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Himnusz (Hungarian National Anthem) / Rakoczi March - concert band (score & parts)

Belarus would come out firing to start the third period, but most of those shots never found the net. Many were blocked by diving Hungarian players willing to do whatever it took to keep the lead. The final 20 minutes were anxious times for their supporters.

Could this finally be the day? As time ticked on with the two-goal lead still intact, those nerves slowly faded. The roar of the fans grew louder as the chances of victory became greater. As the final seconds ticked down, a shorthanded Team Hungary scored on an empty net, sealing the victory.

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The players mobbed goaltender Miklos Rajna. Tears of joy flowed in the left end zone. Grown men wept and hugged each other, the red and green face paint they wore now a smeared mess. There was no need to alter the end-of-game protocol on this day. After the player of the game ceremonies were through, a voice came over the public address system — and in broken English, for the first time in 77 years at the top division of the World Hockey Championship, said:.

At the far end of the arena, attached to chains and a hoist, the Hungarian flag began its slow ascent to the rafters. After the opening few notes were over, the Hungarian choir started.

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A short time later — perhaps about 10 minutes after the anthem had ended and everyone else had left the arena — ushers tried to get the fans in those two end sections to leave. Long after their team had left the ice, they were still there. There was still another game to be played that evening — a tilt between Canada and Slovakia that had playoff implications — but one that in the whole scheme of things meant far less. They were finally convinced to leave so the cleaning staff could prepare for the evening game.

Luckily, the lure of the beer garden was an easy sell to get them to head for the exit.

National anthem of Hungary - Himnusz (HU/EN/ESP lyrics)

By the hundreds they filed out of the building and made the short walk to the fan zone — singing and dancing the whole way. Fans from the other nations, as well as many local Russian fans joined them in their celebrations. Before the victorious players from Team Hungary boarded their bus back to the hotel, they made a special appearance in that fan zone. One by one, they filed up the steps and on to the stage. The roar for each player was deafening — the real Rock Stars of Saturday had taken to the stage.

The celebration continued well into the St. The team cancelled their full practice Sunday, as only the goaltenders took to the ice for a shortened session. Many of their supporters are taking the day off too - diagnosed with hangovers 77 years in the making. All You Need Is Internet. When asked why one would choose such an arduous route to Russia? Their national anthem speaks to that. O, how often has the voice Sounded of wild Osman's hordes, When in songs they did rejoice O'er our heroes' captured swords! Yea, how often rose Thy sons, My fair land, upon Thy sod, And Thou gavest to these sons, Tombs within the breast they trod!

The fugitive hid, and towards him The sword reached into his cave Looking everywhere he could not find His home in his homeland Climbs the mountain, descends the valley Sadness and despair his companions Sea of blood beneath his feet Ocean of flame above. Though in caves pursued he lie, Even then he fears attacks. Coming forth the land to spy, Even a home he finds he lacks. Mountain, vale — go where he would, Grief and sorrow all the same — Underneath a sea of blood, While above a sea of flame.

Castle stood, now a heap of stones Happiness and joy fluttered, Groans of death, weeping Now sound in their place.

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Freedom does not bloom From the blood of the dead, Torturous slavery's tears fall From the burning eyes of the orphans! But no freedom's flowers return From the spilt blood of the dead, And the tears of slavery burn, Which the eyes of orphans shed. Pity, O Lord, the Hungarians Who are tossed by waves of danger Extend over it your guarding arm On the sea of its misery Long torn by ill fate Bring upon it a time of relief They who have suffered for all sins Of the past and of the future! Pity, God, the Magyar, then, Long by waves of danger tossed; Help him by Thy strong hand when He on grief's sea may be lost.

Fate, who for so long did'st frown, Bring him happy times and ways; Atoning sorrow hath weighed down All the sins of all his days. On May 7, , a sculpture was inaugurated for Himnusz at Szarvas Square, Budakeszi , a small town close to Budapest.

Majzik , an artist with the Hungarian Heritage Award, depicting the full text of the poem in a circle, centered around a two metres high bronze figure of God, with 21 bronze bells in seven arches between eight pieces of stone, each four and a half metres high. The musical form of the poem can be played on the bells. The cost of its construction, 40 million forints roughly , USD , was collected through public subscription. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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