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It's not your fault if you lack self-discipline. Discover simple habits and exercises to get disciplined and achieve your goals. Scars of My Guardian Angel: God assigns Uriel to guide Chado to deliver a final message to humanity. But soon Chado meets Lucifer. Or will Lucifer prevail? An epic tale of survival after aliens invade in a post-apocalyptic America. You'll love this because you won't be able to put it down. A Philosophy of Nature. Product details File Size: August 29, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Tens of thousands of sheep, goats and bullocks were slain to appease God in hope of remission of sins.

Neophytes were drenched with overflowing fountains of blood at their baptismal ceremonials. Heroic pagan legends told of the pleasure given to their One God of wrath by some hero who slew a thou- sand men with the jawbone of an ass, and similar heroic stories conceived by barbarians who still remembered their primate days, and still loved bloodshed, slaughter and conquest of man by man. Great civilizations grew and fell again and again each time to arise a little higher and again fall.

Relics and monuments remained above the earth to tell of these civilizations pyramids, and temples, and tombs, in Egypt, in the high Andes, in Yucatan, in Tibet and India. Evil became a reality as man thought evil and practiced it. The most damaging of these pagan legends to human progress is that monstrous legend which would have you believe that a serpent could have intelligent conversation with a woman that a serpent had knowledge of good and evil that good and evil grew on a tree and that evil came into the world because a man ate an apple.

The viciousness of the legend lies in the assumption that the evil and sin of the world is God's holy law of mating which unites fathers and mothers of Creation into one so that they can again create more fathers and mothers to con- tinue God's plan. It made our God of Love to be the Creator of evil. This legend of evil created evil itself by being one of the causes of plunging all that is good in man into twelve centuries of bestial sex degradation. It bred cruelties and tortures of two inquisitions. Countless thousands of people still believe this early pagan legend which typifies the stage of gross ignorance of the world of that day.

It demonstrates how difficult it is for man to escape from his own primacy. These legends have become tradition to man, which means that he believes things unthinkingly because he has always be- lieved them, so he no longer subjects them to logical rea- soning. Such beliefs hold mankind back by retarding the unfolding of his higher spiritual nature.

Just so long as man prefers to be pagan by insisting upon pagan beliefs and practices, he will still be pagan. Man is always what he thinks. We even unthink- ingly sing pagan traditional hymns. It takes many centuries of higher civilizations to elimi- nate the traditional beliefs of our early pagan days in which devils, demons, evil spirits and other superstitions of that day's gross ignorance are still carried into this day.

As long as our beliefs are pagan, our civilization will be pagan. God sent Mind-illumined messengers to hasten the un- foldment of man's spiritual nature the Buddha, Zoro- aster, Moses, Confucius, Lao-tzu and Jesus to tell of the One God of Love, but tradition was stronger than truth. The male God of wrath and fear persisted in their day and still persists in ours. For instance we still continue to say: He must suffer by living in the world of his own making, and the kind of world he makes is the kind of man he is.

Man-thinking created the warring world of fear,, ha- tred, enmity and disunity we are forced to live in today. Man made it in his own likeness in his own male- thinking image. Genghis Khan made the world o his day in his own image. Woman slowly rose in man's esteem in parts o the world. Wherever woman made her influence felt as the spiritual mate of her physical man, nations responded to that influence and progressed with great rapidity.

Wher- ever woman was suppressed, however, that nation retro- gressed. It could not keep up with world flow. The meas- ure in which any country has progressed is the measure of its recognition of woman. Man still thinks of himself as master in his own house. He still thinks of his own mental superiority as ruler of world-government and world- business.

He still thinks of a woman as a cook and home- maker. When women organized to fight for equal suffrage rights men thought of it as an utter absurdity. But when man's wars made it imperative for woman to share in manufacture and industry, she excelled men in many ca- pacities even though it was all new thinking for her, Man's seemingly total ignorance of God's plan concern- ing the man-woman mate relationship, has made him unaware that He created man and woman as equal halves of one, for unity is impossible between two unequal halves.

Man, the marauder, the fighter, the conqueror, has had millions of years to remember his life-destroying days of killing to take happiness away from others. Woman, the mother, the giver of life, has had millions of years to remember the service she has given to man. The spiritual love nature of woman has never had a chance of balancing the progress of civilization and, for that reason, civilizations have repeatedly fallen as our present civilization must inevitably fall because of its WHY AM I HERE?

