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Sixty pounds gone as of June ! Hey Josh, I do not like beans at all!!! What have you been eating? I do bacon, eggs, guac for breakfast — meat and veggies for lunch, meat and veggies for dinner. If you need to supplement between meals, nut butters are good — peanut, sunflower, almond, etc. Can you give a low down step by step what you ate please!!!!! You have done a great job.. Did the SCD before my wedding day and, successfully lost weight. The fructose will hurt the insuline sensitivity you have developed but feel free to experiment for four weeks.

Thanks for the post. It is now 18 months since I first adopted the SCD. I can not tell you enough how different life is on this side: Not to mention text book abs every time I look in the mirror I documented all my meals and progress on my BB. I started the slow carb diet in January when the book first came out. I immediately lost 30 lbs in the first 12 weeks. The best part is that after I reached my goal I added a second cheat day on the weekend and this has seemed to stabilize my weight. I started SCD with more than just a weight loss goal. I wanted to get into the best shape of my life I turned 40 last year and wanted this far more than a red BMW.

I really like the SCD! But I workout 6 days a week and have training for endurance events. Example on 6 mile run the other day, after 3 miles I was done, I had to walk back to the gym. Can you recommend adjusts to accommodate my activity level. I have lost 42 lbs this year, doing my own this thing. I was trying to be more scientific about my diet because its harder to lose weight now! You need to train your body to use fat for fuel. Try running shorter distances after fasting hours, then incrementally increase the distance, and dont eat gels etc while training.

For those that lack integrals some vitamin B It will give you the energy boost you need. Gary is right — you have to transition to fat burning metabolism. If you get your biochemistry set up to burn fat a superior source of energy , then you will actually have more energy as opposed to less.

Hi Tim, I really appreciate the awareness and energy that you bring to food, eating, body image, and exercise in 4HB. We live in an extreme culture and I appreciate your attempt to bring health to the masses. We are animals that live in packs, we have friends, lovers, professional colleagues; we deal with in-laws, children and their friends.

Watch Before Attempting the Slow Carb Diet // 4HB SCD

They help give you more confidence in dealing with others and assist you in developing necessary skills for social interaction. Oh yeah, the rest of the book will teach you how to quit your job and make more money too. Hello Tim, after writing my address on your facebook about taking a polish 4 hour body I got a weird email from USPS about some problem with package.

Is it connection beetween posibility of a gift from you? If any email you get, even one from a friend: Hi Tim, Great article and great book. I was following the 4HB diet for 3 months and found that I would lose weight, but gain it back after the cheat day and not lose it until right before the next cheat day. So basically, I just maintained my weight. I am a data nut, which is why I love your book. I track everything I put into my face and I also track my exercise and I was tracking my sleeping patterns.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Did you stop exercising when starting diet then slowly add routines and track the results, more exercise will not accelerate the weight loss but in fact may have the opposite effect. Thank you Ham-Bone for that wonderful link. I will look into paleo. I have read on this site that some women find modifying the cheat day to one meal, or every other week, or once a month, or not having a cheat day at all.

I have a question. These have been shown to increase with as little as second of max effort work. So if you were to do 10 squats then 10 pushups as many times as you can in, say, 3 minutes, you could get this hormonal response. Also, the slow-carb diet, and others like it paleo, perfect health, SCD, etc. So when you mix slow carb with short, high intensity workouts, you get a double hormonal benefit!

I have a question how about eating fruit, I have an apple every morning and a lite lunch, and small dinner, reading the different story, maybe I need to change my eating habits, but my question is how about fruit? I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off for going on a year. It was awesome to have a reference source to go to where I could learn how that will be possible. Truly a valuable piece of work Tim, thank you. Why there is no Kindle edition? If you have any chance to have a talk here in Japan someday,just inform your fans here.

My wife and I both strictly followed it out of the book for 4 months along with utilizing the PAGG stack and ended up each losing a whopping 2ish pounds. There is continued emphasis throughout the article on weight loss not body fat reduction. Who cares what is emphasized here? When I follow this diet strictly the pounds come right off. This diet absolutely worked for me and I have been overweight most of my life.

