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For readers and writers of original fiction with slavery as a central plot element. To share the love of gay books and authors. A smorgasbord of fanfic challenges for the junkie in you. The essence of sexuality: Dedicated to the sexual lives of Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. A community for those that love to photograph themselves. Not your average porn or nudie community; this is a friendly place for women to show off! A comm featuring news, graphics, fan fic and original stories that celebrate women of color.

This community is for and all about female breasts! A community for people in need of group therapy after stumbling upon Fifty Shades of Grey. To be the central organisation of the Adult Industry and its Media. This is a community lovingly and loyally devoted to Madonna since This is a fan community for the original online fiction series, The Slave Breakers.

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Reading and sharing more books by queer authors. Fan-run community for mature fanworks of the Saiunkoku Monogatari series of light novels anime manga.

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This is a Multi-fandom fic and art porn community. Write erotica based on images posted weekly. This is the place for people who love Ron Weasley and love anyone else who loves Ron Weasley too.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. She also writes sexy novels for women under the name of Vivienne Lafay, and erotica aimed at couples, under the name of Rebecca Ambrose. As Rebecca Ambrose she also produces romance novels. Her erotica for men is written under the name of Nadine Wilder, and she has also written some historical 'spanking' novels, for the Chimera imprint, as Rosanna Challis. Most of her work, both full-length novels and short novellas, is available in Ebook format under various pen-names on Amazon. Here are some reviews of this author's work - others available on Amazon: It took us several nights to get to the end of the book.

Touch Me, Feel Me. He explains how to do it here don't try this at home! It all seems rather old hat now I must say, but it was one of my very first pub. Sex and Shopping in the Jazz Age.

Set at the beginning of the 20th century, the period drama is all about conspicuous consumption in one of London's most famous department stores, and the various affairs carried out both above and below stairs. The second series is set, topically enough, during world war one. It was after this traumatic period that the Jazz Age was born. People wanted to forget about the tragic loss of. Carrie Bradshaw's Dreams Come True.


Remember how Carrie Bradshaw loved shoes, in Sex in the City? The middle one in this photo is called 'The Carrie' - how she would have drooled over it! Just published - the new Rebecca Ambrose romance novel. This is more of a 'sweet' romance, less raunchy than my usual books, but with quite an emotional story line that was very engaging to write. When Paula takes on the job of research assistant for famous novelist Andrew Carr, she hopes to make a smooth return to work after caring for her mother, Jill, who was injured in a road accident. Jill is a fan of his books, and soon Paula also comes under his spell, but Andrew can be difficu.

Just been to see the movie Gravity. What a roller-coaster of a ride! It had me totally believing in the situation, despite the fact that some astronauts say there are obvious errors. For instance, Sandra Bullock's hair should have been flying upwards when she was weightless. Best of all, I liked the comment of a female astronaut, Catherine Coleman: Just back from a brief visit to Verona, where Shakespeare based his Romeo and Juliet. Didn't get to see Juliet's house, alas - had to make do with the Arena, which was impressive enough.

Would love to see an opera there. Reminded me of my Rebecca Ambrose novel, Queen of the Night, where a couple of trainee opera singers go to a course in Italy and come under the spell of a somewhat wicked Diva. I had real fun writing that. When this novel was first published in paperback by New English Library, some years ago there was no other book with this title on the market.

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Now there are at least four. Must have been a good title! My book is written from the POV of a hard rock fan, who becomes entangled in the dark world of sex, drugs, rock 'n roll - and black magic. Just cat sitting for a neighbour - an 8-week old tom kitten. He is very frisky and inquisitive - it's a full time job making sure he is not getting into trouble!

It's good to have a cat about the house again. Our old cat, Lucky, sadly died last year and we have not had the heart to replace her.

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Who knows, we might change out minds after this. I had such fun writing a feline romance: Just lately I've been reading the Greek myths again. What a catalogue of sexual misdemeanour they represent! Women - usually referred to as 'nymphs' - raped by gods in disguise. Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection. Psyche seduced into becoming Cupid's lover even though she is forbidden to see his face and fears he is a monster. Pygmalion fashioning his own perfect woman then bringing her to life. Apollo mourning his beautiful young lover, Hyacinthus.

Vivienne LaFay writes with a freshness and attention to historical and artistic as well as anatomical detail. What could have been just another formulaic travel framework to support sex scene after sex scene becomes a journey with as much fun to it as heat, a. It's called From Virgin To Seductress.