For thousands of years the pagan-barbarian civiliza- tion remained at a very low unchanging level. About eight hundred years ago a greater spiritual awakening advanced man to an ever-increasing level. Steadily gather- ing momentum it progressed the human race farther in- tellectually in the last one hundred years than in previous thousands of years. During the last eight hundred years, painting and music, and literature, the greatest of the spiritually transforming arts, came into being. Sculpture and architecture had been here before.

These are the static arts which did not reach to the Soul of early man. The rhythms of music and painting express the meter of man's heartbeat and the universal heartbeat. They have the power to reach the Soul through their dynamism, which sculpture and architecture lacked. The diatonic scale in music was unknown to man until one hundred years after Leonardo lived. Caesar never knew the divine music which is ours to know.

The human Consciousness had not unfolded in that day to the stage where it would have meaning; A Bach, Beethoven or Wagner rendition would have been but boring noise to a Caesar or Nero, just as it still is to a prize fighter or any lover of bloodshedding sports today. An age of paganism which gloried in gladiatorial fights, one in which the greatest pleasure of women and children was in witness- ing lions rend humans, or bloodshed of man by man in the arenas of that day, could not possibly have understood our tonal music had they had it.

Music, however, was the greatest cause of bringing love into the human race. The rhythmic beat o all great music, and the tonal harmonies of all great art, interprets the universal heartbeat. It reaches man's Soul by inducing inner thinking to replace outer sensing. Inner thinking is meditative and gives birth to desire for prayer and prayer is an innate and intuitive desire to talk to God.

The growth of music awakened the spiritual in man and inspired in him the urge to find God. Music and worship are synonymous. Each is the other. The Chris- tian spirit rose from its ashes and uplifted man one step higher upon his long climb. It was but a little step higher but it transformed the human race. The power of the newly awakened Christian spirit in the first spiritual rebirth of this barbarian age brought world-culture and its consequent higher stage of human friendliness up to the standard which gave us the eight great centuries of progress, which we are now about to lose.

It did not bring knowledge, however. Man's concepts are still pagan. His concept of God is still a great powerful man with a physical body and a great capacity to wrath. Human understanding is not yet unfolded to the point where it can comprehend power and love in an invisible God, even though the greatest power known to man is gravity, and gravity is invisible. Nor can the pagan Mind comprehend heaven being anywhere but above the earth among the clouds where good people ascend to when they die. Pagan concepts inherited from pagan legends and superstitions prevent Christian practice from advancing at the same pace as Christian spirit, as indicated by the steady rise of world-culture.

It means one-world-unity in brotherly love and obedience to God's One Law of rhythmic balanced interchange in all man's transactions with man, as Nature observes that law in her transactions. Spiritual culture rose steadily for centuries, but bar- baric greed and primate memories of blood and conquest in the masses, were not eliminated sufficiently to balance the spiritual growth which was transforming the few. Spiritual growth, however, was sufficiently strong in man to give birth to an electric age which completely trans- formed world-thinking and living conditions.

Our past hundred years of progress have been greater than all of the centuries preceding it since the days of the Renais- sance. By the year man had gained the whole world at the price of his Soul.


During all these centuries, while the Silent Voice had been awakening the divine spark in countless thousands of Souls, the masses preferred to continue their barbarian practices. Today the mass-barbarian is syncopating the universal rhythms of the great masters into the jungle rhythms of their understanding. The high point of scientific advance- ment is now an integral part of the huge man-killing industry which man has set up in his man-built world, instead of the Golden Rule, "Love ye one another" world, which is the basis of the Christian spirit.

As love again goes out of the world, ugliness and bru- tality are coming into it in all human culture, as in all human practice. Even the musical instruments which have the capacity of reaching the Soul through their likeness to Nature's sounds, are being discarded from all but the symphony orchestras and replaced with noisy brass instruments to please the ever- increasing decadence of the masses. The poetic quality of musical rendition is being re- placed with raucous noise more reminiscent of the jun- gle than of gentility.

