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According to Greek mythology, Arcadia of Peloponnesus was the domain of Pan , a virgin wilderness home to the god of the forest and his court of dryads, nymphs and other spirits of nature.

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It was one version of paradise , though only in the sense of being the abode of supernatural entities, not an afterlife for deceased mortals. Greek mythology inspired the Roman poet Virgil to write his Eclogues , a series of poems set in Arcadia. Arcadia has remained a popular artistic subject since antiquity, both in visual arts and literature.

Images of beautiful nymphs frolicking in lush forests have been a frequent source of inspiration for painters and sculptors. As a result of the influence of Virgil in medieval European literature see, for example, Divine Comedy , Arcadia became a symbol of pastoral simplicity. European Renaissance writers for instance, the Spanish poet Garcilaso de la Vega often revisited the theme, and the name came to apply to any idyllic location or paradise. Unlike the word " utopia " named for Thomas More 's book, Utopia , "Arcadia" does not carry the connotation of a human civilization; Arcadia is presented as the spontaneous result of life lived naturally, uncorrupted by civilization.

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Of particular note is Et in Arcadia ego by Nicholas Poussin , which has become famous both in its own right and because of its possible connection with the gnostic histories of the Rosicrucians. In Jacopo Sannazaro published his long poem Arcadia that fixed the Early Modern perception of Arcadia as a lost world of idyllic bliss, remembered in regretful dirges.

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In the s Sir Philip Sidney circulated copies of his influential heroic romance poem The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia establishing Arcadia as an icon of the Renaissance ; although the story is plentifully supplied with shepherds and other pastoral figures, the central characters of the plot are all royalty visiting the countryside.

The Spanish playwright and poet Lope de Vega also published in his Arcadia: Prose and Verse , which was a bestseller for its time. Do you not see how everything conspires together to make this place a heavenly dwelling? Do you not see the grass, how in color they excel the emeralds [ Do not these stately trees seem to maintain their flourishing old age, with the only happiness of their seat being clothed with a continual spring, because no beauty here should ever fade?

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  6. Doth not the air breathe health which the birds both delightful both to the ear and eye do daily solemnize with the sweet consent of their voices? Is not every echo here a perfect music?

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    And these fresh and delightful brooks, how slowly they slide away, as, loath to leave the company of so many things united in perfection, and with how sweet a murmur they lament their forced departure. Certainly, certainly, cousin, it must needs be, that some goddess this desert belongs unto, who is the soul of this soil, for neither is any less than a goddess worthy to be shrined in such a heap of pleasures, nor any less than a goddess could have made it so perfect a model of the heavenly dwellings.

    Though depicted as contemporary, this pastoral form is often connected with the Golden Age. It may be suggested that its inhabitants have merely continued to live as people did in the Golden Age, and all other nations have less pleasant lives because they have allowed themselves to depart from the original simplicity. Arcadia is now the name of many cities and towns around the world, including upwards of a dozen municipalities in the US.

    Arcadia University is a college located in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The plotlands of Wales and England have been referred to by media and local Government as Arcadia.

    In time, this mutated to Acadia. The Dictionary of Canadian Biography says: Retrieved November 7, Retrieved December 15, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved May 30, Retrieved November 28, Archived from the original on March 3, Retrieved March 2, Emmy Awards Official Site. Retrieved March 23, Retrieved April 30, DreamWorks Animation Guillermo del Toro.


    Trollhunters episodes 3 Below Wizards King of Dreams Shrek Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Sinbad: Escape 2 Africa Monsters vs. The First Epic Movie How to Train Your Dragon: Toonsylvania Invasion America Alienators: As with other outer planes, Arcadia is spatially infinite, consisting of two infinite layers or sub-planes. It has normal gravity and normal time.

    Travel between Arcadia's two layers is possible via numerous portals present on both layers, as well other magical means such as spells. A third layer, called Menausus was once part of Arcadia, but has since merged with Mechanus when populations of lawful-aligned Formians increased in numbers there, shifting its alignment away from good and toward law.

    This third layer was known as Nemausus in the Planescape setting. According to the boxed set, Planes of Law, it also merged with Mechanus due to the Harmonium's attempts to forcefully convert other beings into being lawful good.


    This act placed more emphasis on law rather than good, causing the whole layer to fall into Mechanus. Abellio is a mostly flat layer, but does contain mountains and hills at various points.

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    There are numerous large forests, lakes, streams and fields. Mount Clangeddin , the realm of dwarf deity Clangeddin Silverbeard is located on Abellio. The mountain itself is full of expertly constructed dwarven halls and galleries. Huge forges are used in the construction of dwarven weapons here.

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    The Formian hive-city of Mandible is also located here. In appearance there are very few differences between Buxenus and the first layer Abellio; similar pristine landscapes stretching on endlessly. This layer hosts a more militaristic feel, with large numbers of Arcadian forces congregating in anticipation for future battles with the neighbouring plane of Mechanus.

    The Harmonium , a particularly militant sect have their headquarters in the city of Melodia on Buxenus. The Harmonium run training camps to indoctrinate 'borrowed' chaotic mortals in the ways of law and order.