Lost 40 pounds in 3 months! This is my second go at it just had a baby.

Your success, creativity, hyper work ethic and freedom are inspirational. You bust your rear-end to create something muse, etc and reap the benefits. Thus, they retreat and slander. This type of disheartened people is the same type of people who believe in radical claims like: Continue your intrinsic and creative ways, for I look forward to reading more!

The diet works for me the first 3 weeks, making me loose 8 pounds. I made a break of 6 months and tried again. I have a spleen condition, hereditary microesferocitose, that causes damages in terms of blood, blood vessels and diggestion. This sometimes causes a minor anemia. My liver and vesicle work harder. I have a tendency to gain weith and cellulite, retain fluids and all that shit. That happens because spleen is the most controversial organ in terms of common and chinese medicine. For the west, the spleen has a function of defence and gather all the old erythrocytes.

For them, the partner organ is the stomach and the diggestion is seen as: There are propper foods for the spleen, sweet ones mainly , not with suggar but with a sweet taste, such as beans, and this was one of the main reasons to do the slow carb diet.

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The thing is, I need fruist and vitamins because my tendency of loosing important minerals. My spleen, stomach and liver are weak and it will take me some weeks to be totally on my feet again. Had a major flue, allergies, more bruises, bad diggestion, not sleeping, blurred vision, tirednes, lack of appetite, anemia. This said, If you ever discover a way to undo this kind of effect, please let me know.

My weight is a product not of bad food or choices, but a biological pattern, no I know it. Hey I like the way you think still.. How can you say NOT to eat fruits????????????????????? If I understand 4HB correctly….. Reason is clearly explained. Fruits have glucose Or dextrose which are easy to digest and gets converted to fats easily. These have high glycemic index and hence taste good and also gets converted to glucose and subsequently to fats very easily.

However fruits immediately after a work out is not harmful as body metabolism is very active and the same helps to use the glucose to address calorie requirement of body. But no fruits is not stupid…. I call it the Tim Ferriss plan. Give them you basics and how I follow it on a daily basis along with a link to your book. Thank you so much for sharing your experiments with us! Gary, I have evernote as well and would love to get a copy of the note you have. I have lbs to lose and I am starting tomorrow.

A friend said lately: Easy to say, hard to find the way. Usually i had the personality of a maker and a creative. Your advices and methods are extremely reasonable and well-thought… please, can you do some research on that issues too? This article inspired me to get back on the slow carb band wagon because I really really need to get in awesome shape for the Miss California USA Pageant.

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What kind of workout program was she on? She had to have gotten all of that muscle from somewhere! I too am interested in hearing more about MP. Her photos are very inspiring and her before photos look an awful lot like mine do now!! However… I have put on 4cm on my waist?!?!?! My weight is also the same once I drink water in the morning. Also, I feel constipated. Can somebody help us? Once it passes you will actually drop quite a bit of weight.

ALSO, you said yourself you did the kettle bell workouts. The constipation is likely due to a lack of fluids. Take in a lot more water, and add a squeeze of lemon to it in the morning to increase fluid movement. You should be on a happy road quickly. I did a lot of beans. I added in fish and the eggs in the AM because one can only eat so many beans. Seven days is too long for me. I followed the plan for five days and the sixth was my cheat. I lost the weight I wanted to lose and have been pleased. But on my current pass, I decided to try a 7-day cycle. My fears were correct, I cheated more often.

So much so that I actually gained a few pounds back. So in week five, I went back to a 6-day cycle. I like the off-balance nature of this cycle. Hello Tim, Please let me know how can I come back to normal food after I loose my required weight. I will not be able to eat the diet suggested all year as I stay in Leh Ladakh India and winters we do not get much options for food.