The violin, flute and piccolo are suggestive of whispering winds, the songs of birds, the reedy sounds of insects, and the humming, droning, buzz- ing and chirping sounds of wood life. The soft, dreamy, restful dinner music of the 1 era, which lent inspira- tion to social gatherings, has been replaced with ear split- ting brass horns in dining rooms, night clubs and tele- vision.

The rhythmic harmonies of our fast disappearing cultural age are no longer heard. In their stead as much discord as possible is introduced into syncopated melo- dies to destroy all that is fine and uplifting in this greatest of the spiritual arts. Cultural degradation is always paralleled by sex deg- radation, sex perversion and a fast lowering of the moral code. Every falling civilization follows this same pattern of growing sex bestiality which multiplies as culture low- ers and the fine arts disappear from their thrones.

The increase of sex perversion in Greece kept pace with its death of culture.

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This pattern is again repeating itself in our own rapidly falling civilization. All forms of sex per- version are rapidly increasing even among the children of our present age. Sex perversion leads very rapidly to the jungle and awakens, even in children, the desire to kill. The world attributes these events to youth delinquency.

Instead of that they are the fruit of world-decadence. Delinquency is not confined to youth alone. There is marked delinquency in every walk of life. The rapid increase in crime by adult delinquents more than matches the degradation of our youth. The matter which should greatly concern our present day intellectuals is the fact that each succeeding genera- tion of youths will be born into a lower moral status of civilization. Eventually all that is fine in the human race will not even be a memory for centuries, except among the few who keep the Light burning between these dark periods in monasteries or secluded places.

The spiritually exalted ones kept the Light burning during the dark ages until the rebirth of civilization in the i4th century. If this does happen there are more of the spiritually illumined among us to carry the Light over the dark intervening centuries than there were during the last fall of man. Even these would find life hard, dif- ficult and dangerous. They would have to live very se- cluded lives in remote mountain wildernesses, and very probably in high-walled castles of mediaeval architecture to protect their groups from marauding bandits in the lawless centuries which would follow.

Crime and youth delinquency have brought such moral degradation to the world that thinking people are now saying that only a great spiritual awakening can save the world. A spiritual awakening is impossible which does not conform with spiritual laws. The foregoing is an excellent picture of our man-made world since its first spiritual resurrection in the i4th cen- tury. This could not have happened had man and woman grown equally in the building of our civilization.

It is quite probable that the human race could have found the enduring peace for which it was searching within another hundred years, if it had not been forced to reap the harvest of enmity and hate, which empire builders had sown into the world-pattern. This is a great pity, for the world is on the eve of a greater hundred years than our last one hundred.

The electronic age, which is now in the making, will make our present miracle world seem quite primitive. This prom- ised unfolding will be impossible to build against the re- sistance of the present world-retrogression toward ever multiplying disunity. We have not been permitted that extra one hundred years of peace which would have probably led to the equalization of man and woman in government affairs.

We are now beginning to put this equalization into practice, however, for men no longer think of it as being ridiculous for women to occupy high seats in in- dustry and government. Had man and woman worked equally together in these past hundred years the return to man-killing would undoubtedly not have happened and we would not now be facing the terrible harvest of past man-killings. Unknow- ingly we have actually done to ourselves what we have done to our neighbor. We built the image of ourselves into our empires and they tumbled like a house of cards. In killing a million sons of neighbors, we killed ten million of our own sons.

For each billion dollars plun- dered to enrich us, we are impoverished by ten billion dollars of debts. We did not know what we were doing. We were im- moral pagans working according to the pattern of our barbarian nature as truly and as normally as primate man acted in the pattern of his true primate nature. Ignorance of the law does not excuse us, however. We shall continue to live in a barbarian world of our own making as long as we practice barbarian ways. We have not yet known man, nor God, sufficiently to comprehend our close relation, which necessitates co-ordination and co-operation in whatever God and man do together, Man's failure to work with God, and the penalty which he brings down upon himself for such disobedience, is plainly set down in the following quotation from The Message of the Divine Iliad: Hurt first thyself rather than thy neighbor.

