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Chad Peery Biography Chad's rock years: She was accused of recidivism in light of her previous guilty convictions in court. She admitted to all of the accusations in front of Magistrate Joseph Mifsud Calleja.

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Dr Noel Cutajar, who represented Margo Calleja, explained how her client suffered from a drug addiction, and this is what led her to commit her crimes. She had been battling drug addictions for the past decade, and had sold the stolen items to feed her habit. There are lots and lots of families like this. We became this family.

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How did she let him convince her to go to Jenny Craig instead of going to the doctor when she was having these symptom, or was it just that she was in denial? I think I was in denial, yeah. I had these symptoms, but maybe they came and went. This was very easy. It felt very real. It was a perfect group of people.


The tone is even. It was like working with a great director who happened to be acting, and it was seamless going from director to actor. He kept the ambiance in the room.

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There was a buoyancy so that we never bogged down. He went seamlessly from actor to director. It was a very quiet set; it felt as if there were no cameras there.