This diet is saving my health. I feel better than I ever have. I think you can click on my name to check it out. It took me a couple of tries to get the diet right. My husband is still struggling a bit. At his size, I expect him to be seeing great results. None-the-less, we continue to slow carb it. My goal is to submit my before and after pictures for everyone to see. For those who are just starting, be excited. Congrats in your achievement. Can you please post the link for for your blog??

I just started the diet and is kind of difficult for me to plan the menu. My blog is http: I have new updates every days. Let me know what recipes you like or give me ideas to create new ones. I like the challenge. I have tried the slow carb diet for 60 for 2 months now. I feels smaller, lighter but only lost about 2kg. I feel I need to loose maybe about another 5 kg. I still have a lot of fat in the mid section etc. I wondering what am I doing wrong. My meals are pretty much like the following: I drink between 2 and 3 litters of water per day.

Walk fast for about 40 minutes about 4 or 5 times per week. Anyone had any experience or have any thoughts? Any thoughts about doing the SCD during pregnancy? I started the diet 3 weeks ago before I knew I was pregnant. Lost 10 pounds in first 2 weeks and feel much better than I did during my last pregnancy but not sure if I should add in whole grains. I feel my healthiest at about , but that weight is difficult for me to maintain.

College ball took its toll on my knees and they feel better when I weigh less AND have strong stabilizer muscles. Or am I interpreting that data on HCG wrong? I felt almost hungover on Sunday and slept at least 16 hours. I also have not lost the 2 lbs my scale says I gained that day. So, while my gross loss has been 3 lbs, the net loss is only 1 lb. Other data points to consider: I am not drinking any alcohol at all, nor have I been for the past three months since we started trying to get pregnant.

My doctor says this is normal during the first trimester. I had to do it due to digestive issues. I no longer have IBS and I feel great! Not only does it help one lose weight, but it clears up a host of other issues for many people. You are consuming too much BPA if you are eating all those canned beans. Cook them yourself and freeze for the week. BPA is a controversial chemical used in cans that is believed by many to cause cancer.

You would do well to look into it and perhaps not reccommend canned beans at every meal to your readers. High-fat diet can prevent obesity in mice http: I found this article and, after reading 4 Hour Body, thought you might find it handy re: The Hulk I am not! Those are amazing results. I have bought this book and I am starting with this diet.

What is more, I promised myself to go to gym regularly so I hope I will be able to have similar progress as it is a huge motivational factor for me.. Dear Tim, i have a severe problem: Whenever I have a meal though I get severe stomach pain. I may not eat sorbite, which was found out last year. The only difference between my normal eating habits and the meals now are the beans.

Thank you a lot! Your book is awesome! Try to use lentils instead of beans. Soak the beans in water times more water than beans for 24 hours. Then cook them preferably in a slow cooker. This will get rid of a lot of bad chemicals in the beans that are responsible for the gas effect and may be even worse for you. I m 21yrs old. I want to follow your menu …. I really want to get some fat loss…. I tried your diet last year and it work except that I got Mercury provisioning from eating too much fish.

I then got off your diet and went Vegan and gained weight: Any other suggestions you could offer? One last question— instead of cottage cheese is it ok to have Goat or Feta Cheese? I have tried the SCD a few times now, but have trouble following the diet exactly, thus I only ever lose about 5lbs. I just cut out dairy and will be following the diet strictly. My question is, do we have to use the supplements PAGG etc. Is the muscle contraction enough? The first time i tried this eating plan, i lost 75 pounds in 4 months.

Unfortunately i stopped following it and gradually put it all back on plus some. This is my second time and im committed to making it a permanent lifestyle adjustment. In two weeks i have lost 31 pounds and i feel amazing. Thank you so much Tim! Missi — I also am doing the 4HB for the second time. I noticed how much success you have had in such a short time period and was curious if you could give some pointers to me. For example what your meals look like and how much you are consuming at each meal and where exercise comes into play. I would appreciate any help you could give.

