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Unfortunately, Apple has not yet been able to do this for other iPhone models or iPads. Also, there is a very limited demand for 4" screen phones in the Indian market where 5. My wife is one of those who opted for this phone, probably because she was upgrading from a 3. If you are okay with the screen size, I can confirm the iPhone SE is a real bargain. It has the same internal hardware as my iPhone 6S series and runs the latest iOS 11 as fast and as smooth as on my far more expensive iPhone 6S Plus.

So I have upgraded my phone but keep pushing the envelope on my other devices. I had its battery replaced once. This way, I have a working large screen machine to use whenever I drop in for a visit. The machine also has some ports that my newer iMac doesn't, which allows me to use it to grab video from my old DV tapes.

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In short, the old warhorse is still pulling its weight. As far as my phone goes, it puts in many more hours of work everyday as compared to my iPad. By , its battery had begun running out fast. So when I got a chance for an inexpensive upgrade to a refurbished iPhone 5, I did so. That phone lasted two years till one morning, when its display refused to turn on. Upset with Apple, I switched to Android.


However knowing my love for all things Apple, my wife gifted me an iPhone 6S Plus a couple of months later. I was weary of Android by then, and gladly switched back. That was in December It does miss features like the back twin camera, and of course, Face ID. I did hear rumours of a larger 6" iPhone, and I may go for that. It will be interesting to see if that reduces my iPad usage.

However its battery condition meant it could drop dead anytime so I had to be practical. Amazon did have an exchange offer for my iPad 3 whilst buying the iPad 6. I mean if my iPad 3 was a non-functional piece of electronic junk, that would have made sense from an environmental pollution point of view. But this is a functioning iPad that can be used for surfing, viewing media, email, or listening to music. Besides it comes with an all day battery, and a touchscreen, which makes it handy, and easy to use except for the lack of USB to access pendrives.

PCs may still be very much alive in offices, but they are going out of fashion on the home front.

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My wife too recently gifted away her laptop. She had lent it to one of her friends who seemed to have more use for it. Besides, she still has access to a laptop, as her office insists she carry one. The thing is after sitting in front of a screen all day, she dislikes doing the same at home. She herself realised this, and asked me to pass on my old iPad. She feels it will meet all her needs at home, which is basically watching a few videos on a bigger screen, listening to music, and checking the odd email. Though my iPad is slow, it should be fine for her. As someone said, the best time is right now.

Also, you can clearly see the purple haze issue that plagued the iPhone 5. I thought it added a certain 70s flare to my photos. In the sunset photo comparison, we see a clear progression of the image quality improvements.

An interesting find is that the iPhone 5S photo has significantly more contrast and vibrancy than the 6 shot. The iPhone 6 shot has more detail, but is a much flatter image. For photographers who want to control aspects like contrast and saturation in post-processing, this may be a welcomed change. Low light is where the newer phones shine and the 6 certainly shows an improvement over the 5S.

Apple announced that they altered the low light algorithm in the iPhone 6 series and you can definitely notice the decrease in the noise of the 6 photo. Every time I do this comparison, I am amazed at how far the iPhone camera technology has come. It has transformed the way we capture and share memories. With each new phone, we can capture these moments faster and more accurately with better quality images.

Apple supersizes the iPhone 6, joins the big-screen era at last

The only thing we need now is adjustable aperture! Great comparison, thank you for doing all of this. What a difference from the 1 to the 6, just imagine what it will be like with the 12! My compliments on a job very well done. It has nothing to do with image quality in low light. Really good job on comparison of iPhone camera shots through the various models. A truly useful tool for prospective iPhone 6 adopters who depend on camera capabilities! I know with my 3GS and My 4S, when I take a quick snap of a person, the focus is often on whatever is in the background.

Spend a week with a Lumia and tell me your opinion on smartphone photography. Phase detection auto focus has nothing to do with low light or noise. Two different things altogether. I remember being similarly amazed with iPhone 4 camera performance when it came out. I wonder if that will repeat with iPhone 6. Whatever the name that Apple uses, phase detection is known to be better at focusing in low light environments than contrast detection autofocus what Apple is using in the 5s and below.

Her conclusions better low light pictures are still right on point ;.

What a work of art this comparison is. Thank you for putting togetherr this iPhone comparison for us to show us how much our smartphone photography has improved. Get the Lumix CM1 if you really want a smartphone with high-performance camera.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera review

The 3Gs will always hold a special place in my heart. Just LOOK at that crisp, rich colour and defined black. And the lens flare. I see the Nokia astroturfers are doing the usual trolling. I take serious photographs with real cameras SLRs and high quality mirrorless cameras , and take good photos with the iPhone when I need something quick. My experience with the Lumia was pleasant at first because of the novelty and I did like that flash , but the bulk, the horrendous startup and shooting speed, so-so software, and Windows phone meant it got dispensed with quickly…especially when it delivered marginal to no advantage vs the iPhone in the majority of real world usage.