Gain nought from him unbalanced by thy giving. Protect thou the weak with thy strength, for if thou use thy strength against him his weakness will pre- vail against thee, and thy strength will avail thee nought! Every weak nation he has conquered is today the conqueror. The very theory of conquest by war is for the purpose of enrichment, while the effect of every war ever fought by man is impoverishment. SUMMARY This Barbarian Age might be briefly summed up as a sense-dominated, man-controlled age in which greed for material gain motivated man to take as much as he could get by giving as little as he could give.

During its history the spiritual qualities of man began to unfold be- cause of the birth among them of divinely inspired Mes- sengers who came into the world to help man's unfolding. Their teachings were beyond man's comprehension but the awakening of desire for spiritual unfoldment grew strong in him. These teachings might have brought the human race to a realization of its Oneness with God, and the brotherhood of man, save for the much stronger innate memories of its primate man-killing days. During its entire period this age has been marked with a belief in evil because of a practice of what it believed to be evil.

Its most hopeful sign of progress was the rise of woman from utter insignificance to a sufficiently high place within the last fifty years to allow her to vote in man's affairs of government, which still remained man- controlled, however. That is the first step toward the necessary man-woman equalization, but it is only a very little step.

Because of these immaturities in the slowly unfolding human race its civilizations fell many times, as our civili- zation is now once again inevitably falling. Let us pray that the men and women of the world will unite in time to reverse this decadence to a more glorious Renaissance than our world has ever known. It is the stage represented by world geniuses. The average man considers geniuses to be specially born. They are not specially born, however. They are like other men except that they are farther unfolded spiritually. Mind Consciousness has always belonged to man since the beginning.

The human race does not acquire new qualities. It reveals existent ones as it un- folds. Nothing is ever added to man from without. What- ever man becomes, physically, intellectually or spiritually, unfolds from within. Even after millions of years of his unfolding, all that appears was in the first cells of his beginning.

Nature does not evolve. It eternally unfolds and refolds. All idea is eternally existent. The man-idea is a part of the One Whole Idea of Creation. It is complete as IDEA but its manifestation in time and space is divided into timed recordings in space. Likewise, all knowledge exists in the Soul-seed of all mankind. The genius dis- covers this fact from much aloneness much meditation much communion with Nature.

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He discovers that knowledge comes in flashes of inspiration as he desires it. When he expresses his desire by inner thinking it unfolds within his Consciousness, and he recognizes it. He realizes that he has always known it. Effects of motion are observed by the senses but the senses cannot acquire knowledge. The senses can record and repeat effects but cannot know that which they record and repeat. Knowing, therefore, that knowledge is a quality of Mind only, and cannot be sensed, and also knowing that creative energy has its existence in Mind only, geniuses acquire power to com- mand material bodies from within their own Conscious- ness.

The more they become aware of their own centering Consciousness, from which their knowledge and power is extended, the more they become aware of their divinity and Oneness with God. Increasing God-awareness gradu- ally brings the ecstasy of the God-Mind and full aware- ness that God is forever working with them, as they work with Him to give masterliness to their creations.

Works thus created endure forever. No work of man is enduring unless created in the ecstasy of God-awareness which char- acterizes all geniuses. All works of man, which are but the recordings and repeatings of sensed observations and memories, are but transient and fleeting. God is not in them. Man's senses alone are in them. They do not inspire, for inspiration is not in them. Men who have reached that high state of Conscious- ness know their destiny from early childhood.

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They are in full control of their destiny and would not compromise for all the wealth in the world. Once they have found the treasures of heaven within themselves they would die penniless rather than sully their creations. To them it would be an exchange of immortality for a mirage.

Those thousands whom he inspires are exalted to greater and still greater heights. The human race is thus enriched by each inspired messenger to man who speaks to man in God's inspired language. It is through such messengers that culture comes into the world to slowly uplift it to its higher stages. As culture increases in man his ability to become inspired multiplies. The ascension of any man to great heights is dependent upon his ability to become reinspired by the inspired messages brought to him by world geniuses.

Mind multiplies his power to uplift mankind to higher cultural levels when he is engaged in peaceful pursuits which promote friend- liness. When he is engaged in warlike pursuits and unfair business practices which promote enmities, human prog- ress ceases. It reverses toward decadence. An increasing number of geniuses have come into the world since the beginning of the i4th century, but their number has not exceeded one hundred during the six centuries of world progress which so suddenly ended in the year of When the world becomes decadent it crucifies genius.