I am a pathetic case that needs to lose pounds but just cant despite no junk food and only suffering from insulin resistance. Doctor told me i will probably have diabetics soon which freaked me out. I am interested in the SCD. For me it is working but it is much lower than I expected. You need to stick to it. Start with a 1-week trial and see how you feel.

If you feel well and think you can handle it, then go for a second week, and so on. I tried it for a week, loved it and have been continuing, as I said. As well as as taking measurements and weighing myself once a week, I also had a Body Compositional Analysis when I started, and another today wires attached at hand and feet and a current passed through.

DEXA was way out of my price range, but I thought this would at least be consistent. My body fat was I have lost weight just over 10 pounds , and my total inches has dropped by 7. Now, am I worrying about nothing here, is this normal with the weight loss, or am I doing something wrong? I have lost weight before, and my expectation here was to lose mostly fat, but clearly I have lost muscle as well, and more than I was expecting. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Been searching for something to combat depression, Athletic Greens believe it or not has done wonders. Hope you feel better soon, these success stories are amazing! I found that when I did the slow-carb diet, I was lacking in vitamins and minerals. You have inspired so many people to live better lives including mine and my brothers and actually given them the tools to do so. Never Never Never Give up.

Getting Started with Lift’s Quantified Diet

If you start to get the ups and downs.. Have you found that while on the slow carb diet, your blood PH level becomes slightly acidic, as opposed to alkaline? I have been on the slow carb diet for a little over a year not following it to the T exactly, but pretty dang close , and the last months, I honestly have felt pretty rotten. My throat hurt, glands in my neck were swollen, and I was tired ALL the time. I felt better within two days and my sore throat that I have literally had for months is now completely gone. Have you experimented with your blood PH while on the slow carb?

Last night after just 4 days on the FHB eating plan I started experiencing painful throat, it made me think of thyroid. I would be interested to know if following this eating plan in the long run would damage bones and teeth. I guess, as this process takes some time to take its toll, most people would not make the correlation.

I even think that excess acidity will slow down fat loss, so I will make a conscious effort to drink more veggie powders including barley grass powder, very alkalinizing. This is the one question that comes up for me before starting this new way of eating. The entirety of the SCD feels totally intuitive to me with the exception of limiting the variety of things you eat. Is it possible to create deficiencies if you stick to perhaps 5 different foods and recycle them into a few different meals a week?

I tend to lean towards a much broader variety of veggies. Great case studies, Tim. Might do one soon. Several readers have actually outpaced me, believe it or not. In Danish, but you can still look at the pictures, etc. Good lord that is some fantastic success! High five to all those mentioned in the article! Personally I chose the add muscle aspect of the 4HB and gained 10 lbs of lean muscle in 30 days.

It was a fantastic experiment that I enjoyed immensely. I was a lb dude who had never been able to gain muscle in my life until following the muscle building protocol for 30 days. It turns out stuffing myself stupid was the missing key that unlocked muscle growth. And by stuffing myself stupid I mean eating protein like a mofo and getting at least 3, calories in per day.

Getting married in September and have pecs, triceps, and biceps for the first time ever. Or maybe not, lol, just a thought. Also, thanks a ton for all your posts. Your books and blog are some of my favorite things to read and really challenge me not to slip into the idea of getting a cushy job and doing nothing much else after graduation. Keep up the good work. Matt Stone is right on! I feel like Tim is a bit more into how the body look and Stone is more into overall health. My entire family is on it my grandma even cooks according to the SCD at family dinners!

I just want to say that it was a great article definitely. I plan on hitting it this summer!! So, to ALL You women out there over I beat the odds! Maria congrats on your success. Thank you for sharing your journey and helping others get on the SCD path. Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat more, eat even more, drink milk, drink more milk, drink even more milk….

It says he wants to gain weight. Hearing the stories and seeing the successes brought on by your books must cheer you up. Slow carb diet is something I did and it helped me lose 10 pounds. I always had hunger pains within 2 hours of eating, getting anxious, irritable and could not focus. Seems carbs was messing up my blood sugar levels hypoglycemiea , so by helping me minimise carbs, the diet sorted me out.

