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In the late 90s she moved to Germany. At school, herbal medicine city Verden get special expert on medicinal plants. The environmentally friendly estate in the village Hyuntsingen with his family engaged in the cultivation of organic vegetables, fruits, medicinal and aromatic herbs. The products are sold in a small shop estate. Natalia founded the manufactory of medicinal plants, which transforms raw materials into a variety of dosage forms: Ointments, creams, tinctures, teas, etc. Experience gladly pass on to their students in courses and seminars, as well as making the first steps in the writing of books and pamphlets on herbal medicine as Russian and German languages.

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This gives her a unique opportunity to convey knowledge on this subject to interest in reading groups in both countries. More information about the author and the estate: Book on Demand Ltd.

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    The Robison York State Herb Garden

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