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Moses, however, thinks Adam is fresh and disobedient and tries to reason with him. Moses reprimands Adam for the ignorance represented by the spell and points to the Cooper family tradition, in their years in the American colonies, of literacy, rationalism and intellectualism. Moses is proud of his own intellect and can out-argue anyone in Lexington. He tells Adam that despite his height, he is not yet a man in his father's eyes and has a long way to go. Cousin Simmons and Moses Cooper are members of the local Committee of Correspondence, a network set up in the colonies to organize resistance to the British rule.

They want to draft a statement on the rights of man to lay the groundwork of their argument against British administration. Simmons words his draft to say the rights of men derive from God, but Moses wants to leave God out of it. Adams and many of the colonists, such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, were not actually atheists but Deists, believing in God, but primarily depending on human reason for guidance. From their point of view, the colonies were ready for self-government.

The Revolutionary Committees met in all the thirteen original colonies and corresponded on the question of British abuses of power in America i. Log in or register to post comments. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature. Please check back weekly to see what we have added. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments or would like any additional information.


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Not only that, but some argue that the fact that a defendant has an attorney of his own means fewer overturns on appeal and that the legal system is more likely to get at the truth of the case with two competent lawyers meeting in the courtroom. Gideon himself is granted a new trial on his argument that he should have had an attorney. He makes his selection from a local lawyer who is familiar with the area and Gideon is found "not guilt" of robbing a poolroom in Florida.

Asked if he thought he'd accomplished something, Gideon notes that he certainly did. The requirement for all defendants to be given an attorney was soon accepted in every state though each of the states established its own way of handling the case loads.

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