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While people have the ability to snort or smoke heroin, most of them inject the drug directly into the bloodstream. They have a higher chance of getting AIDS this way because they tend to share infected needles. People should seek heroin addiction treatment because of the dangers that come with using the drug. Those who use heroin for an extended period run the risk of issues such as:.

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The uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that manifest when they stop taking it are usually enough to make them relapse. After detoxing from heroin, the next step is to enroll in a heroin addiction treatment center. Most rehab centers provide some kind of heroin treatment program. The best rehab centers create custom treatment plans for all of their clients. While custom treatment plans are important, there are a few services that typically work their way into most plans. For example, individual, group and family therapies all play important roles in fighting heroin addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a popular form of heroin treatment. What do all of these therapies have in common? Therefore, prescription opioid use is one of the risk factors for heroin use. Exactly what is heroin? This is a commonly asked question regarding this substance.

However, the adverse effects of use and abuse are too serious and harmful to ignore.

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Although heroin is made from morphine, it changes back into morphine after it enters the brain. After binding to opioid receptors, the areas of the brain responsible for pleasure and mood are triggered. Such areas include the brain stem, which is responsible for controlling important autonomic bodily functions such as blood pressure, breathing and arousal. Heroin can be ingested by snorting it, smoking it or injecting it subdermally under the skin , intramuscularly into the muscle and intravenously into a vein.

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Heroin is such a potent drug that those who use it feel the high relatively quickly. Because of the increase of supply and ease in obtaining it, people from many backgrounds use heroin. Prescription painkillers have become the gateway drug to heroin, so anyone who has been prescribed narcotic medications can be susceptible to heroin use and heroin addiction.

Though prescription painkiller addiction and abuse cases are currently much higher than heroin addiction cases, the numbers can shift easily due to the chemical similarity among the opiates. The opioid epidemic has taken the United States by storm, and many people are dying from overdose every day, with a high number related to heroin abuse.

Due to the addictive nature of prescription opiates, those who are unable to finance their addiction resort to heroin use because it produces a more distinct high for less money and is readily available. Heroin is available most commonly in a powder form. It can appear white or brown.

This color usually varies based on geographic location in the United States. White or off-white powdered heroin is commonly seen in the eastern U. The variation in colors denotes the purity level of the drug. The more white it is, the purer and more potent it is in comparison with off-white or brown. Typically, there are more impurities in brownish heroin powder.

Conversely, in the Western part of the U.

Everything You Know About Heroin Addiction Is Wrong

Known as black tar or sticky tar, this substance can be hard to the touch. The purest forms are odor-free. However, the darker, impure forms of heroin have a slight, pungent smell similar to that of vinegar. Similarly, black tar heroin also has a smell slightly resembling vinegar. If both black tar and off-white heroin are smoked, the smell will intensify, and the vinegar scent will be even stronger. This means drug dealers mix in these substances with heroin so they can sell more of the drug and make a more significant profit.

While this process does dilute it, it also makes consuming the drug more dangerous, as it can cause a myriad of effects. Brown or black powder. This form of heroin gets its color from additives and is more common than pure heroin. This form of heroin comes as a black sticky gel. The rush from intravenous heroin use lasts about two minutes. Intravenous users have likened the rush to an orgasm in terms of pleasure. As heroin travels through the bloodstream, the high lasts for four to five hours.

The effects of heroin can seem harmless to those who are experimenting with the drug. Although it may produce some dizziness and drowsiness, these effects feel enjoyable. Eventually, the user cannot feel normal without taking the drug because their brain cannot produce natural amounts of dopamine on its own. As the user increases their doses, they are at a greater risk of fatal heroin overdose.


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Speak with an expert People who abuse painkillers have a higher risk of experimenting with and becoming addicted to heroin. Painkillers like OxyContin are classified as opioids because they are synthetic, opiate-like substances activating the same receptors in the brain as heroin.

Painkillers have similar effects to heroin, but these pills can be expensive and hard to acquire. Many people who become addicted to painkillers turn to heroin because it is cheaper and more accessible. The way painkillers are abused can lead to future heroin abuse as well. Some people crush up painkillers to snort or inject, which introduces them to methods of administration commonly used in heroin abuse. Close to 50 percent of young people who use heroin reported abusing painkillers before moving on to heroin.

Some speculate that heroin may be easier to obtain than painkillers. Approximately , Americans used heroin for the first time in It is one of the most dangerous drugs, and this number of first-time users has nearly doubled over the past decade. Heroin is one of the most addictive substances in existence, and an addiction to this drug is hard to overcome without help. If you or someone you care about is suffering from a heroin addiction, find treatment and support that can help. See how Jerry overcame his addiction. Since , Addiction Center has been an informational web guide for those who are struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring behavioral and mental health disorders.

All content included on Addiction Center is created by our team of researchers and journalists.

Heroin Addiction: What You Should Know

No matter where you live, there is a drug rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. We'll help you find it. We strive to be fully transparent in all of our relationships. To that end, we want you to be aware that AddictionCenter is compensated by Beach House Center for Recovery for the work AddictionCenter does in the development and operation of this site.

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