Food is no longer my 1 thought daily, instead its how much fun can I have and what will I achieve today. Sorting that bit out of my life has meant I can focus on what matters: Tim, Your book has been extremely helpful to change my life around. I went from waist size 40 inches down to 31 inch right now in span of 4 months [16 kg I did lot of experimenting for Slow Carb diet.

I am trying intermittent fasting right now. I am at Thanks to you, I know about various cuisines across the world and am not afraid to try out new things on my cheat day. I am still trying to figure out best vegetarian way to follow Slow carb diet. Reason I required to do lot of research on my part is 1. I am a vegetarian. Where I live — there is almost zero access to avocado.

I consumed sugarcane juice everyday. I wish you could outline the rules of Occam protocol as properly as you have explained Slow carb diet. How do you have 30g of Protien in the morning? What do you have for lunch and dinner, given that rice and chapathi are most common dishes? How do you measure body fat? I am from India too and have followed SCD. You can have a look at my website to see some India slow card recipes- http: You can see most of the recipes on my website and apart from that you can also eat sprouted moth dal, clear soup, salad, any dal and use cauliflower instead of rice.

Great work Ricardo, so stoked for you! Does Tim or anyone else have any more advice on avoiding allergies from overeating the same foods or can someone point me in the direction of some trustworthy material on the subject. There are many common causes. Antibiotics can leave a gut messed up and allergy-prone for a long, long time.

They can sensitize your body to potential allergens. So perhaps try a cleanse to wash out any parasites, yeast, or bad bacterial growths, and then take lots of varieties of priobiotics. Obviously consulting an allergy specialist would be ideal. Trust your inner wisdom. A few months ago I coached a fellow writer, who was experiencing extreme ups and downs with his writing. Soon it became clear to me what was the main difference between me and him. As you probably know, frontal lobe is needed for thinking like a human: Add some pinto beans over the salsa and heat for 30 seconds in the microwave.

But go ahead and cook a few breakfast pork sausages in the frying pan and add that alongside. If you like refried beans, you can substitute for any of the beans above, just heat and put the eggs on top, best with sliced avocado. Cannellini or Garbanzo Beans.

White beans generally taste pretty good with tomato sauce, so you might use some red enchilada sauce as your salsa with white beans and then eggs on top. Sausages, bacon and ham can add heft and serving avocado or guacamole on the side adds the good fats that make you feel satiated. The Hard Boiled Breakfast. Tim is a fan of hard boiled eggs and offers some good ideas on this front. Hard boiled eggs take longer to cook but can be made in batches in advance and are more portable than the runny kind.

Generally this section is aimed at Japanese guests at the hotel and reflects a totally different and it turns out much healthier approach to breakfast than the American sensibility. My basic strategy for lunch is soups and salads with some heft. If you work someplace other than from home, you can pack a lunch to go with any of these items.

Or maybe the lunch served at your office has these options: If not, head out to Chipotle, or a salad place like Sweetgreens or Mixt Greens to find similar options. Try mixing 1 part lemon juice or vinegar balsamic or red wine with three parts olive oil and a spoonful of dijon mustard, add salt and pepper and shake in a jar.

You can make a bigger batch to keep in the fridge and use it all week. I usually choose a green that can withstand some warm vegetables, like arugula, kale or spinach, and then heat up some leftover cauliflower and carrots, or steamed broccoli, and add roast chicken or white beans, and toss with salad dressing. You can use any type of lettuce, or mix in arugula, baby kale and spinach as well, and then add some chopped vegetables like celery, avocado, red peppers, cucumber, scallions, tomatoes and fennel.

Top with sliced chicken, steak, salmon, tuna or garbanzo beans, and add a few nuts like almonds or hazelnuts for crunch. I like to use red lentils or green lentils, but brown lentils work as well. I usually saute some onions, garlic and mushrooms with some avocado oil and curry powder until browned. Then I add a container of Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken stock and a few cups of water, along with a cup of lentils and cook until the lentils are tender.