Lack of recognition and patronage pre- vents genius from giving its priceless treasures to the world. In addition many lose all opportunity of enriching the world by being compelled to kill men instead of serve them. The measure in which inspiration is with- drawn from men is the measure in which spiritual de- cadence takes whole civilizations back toward their pri- macy.

God will work with men who desire to work with Him, but He will not work for men beyond their own desire. There are countless millions of these un- inspired, unillumined human units who are still deeply barbarian. There are many, many thousands, however, who have developed the inner vision and the inner ears, which in- spiration unfolds in every man.

These many thousands are the fruit of the few who have made them inwardly see and hear those concepts of imaginings, and the voices which arise from Nature's silences, that are beyond the range of physical perception. These are the ones who will save the race, if it is to be saved, but their numbers are one to one thousand, or even less.

They are the few cul- tured ones who love a symphony concert and would suffer at a prize fight, against the countless thousands who love the prize fight, and would suffer at a symphony concert. These are the ones who are keeping the Christian spirit alive in the world by leading man in the direction of the kingdom of heaven, which man may find only through inner inspired thinking. Inner thinking men seek aloneness in the forests and far reaches in Nature, away from the noises of man's activities. They thus insulate themselves from their own body desires and from all sounds which are not the rhythmic pulsations of Nature.

Such aloneness leads to deep meditation and silent prayer. Aloneness invites close communion with God. He who thus seeks God will find Him. He will know Him by seeing His Light with inner vision, hearing His Voice coming out of Nature's silences in the rhythms of its heartbeat, and feeling the ecstasy of His love nature upon which His universe is based.

In such great aloneness of man with God, all that is evil in. Likewise, no man can listen with his Soul to the rhythmic symphonies of the great masters and think evil while so listening. Herein lies the great power of music in conserving and multiplying the Chris- tian spirit among men. Music is the greatest of all the powers used by man to bring about the state of Universal Brotherhood, which is primarily essential for a Chris- tian civilization. Painting is the next great power for in- ducing inspiration which leads to inner thinking.

These statements are so liable to challenge by the un- thinking, that it is necessary to recall that painting and music, such as we know them in our day, were unknown until the isth and i5th centuries respectively. The spir- itual nature of either music or painting could not unfold while the memory and love of bloodshed was so strong in the race that the greatest pleasures of its men, women and children, were gladiatorial killings and the rending of humans by lions.

Inner spiritual thinking had begun during the Hel- lenic age and evidenced its effect in the beauty of archi- tecture and sculpture, but by the time Jesus was born there had been four hundred years of decadence in which bloodshed became the greatest pleasure.

God Will Work With You But Not For You

While the hu- man race was in such a primate stage it could not com- prehend God's rhythmic language. His cosmic language could only be comprehended and interpreted by those who were seeking the kingdom of heaven by inner spirit- ual thinking. This stage of human unfolding had never been reached until Leonardo and Raphael gave the world their interpretations of Nature's rhythms in the art of painting. The Church of that day spoke to men in a language which had no meaning to them. They had no opportunity for comprehension, for Latin words conveyed no meaning to them whatsoever.

Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and many others spoke to the people of that day in God's language of color rhythms and forms which they did understand. Even the most lowly peasant could understand The Last Supper, or the Madonna and Child interpretations of numerous followers of Leonardo. Jesus became alive and real to them. The apostles and other figures, which to them were holy, rose before their eyes and filled them with a new hope.

Every home became a religious shrine. Jesus and their blessed Virgin were in their very presence. Religious fervor rose to great heights as a reality in those days of seeming hopelessness. Paintings gave reality to their re- ligion. The spirit of man unfolded to some extent, even though religion was more emotional and ritual than wor- ship.

Pagan legend and superstition joined their powers with ignorant man's love of the supernatural to retard its growth. Spiritual man grew, however, against even that resistance, for even religious emotionalism, led to desire, and desire for closer contact with God led to prayer, and prayer induced inner thinking. The words of the spiritual teachers of that day were full of fear and evil. The spirit- ual words of the divine messengers who spoke to people in form, color and electrical rhythms, had no fear or evil in them.

