other 2 relevant carriers are stuck in the s cellular voice and text paradigm. This is about the future. My point is this — its not something new T-mobile is bringing out as Uncarrier, and it can only go so far. Enabling WiFi calling on all phones doesnt absolve T-mobile of providing native coverage.

I have tried connecting to UMA over several networks — it works only when the signal is good and when VPN tunneling is supported.

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You are ignorant of the fact that WiFi based coverage extension is actually common for other carriers too. ATT actually has WiFi based signal boosters — you dont even need a WiFi enabled phone — it behaves as a small cell tower. Data is generally a luxury.

If TMO can make voice service available over public wifi, then people are more likely to sign up for service. Not everyone, of course. If you live and work in a totally rural area, then TMO is not for you. However, if you have decent coverage at home and work, but just happen to spend a lot of time on rural interstates, then TMO is about to become a much more viable option. It might be ok for some, but it doesnt make for robust service. Which WiFi network runs across rural interstate areas?

Try going to the underground stacks at a major university where no wireless carrier has coverage from their spectral assets. You have a lot of reading to do. FYI, people actually spend considerable time at the library. Only time I stopped at a rural gas station was to fill up, grab a beer, and take off. But if I were, imagine a situation where just driving past a rural gas station provided sufficient connectivity to deliver and important text message or voicemail, all without any action on my part.

Driving past a rural area and your phone magically connects to the WiFi there, authenticates and sends a message, all while driving by… Nice one…. The messaging software simply requires that I pick a name, otherwise I would be posting anonymously. Off-topic, but the threading on this message board really sucks.

I have to agree with you a little big slow dud. Sorry PHL here I will disagree. However, the shift to wifi-based communications will allow the government to implement ubiquitous internet into rural areas.

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Think of it as a Rural Electrification Project for the 21st century. At that point, all the mobile carriers will benefit. I remember being amazed when my family got our first pushbutton phone. A few years later, I was amazed when we got a cordless phone. Technology moves on, my friend.

What you are witnessing is the early phase of a fundamental shift in communications. Today, we have smartwatches and Google glasses that extend the capabilities of our phones. I live in Southern California. There are many places here where there might be 2 or 3 Starbucks stores within a quarter mile of each other.

In large downtown areas there might be 2 or 3 Starbucs in the same building. Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that McDonalds would have free WiFi in all of their restaurants? Sounds more realistic than asking someone, hey can I plug my femtocell for a few minutes on your router? I imagine people once said similar things about copper POTS lines and 35mm film, to name just a couple. You do know spectrum is basically radio waves, something that will be used regardless of technology and band right?

WiFi uses spectrum too. Cellular spectrum and WiFi spectrum are two different things. Of course the cellular frequencies will still play a part, but they are a finite resource. What happens when the number of mobile devices doubles in the next 10 years?

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What happens when data usage quadruples, or more? The solution is to route traffic over other infrastructure that is less constrained. In other words, find a way to move it over the WIRED internet infrastructure that is already in place and is easily scalable. It is the same concept that Verizon experimented with a few years ago by putting LTE microcell sites on homes equipped with Fios internet. Not sure why they pulled the plug on that project.

By the way, you do realize that cloud and internet are generally considered the same thing, right? You ever wonder where the term came from? PHL looks blue sometimes and I take it that means you have a blogging account. Right now it looks grey so obviously you are blogging as a guest. I think I see where he was coming from in confusing us. I refreshed my page, and I saw that some of my posts were attributed to you.

I refreshed it again, then I saw my username show up.

I think the software just has a hard time keeping things straight unless you constantly refresh the page. Might also be browser-dependent. Anyway, it would be pretty funny if you really were Dan H. I doubt it, of course, but it would make for a great story. I can assure you it will not. Acherian was spot on. WiFi is a LAN solution. If you work at a hospital 4 levels underground with lead walls to shield other areas from x-rays or any other radiation how important will any cellular signal be that does NOT reach any device at all there? Thats the big picture here. How do we get the deposit back?

By returning the router when we terminate service? How many of these can we get lol. Wireless networking and wireless Internet access are developing and expanding on a global basis at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, RFID radio frequency identification will revolutionise wireless tracking, inventory and logistics, from manufacturing to shipping to retailing. Mobile entertainment is covered, including TV and other programming adapted for the cell screen. In addition, we cover wireless markets in India, China and Africa, competition between handset manufacturers, as well as the iPhone and other smartphones.

Our coverage includes business trends analysis and industry statistics.

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