I add in some frozen corn or leftover carrots and cauliflower or spinach if I have it in the fridge. Vegetable or Tomato Soup with beans, chicken or sausage. This is the same process as the curried lentil soup but without the curry, I use white beans or garbanzo beans, or toss in some chicken pieces or sausage. You can use chicken stock or also add a can of diced tomatoes to give it more of a minestrone flavor.

Use whatever vegetables you have on hand. I sometimes add fresh or dried herbs as well. Dinner may ultimately be the easiest meal to go slow-carb. The Vegetables Are Key. A lifesaver for me was buying sauces for the grocery store to marinate my meat before grilling it. You have to be careful some of the sauces have high fructose corn syrup but others are healthy.

For my beans, I bought some seasoning made by Goya to make my black beans taste better. I should have started eating this way a long time ago. I love my new meals better than the junk I have been eating. The general idea being that his is a low carb-diet, but these are all high carb veggies. As a rule of thumb, root veggies, grains and kernels all have high carb counts these are all meant to either nourish the plant, or nourish the animals feeding on the plant.

As for the fruits, to which are you referring to? With salt and pepper added to taste. Oh yes, takes less than 5 minutes. May want to switch to a different steak rub. The one you linked to has hydrogenated oils — not so good for you…. Lost 11 pounds in two weeks. Have developed a problem though, the taste of beans is literally gagging me!!! Any alternatives out there?? Experiment for a week and see if the fat loss stays high. Coconut milk and Avacado are my favorites, just try to match the same amount of calories you would have gotten from the beans.

If you can keep with it though, you get used to the feeling of a smaller stomach after a meal pretty quickly. I eat beans or lentils 3 days a week, and the other 3 days I have either a can of coconut milk per day, or two avocadoes. The seventh day I do intermittent fasting. Add berry-based vinegars to your list. They are tasty and berries have all sorts of excellent properties. For cooking salt, use coarse grey sea salt. I have been using Braggs Liquid Aminos for a while.

Love that they are no salt! Add a dash to my beans rinsed canned or home cooked with a dash or Balsamic vinegar then microwave to heat. Also adds a savory base to meats. A couple concerns though, you do say in the book that tomatoes and soy are not allowed, correct? Or is that just a soft rule? I have been following to the letter, so clarification would be appreciated. When I started, I was in decent shape, but now I can clearly see my first four abs, and so can the GF.

I follow the diet to the letter and really let loose on the cheat days. Great job on the book and congrats! This looks delicious however I can not stomach most artificial flavorings, soy sauce included. I was taught an alternative: And there you have it — natural flavoring. You can add it to salad, soup, or stir fry. Give it a try!

Thanks for helping simplify my life and my clients lives on the other side of the world! Keep up the good work mate. Great to see a fellow minimalist blogger on here! We love the stonesoup blog. I tried this recipe tonight and it was amazing! I followed the recipe but I let the broccoli cook for a couple of minutes longer and I used soy beans. Cinnamon and unsweetened, original almond milk in coffee is actually outstanding… at least I think so! Also, a lot of interesting comments regarding seasonings, substitutes and kimichi sauce. My wife and I find we use adobo lately in a lot of dishes… pink mayo, aioli, chili, etc.

Great flavor and lots of distinct POW!!! Sorry Tim, I know you are partial to scientists so I can see why you brought a food scientist in on this job, but next time you may want to consult a Chef. Charlie — agreed…taste definitely trumps aesthetics, ….. He also has incite-ful video rants on food and such. I understand salt now the different kinds of and their tastes and effects. I also started to work with Cayenne-Pepper recently. But takes time to build up experience and … knowledge! This works for me and many others. I always thought soy sauce was off the agenda because of the bad long term side effects as mentioned in the book from soy based products?