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Fear and evil have no existence in Nature. It is impossible to estimate the value of painting and music to the spiritual unfoldment of man. One Bee- thoven or one Leonardo is worth more in material value to mankind than the value of all the gold and real estate in the world, yet mankind crucifies genius today as he crucified Love 2, years ago. It is imperative that you more fully understand why there is such an incalculable power in the masterpieces of world-geniuses to transform men from sensuality to spirituality. All down through man's long ages God has spoken to man. His Silent Voice spoke to him first as instinct, then as intuition, and then by inspiration.

Inspiration is the language of rhythms which the genius as fully under- stands as other people understand the language of words. The final, or ultimate means of communication between man and God is the language of Light that comes to Christ Conscious man. VII Christ Consciousness, further describes this final stage of unfolding. World geniuses who talk to God through inspiration hear only the rhythms of Nature.

These rhythms are in harmony with the universal heartbeat. They are the one- two rhythms of the electric pulsations of God's thinking. They are in tune with every action-reaction of Nature. That is what is meant by being "in tune with the In- finite. The rhythms and attunement. These are the rhythms which the great masters in- terpret to uplift and inspire to spiritual ecstasy. These rhythms make one forget body because they synchronize with body pulsations. For that reason they do not cause physical sensation.

Outer thinkers desire sensual rhythms which do not synchronize with body pulsations. Excitation can come to bodies only by changing the rhythm and tempo of their heartbeat. The moment the tempo of a heartbeat is slowed down in any musical rhythm, it slows down the heartbeat of the listener. That is why a baby goes to sleep when the mother croons a soothing lullaby. The power that music has within its rhythms and tempos to affect life, is inconceivable.

The rhythms and tempos of the great world geniuses uplift the whole world toward its high heavens and causes those whom it can touch to seek the kingdom of heaven which centers them. Like- wise, the discordant and split rhythms that are not in tune with Nature and the heartbeat of man multiply the sen- sations which the purely physical man seeks as entertain- ment for his body. However, the one-two-three balanced rhythm of the waltz focuses attention upon the body by combining both the spiritual and physical emotions.

The third beat, which characterizes the waltz, is in perfect balance with the two, and creates the desire for happy movement of balanced rhythms which combine the physical with the spiritual. Beyond that three in musical rhythms one can- not go without splitting one or all of them. The power of music to degrade as well as to uplift is well exemplified in the jazz rhythms and tempos which shriek out their degrading power in raucous sounds that violate Nature's rhythms, as the sounds of a busy factory violate its peaceful countryside environment. Sensual men do not appreciate the music which deeply inspires inner thinking men.

They have not sufficiently unfolded as yet to understand it. The power of spiritually inspired music is so great, however, that many thousands are gradually being transformed by oft repeated renditions. Classical records are being distributed by the hundreds of thousands, and their effect is one of the most hopeful signs of the times, as well as being one of the greatest demonstrations of the power of music to transform sen- sual thinkers to spiritual thinkers.

The greatest passion of every genius is to give to all the world treasures of heaven that have been given to him. A Beethoven, Mo- zart, Leonardo or Tennyson could not possibly withhold his treasures unto himself. Having become aware of their Oneness with their Creator, who gives freely of all He has, and without motive, they also must give freely and without motive. The reward motive which is so characteristic of those who are sense-dominated, does not exist in Nature. Giv- ing, in Nature, creates a vacuum that can be filled only by a balanced regiving.

Giving, in Nature, is the first half of every electric cycle. It is an impossibility in Na- ture for one half of an electric cycle to remain uncom- pleted. It must complete itself. It cannot do otherwise. It must void itself by its own balancing counterpart. For that reason the reward motive in Nature is not a part of God's plan. For the same reason it is very difficult for the genius to live in a material world. He must live, however. He must bargain with those who would buy from him.

He must sell that which is his greatest happiness to give. It is against his very nature to be compelled to do that. It sickens his very Soul, for he is fully aware that he has been born ahead of his time and is compelled to live al- ways in two worlds. His great recompense, however, is the fact that he can always escape from the outer world of material things and live in his own inner world of the spirit where he can commune with God to his heart's content and forget all things else, especially his body.