This is an excellent comparison, thanks for showing the progress Apple has made with their iPhone cameras over the years. Thank you for this blog post. It is amazing how smartphone cameras have come of age from iteration to iteration. She mentioned detail in the shadows as part of that sentence. That has zero to do with AF sensor improvements.

Real nice comparison between the different models. When one see it like this one can wonder how one could accept the pictures from the first models. The greater depth of field could be soft-focus throughout. Thoughts from somebody who knows more about lens design? This is the best side-by-side comparison of phone models and I have ever seen. I see no discernible difference in terms of perspective, as if they were taken a few inches apart.

Can you tell us how you did it? I assume you took four phones and laid them side-by-side with four more above them? For both video and photo still use, do you know of another phone that has a distinctive advantage over the iPhone? If there is a significant difference in the video realm, some may choose that over the iPhone. I have the 4S. Then again, that may be due to my preference to a higher contrast picture to one without any enhancements. If you know of a videographer who has done a similar treatise to these phones, please let us know.

Congratulations on a fantastic job. This should earn attention by those who do this kind of work. I just wish my DSLR could surf the web and text and play music and — sometimes — make a phone call. I think got it all backwards. Each year I look forward to your detailed and well laid out comparisons of the latest and previous generation of iPhones. The camera sure has gotten better — although, it has been 7 years since the first model now. I hope your iPhone and iPhone 3G will live on for many more years to come so that we can get a new batch each year.

Six though guess being bigger you would have a larger screen to enjoy all wonderful photos iphones has to take…. Great work there on this massive 8-way iPhone comparison, and I love your comments on each of the photos, really insightful. Well, and what did we learn? That cameras in mobile phones have constantly improved since … how strange!

Have a 5S which is decent and only mediocre in low light but 6 seems pretty nice. The original 3 still shows the most cleavage though ….. The iPhone 6 Plus is marginally better in very low light night-time or candlelit but slightly worse during the day due to extra lens elements? In low light conditions, contrast-detection autofocus will struggle; phase detection should hold up relatively well. Better focus, more detail. Nothing special in Comparison with the iPhone 5S. No Reason for a change in my opinion. I like how the photos taken with the iPhone 4 look.

But… Oh my god, there are so many brainwashed Apple fans out there who cannot see anything else besides their own beloved cute little Apple. I am shocked at some of the absolute stupidity in here. Nile, Al, Jason Bailey: Each to their own. I would have to admit, for every instance except the low-light, I much prefer the 4 camera. Many Wirecutter staffers use an iPhone because it has the best functionality-to-annoyingness ratio among the gadgets we own. The software also works seamlessly with the hardware, because Apple makes both.

Apple trialing iPhone 6s Plus production in India in bid to cut costs

American Customer Satisfaction Index and J. As long as you have an Apple Store nearby—and these days, most people in the US have one within a reasonable distance—you have easy access to a trained support person who can help you fix most problems. And when iOS 12 is released in fall , older models will get a performance boost. This support for older phones extends to security: When Apple releases security patches, it does so for everyone running the current major version of the OS, and often the version before that, so most people receive those patches.

The company also releases the updates for all iPhones at once, pushing security fixes to millions of owners. One other Apple software advantage is that most iPhone models work the same way with the exception of the iPhone X. This consistency also offers benefits to developers: They can also take advantage of technologies found only in recent OS versions without excluding a huge number of people.

The result is that more great apps are made for iOS, and when an app is made for both iOS and Android, the iOS version frequently debuts first. If someone has thought of it, chances are, some company is making it. If you enjoy tinkering with and tweaking settings—and we mean that in both a bad way and a good way—Android is better. With Apple, all apps have to go through the App Store, which means more restrictions but also better security. Similarly, some people may prefer the variety of phones and features you get with Android , including features such as IR blasters, removable batteries, and microSD card slots.

Apple has announced three new iPhones for its lineup. Before moving hundreds of photos and videos to his computer, he was still using only around GB. We respect your privacy. You can change your cookie preferences to enable comments. You can also send us a note or a tweet , or find us on Facebook.

Opt out or contact us at any time. Apple iPhone 8 64 GB If you want wireless charging or need more than 32 GB of storage If you need more than 32 GB of storage, or you want the latest specs without the new interface and expense of the iPhone X, the 8 is the best option. Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB An upgrade for heavy users and photo enthusiasts The 8 Plus gives you a larger screen, longer battery life than the X, and a better camera system than the 8. Why you should trust us Budget pick: When should you upgrade if you own an older iPhone?

What about buying a 6s or 6s Plus? Why or why not iPhone? What to look forward to Footnotes Why you should trust us Nick Guy has been reviewing gadgets for Wirecutter for more than three years, and spent more than three years before that as accessories editor at iLounge.