Anyway, I think cumin is my new favourite spice, gives a nice middle east flavour to things. I enjoy cooking and this diet is making me think more about things. Mince ground beef Chilli powder Chopped onion small pieces Black pepper Garlic 1 egg for binding. I serve it with crushed tomato which I add lots of basil too to complete the Italian style of it. You can actually omit all the spices and put completely different ones in to change the flavour too. Thanks Rob for the recipe. I made the meatballs last night with ground turkey and some homemade tomato sauce and they were so good I thought I was cheating.

Hi Tim, I am working my way through your book and have started implementing the eating principals this week. Can you please let me know if this diet is suitable for women with PCS? I have PCOS, and have been on the diet for 6 weeks now. My doctor cleared it. However, f you are taking Metformin, talk to your doctor, because on this diet the Metformin will make your blood sugar levels drop to dangerous levels. I am off the Metformin now and am doing great.

Tim, have you ever considered your diet from an anthropological perspective? Before the advent of sedentary agriculture there was almost no way for people to collect grains and grind them into flour. But do you have a bunch of advices to vegetarians as well? Personally I quit meat some time ago, and indeed soy sauce is must use. But I would love to find more great ideas how to manage in your style: Patrick, I eat fish occasionally but no meat. I eat a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese within a half-hour of rising though I really hate to eat early in the morning, but Tim advises it and it does seem to work.

Getting Started With A Slow Carb Diet

I eat a two-egg omelette between am with lots of veggies and maybe some of my vegetarian chili inside, or perhaps some curried lentils. I eat again late in the afternoon or early evening, usually a large salad with beans for protein, or maybe a homemade veggie soup with, again, beans or lentils. I am person who spends so much time just to make my husband a delicious meal without risking his health. Just started the Diet this week and Jules ideas are the perfect solution to spicing things up. Great timing and great tasting food!

Everything You Need to Know About the Slow-Carb Diet™

Thanks Jules and Tim. Just for clarification, everything is okay on cheat days right? Sugar, bread, and milk, or do I need to stay away from any of these? The Madras Lentils have about 2grams of sugar and are made of with cream and butter — will bet not much of both. The red lentils are easiest and fastest to cook, but can be frustrating.

How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet – Real Pics and Stories

Whole Foods has an IPad app that has a fast recipe. Pour your lentils in a pot, rinse a couple times, add a chopped up onion, and a chopped up tomato. Add cumin, chili powder, curry power, turmeric powder, and coriander powder to taste. I like to leave mine unsalted and salt individual servings later. It will be a nice mushy consistency. I like it spicy, and with lots of cumin, but its up to you. Sam — Westbrae has a great line of organic lentils and beans. You can order online or check out the store locater on their website. I found a whole bunch of organic canned lentils and beans at fairway I live in NYC.

Has anyone researched golite blue light. I was going to buy it but reviews on Amazon talk about blue light causing damage to the eyes. Eating like a king! I have been experimenting with reductions and even making my own stock. Both super easy for new cooks. For those of you who think soy sauce is too strong, too salty — try Bragg Liquid Aminos. Has a wonderful savory flavor. Available at health food stores and some grocery stores in the health food section.

Himalayan sea salt is mineral-rich and does not ignite any salt cravings for me like iodized table salt which is highly refined. These are good for the transition, ultimately, it simply takes time to adjust to a new taste of food. The brand is Westbrae Natural and they are listed as vegetarian organic lentils. All the supermarkets, Trader Joes, etc. VERY good for you, tastes great. IN 8 weeks I lost 40 lbs. No weight loss, no fat loss, nothing.

Does anybody know why? Could it be candida die-off? I usually eat a variation on the above, sometimes with more meat the culprit could be the salt in my bacon and cold cuts? Nothing that you mentioned is out of the ordinary. Kill the rice cakes, period. Try baking some chicken at the beginning of the week and swap out the cold cuts.

Make sure to drink a ton of water and stay away from processed and prepackaged foods unless you know how to read ingredients. Your daily meal routine is comprised of almost all veggies. Try two weeks of upping the protein dramatically. How lovely to get feedback from you! Thanks for the great article! I am always afraid of seasoning because it always seems so complicated.