Judged by material standards the genius is an imprac- tical dreamer, a subnormal who lacks the ability to make money as normal folks do. As children they are usually low in their marks, for the educational plan of this age stultifies genius by "educating" the brain instead of un- folding the Mind. Thomas Edison was sent home from school with a note from the teacher advising his mother to put him in a school for subnormals.

The practice of schools has been to develop a civilization which has learned to remember and repeat instead of unfolding their imaginative faculties by teaching them to think and know. The intelligence test for high scholarship marks is based upon how many questions one can answer.

God Will Work With You but Not for You

To at- tain great heights in that respect one has to have a pho- tographic memory which outward-sensed thinkers readily develop. It is impossible, however, for anyone to have a photographic Mind. That is why a genius is often con- sidered stupid in school. They may really be the brightest children in the school with strong creative abil- ities that a few years of suppression of their creative facul- ties ruin for world purposes.

Information is not knowledge. It is of no importance whatsoever that one should remember the date of Caesar's death or the date of the Battle of Waterloo. One might be able to answer every question in the encyclopedia and yet have no knowledge. A student who received a low intelli- gence rating because he could not remember the name of the river which flowed into the Caspian Sea, and the capital of Finland, might be consoled by the probability that Shakespeare or Dickens might also not be able to answer these questions.

Under such a memory system the boys who have the greatest initiative, imagination and resourcefulness could be judged the most stupid, while the plodder with a photographic memory and no initia- tive could be judged the brightest. Information might be likened to food which will nour- ish a body when it has been digested and enters the blood stream. Information can lead to knowledge when digested through reasoning and Mind-thinking, but as long as it is only brain-recording it is of no value to creative ex- pression.

To remember and repeat, through experimenta- tion, reasoning and assembling other brain recordings of observed effects, does not constitute knowledge. It but indicates cleverness.

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This highly technical world of many skills is very much more the result of great cleverness in the assembling of observed effects of motion than it is the result of knowledge. When the world begins to acquire knowledge it will show the effects of it in human relations instead of chemi- cal and metallurgical relations. It is too concerned with the application of the many physical laws to the relation of physical matter to give thought to God's one and only law that governs spiritual relations.

World desire for knowing what holds the atom together has only an economical and material basis. Such knowl- edge "would be worth untold millions" in new machines and comforts for man. That is the basis of world desire for knowledge. It has only a money value. Its spiritual value has not yet entered into human consciousness. For that very reason God will not let man have that knowl- edge, and man will never find it while he seeks in the wrong direction.

Actually the answer is right before man's eyes but he does not recognize it while his eyes have outer vision alone. When inner vision comes through in- ner thinking he will then recognize it in all its simplicity. All who have arrived at the Cosmic Mind state know what holds the atom together, and they do not need cyclotrons to tell them that secret of the invisible universe. It can be acquired only from the Source of motion. Knowledge cannot be gained through the senses, for the senses are unable to see the true picture of any effect of motion whatsoever.

No effect in Nature is what it seems to be. A three- dimensional objective universe is as much of an illusion as a cinema is an illusion. Truth and reality cannot be de- duced from a simulation of truth and reality. This uni- verse of motion is but a cosmic cinema projected upon the screen of space from its light Source in thinking Mind. Its reality is at its Source, and not in the projected image. During those years whatever is creative in a child should be developed and encouraged. Travis Stone rated it really liked it Aug 18, Madonna rated it liked it Sep 05, Steve rated it it was amazing Sep 24, Marquita rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Elliott Teters added it Feb 09, Wilson Kenneth Ebiowei added it Apr 05, Tommi marked it as to-read Nov 09, Wayne Darden marked it as to-read Nov 17, Agbura Jacob added it Jun 01, Micah Elliot marked it as to-read Aug 31, Cm Moore marked it as to-read Sep 18, Chris is currently reading it Oct 21, Yemi Ajayi marked it as to-read Oct 25, Yasser Kareem marked it as to-read Oct 28, Chiefyg marked it as to-read Dec 05, Zacoone marked it as to-read Mar 02, Samira Elytess added it May 04, David Eluozo marked it as to-read Jun 23, Brooks Johnson marked it as to-read Jun 29, Adebayo Julius marked it as to-read Aug 01, Justice marked it as to-read Aug 26, Richard Dickison added it Sep 02,