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The bulk of the documents are financial records including royalty statements, box office statements, ledgers, bank statements, invoices and receipts. The more personal papers document Richard Barr's life and work. All the materials in the Personal Papers series are related to Barr. The Correspondence series also contains letters addressed to Barr, some of which are very personal, especially the correspondence with Edward Albee. This series shows the range of personal and professional contacts that Barr had. The Writings series contains materials written solely by Barr, including speeches, reports, drafts of works and a typescript of an autobiography.

While the Photographs series documents work done by the Playwrights Unit it also includes snapshots and prints of Barr's family and friends and the work that Barr did with Orson Welles in Hollywood and documentation of his work as a dialogue director as well as his theatrical work without Wilder.

Developing Musical Theatre (Working In The Theatre #389)

The Ephemera series also contains items related to Barr including a caricature of Barr and invitations to his sixty-fifth and seventieth birthday party celebrations. The Scrapbooks document the work of the Playwrights Unit, mostly through clippings, but they appear to have been put together by Barr.


Overall, the materials document the work of Richard Barr and Clinton Wilder, both together and before and after their collaboration, and the life of Richard Barr. Half of the documents in this series are correspondence, including personal and business correspondence. The series also contains notes, list of members, list of produced plays and plays for possible production, fact sheets, reviews and interviews, financial papers, legal papers, agreements, articles, clippings and a script entitled The Bait by James Merrill. This series contains files from various theater companies with which either Wilder or Barr were involved.

The files are mainly financial statements, box office statements and agreements.

Richard Barr

Some correspondence and clippings are also included. The theater companies are: This series forms the bulk of the collection. It covers the threatrical work of Richard Barr and Clinton Wilder, both togehter and before they formed their partnership, as well as their partnership with Edward Albee. Shows that Barr produced with other partners such as Charles Woodward, Jr. The theatrical work represents a range of material produced: Barr's work as a director is also represented.

There are also some general files consisting of miscellaneous correspondence, notes on Macbeth and Richard III possibly rehearsal or director's notes and general notes on running a summer stock theatre. The files under the individual productions contain correspondence, financial records, production files, cast and crew lists, schedules, contracts and agreements, clippings, some programs and a small number of scripts. This series features biographical material concerning Richard Barr. Items included in this series are a bio and production resume, typescript of a remembrance written by Edward Albee, a family history and clippings.

The letters in this series are to Richard Barr and represent the wide range of friends and professional acquaintances that Barr had. Wilson and Irene Worth, among many others. Barr's earliest and longest correspondent represented in this collection is Edward Albee, with whom he communicated during a span of over 15 years, documenting their long and fruitful collaborations.

Material in this series reflects writings by Richard Barr and includes transcripts of lectures, proposals, reports, a response to a Walter Kerr essay and typescripts of two works: The Story of a Producer. This series contains photographs documenting Richard Barr's life and career from his early days as a student at Princeton University, through his early career at RKO Studios and his association with Orson Welles to his later years as an Off-Broadway producer.

Also included are photographs of individuals and groups, some of which are unidentified. Materials include prints, snapshots and a negative. This series consists mostly of various undated drawings by the artist Gandy Brodie. There is also a pen and ink drawing that appears to have been done by the motion picture director Rouben Mamoulian.

The scrapbooks, both bound and loose, document a large part of Barr's career. The vast majority of the items pasted into the scrapbooks are clippings, but other items include programs, some correspondence and greeting cards. Only one scrapbook is devoted to one play, Volume 11, which documents various productions of Sweeny Todd , the others document several plays.

Many of the scrapbooks are in fragile or very fragile condition, please handle with care. The oversized material consists of three undated pencil drawings and one undated pen and ink drawing by W. The pencil drawings are illustrations of brief quotes from the Book of Revelations alongside the appropriate quote.

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The pen and ink drawing is of an astrological figure. All are stored in the Rose Building, drawer no.

Biographical/historical information

Advance notice is required for access. The Richard Barr and Clinton Wilder Papers were donated in separate installments between and At that time they were cataloged with MWEZ numbers and shelved. His previous book Off-Off Broadway Explosion was a study of off-off coffee house theater including the Caffe Cino on Cornelia Street that served coffee and canolies to patrons who were also invited to watch new American plays by the likes of Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson, and John Guare.

On the back cover of this new tome, John Guare thanks author Crespy for turning a brilliant and long overdue spotlight on the life and career of Richard Barr whom Guare calls one of the seminal figures of twentieth century theater. With director Alan Schneider at the helm and Richard Barr producing, all hell broke loose when these two plays opened at the Provincetown Theater on MacDougal Street in l Richard Barr was just 20 years old when he graduated from Princeton in l and in an inspired moment and in need of a job, he wrote to John Houseman who with the young enfant terrible actor-director Orson Welles, created in New York in l the Mercury Theater.

Barr first performed as a radio actor in the sensational War of the Worlds broadcast adapted by Orson Welles from the novel by H. He said he felt in that meeting he had discovered his own Charles Foster Kane. He also proudly announced to me that he had a whole stable full of new playwrights just ready to let loose on the public. Hoffman, Claris Nelson, H.

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A vibrant, fun-loving guy, I remember great parties that Dick had at 10 MacDougal Alley and at his later digs on 8 th Street. A lot of hard drinking went on with the bourbon and scotch flowing.