Thanks for simplifying it. There is no cure, but I can manage most of the symptoms with a low sodium diet… Under mg. Although it is challenging to find ways for me to eat enough food to bulk up 8oz of milk has mg of sodium for instance… GOMAD is out for me , it has given my wife and I a fantastic opportunity to learn new ways to season things.

Dash and fresh herbs like thyme, Rosemary, and basil have been a huge lifesaver. Mrs dash has a wide range of seasonings and marinades that work great if anyone needs to keep sodium levels down or just wants to mix up their seasonings. This is an excellent post. I love this diet. My sugar cravings are gone completely and though I look forward to my cheat day and take full advantage I enjoy the diet daily.

No one here has mentioned Chimichurri or Peri Peri sauce. Is this good or bad? Just cut some cauliflower up and put it in a food processor. Then just boil for 5 minutes tops. Mix with a little butter and herb. It was just a typo. This post is exactly everything I thought about when I started hearing people say how boring the slow carb diet is.

Fantastic post for the foodies out there. One of the goals of my site is to provide awesome and 4HB friendly food. I love to add coconut milk to my coffee in lieu of cream. Hi I love this diet.. I am able to lose at least lbs during the week then on my off day all the lbs jump back on then I spend the next week taking them off etc. Also I find it hard to always eat within an hour of waking up.

I read Tim suggested a protein shake for his father. Any suggestions on which ready made protein shake would be good? Or maybe a quick throw in the blender shake? Also I have been staying away from almond milk. But if I make it at home natural and unsweetened would this be ok to drink on the diet? I feel like a new person. Any reason not to have good quality Dijon mustard on a steak? I really wish your recipes had a vegetarian option Tim.

It seems like a necessary component for all of them is some type of meat. If you could mention any alternatives that would be highly appreciated. Eggs, whey, and cottage cheese. Make a salad with lettuce or spinach, tomato, onion and other veggies you may need to use up cucumber, carrots….

Then in separate bowl combine black beans and corn. Spice with garlic pwdr, salt, red pepper, cumin, chili, onion pwdr, cajun or fajita seasoning is great too and heat in microwave. Serve bean mix over a plate of salad with salsa. Also could somebody please correct me if corn is a no no. It would still be good without it.

Good to see another post up here! Its seems you finally gotten around to outsourcing the blog, judging by all the recent guest posts! Another great meal that tastes good and is easy to prepare. Question for all the Four Bodyers out there: I expected bland food, but have been pleasantly surprised — my fave? Black beans, with that weird gravy from the can, plus taco seasoning… tasty!!

I actually really like it. With only 3g f, 2g c and 1g p in 8oz… I doubt the tsp to a tbsp in your coffee would lead to weight gain or a stop in weight loss. When you were using Almond milk, were you using a flavored one? So — boost the taste factor of your chicken dish with topping it off with chopped cilantro. For low notes add the aromatics in the beginning stage of cooking to permeate the dish such as: I like to cook in ratios… 1: The Slow-Carb Diet need not be boring.

Delicious, not to mention biochemically kick-ass for your heart and anti-inflammation. This is often paired with common beginner frustrations: Add a few tablespoons of macadamia or peanut oil, then add the beef. Fry the beef for a few minutes, stirring constantly to break up the chunks and to get the beef browned evenly all over. When the beef is no longer pink, add in the broccoli.

Cover with a lid, baking sheet, or foil, and cook for 2 — 3 minutes, still on high heat. Stir and test broccoli. It should be bright green and no longer frozen in the middle. Add chili and soy sauce. If you think it needs a flavor boost, add more soy or some salt. Likewise with the heat level and the chili. Stir until beans are warm. Here is a video version of the above recipe to guide you through the steps: Start with dried chili flakes, chili powder, or whole chilies, then add of the following to your pantry at a time: The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts: Facebook Twitter Email Reddit Print.

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