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They explain they started stealing after their promotion, since they could now be in the store while alone. This gives them ample opportunity to lift product, and blame it on normal shoplifters. This person could be saying they were actually born in Britain, when that is a complete lie. This prankster is the ultimate troll. This might seem like a harmless and even funny thing to do, but it is still considered lying.

Every person this faker has become friends with has been dishonest with them. How can someone keep up such a big lie for such a long time? This is a nightmare situation for any parents who have hired a surrogate to start a family. It turns out that the surrogate has been fooling around with the father of the baby. This confession is extremely inappropriate! The bills for a wedding can add up to the same amount a person makes in a year. In order to give his bride her dream wedding, this husband-to-be found a creative yet disgusting way to make some extra cash. He decided to start posting adult films online to generate revenue.

We're going to go out on a limb and say his wife had no idea what he was doing, because if she had, this confession wouldn't be on Whisper. We have to admit that this post is a bit TMI. This Whisper user confessed their most horrible and disgusting secret. Women go to all sorts of lengths to help each other out, especially when it comes to beauty and fashion emergencies. In all fairness, this confession is just downright gross. This Whisper user reveals that they got themselves into a bit of a love triangle when they did just that while on the job.

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This Whisper user revealed that he is a flight attendant. One time, he did the dirty with a female passenger in the washroom. Just image how cramped that space must have been! But, things got extra dramatic when that same woman then found her husband with a female flight attendant!

So, pretty much both the husband and wife were cheating on each other, and the flight attendants were doing other things rather than their job. This confession is just flat-out embarrassing. Many people will go to great lengths to make sure they make an extra-special impression on a first date. They might buy a new outfit, bring a bouquet of flowers, or even rent a limo. But this aspiring Romeo pulled all the moves in order to make sure his date knew how important he was. The guy took to Whisper to confess that he actually paid someone to ask for his autograph while he was on a first date.

We wonder how far he was able to keep his scheme up. She probably also started becoming fishy of his story when no one else approached him for his signature. This plan just seems ill though-out from the start, and definitely cringe-worthy. This is a secret that could destroy their marriage if it ever got out. This wife confessed to Whisper that the vows she said at her wedding were not about her husband.

This either means she was married prior and reused the vows, or she loved another man from afar and never had the guts to say those words to him. We bet her husband would be heartbroken to read this confession. This sounds like it could be the plot-line for a juicy soap opera or celebrity scandal because we want more details. Well, this is awkward. This woman shared on Whisper that she is in a very awkward love triangle, to say the least.

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Yes, it took us some time to process this, too. We wonder how she handled this whole situation, because this eventually must have blown up in her face. This is another example of why getting mixed up in affairs is never a good idea. It leads to complications, drama, and also cringe-worthy Whisper confessions like this one. This Whisper post is pretty creepy, to put it nicely. First of all, this girl could actually be seeing a ghost, in which case it would make for an epic movie plot.

Or, this girl might be suffering from some sort of mental illness and requires medical attention. Hopefully this Whisper confessor got the help she needed. At the end of the day, this whisper confessor is torn. She is happy she was able to keep her mother content and calm but in the same breath she regrets not having her mother's support.

It seems that this confessor has no regrets about the abortion itself. Keeping this mama's mama happy was the main goal, and she seemed to have succeeded in that. Maybe having her mother's support would have made whatever nerves she had before the procedure more calm, but then risking her moms potential disappointment and sadness was out of the question. Some women have abortions and move on with their lives like it never happened while some cannot forgive themselves.

This mama made a decision that she thought was best for her at the time, but little did she know how she would feel over 10 years later. It really is a personal choice whether to tell or not. We wonder if this woman could go back in time if she would have decided to keep the baby and would have been happier than she is now. This whisper confessor does not tell us what her feelings about the situation are, but it is easy to assume.

Maybe she feels regretful, sad, or maybe even jealous.

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This confessor may even be accepting of the situation but just deciding to share her story. Welcoming grandchildren into the family is usually an exciting time, but the first grandchild is always the most special. This women has a reason for not sharing her abortion with her family, and whatever that reason was, she assumed it was the best idea.

At the end of the day, what they do not know, will not hurt them, but it may still hurt this mama. The maturity level of a sixteen-year-old is minimal compared to that of someone even three years older than her, so with this whisper confession that should be taken into consideration. A sweet sixteen party is something a lot of teenagers look forward to, and after planning and inviting people the last thing this confessor wanted was to have to cancel and then hear the wrath of her mother.

Maybe if she was not having a sweet sixteen party she would have spilled the news, but this girl did not want her special day to be ruined. Sixteen is an exciting age. Most teens end up getting their permit and working towards a sense of freedom, and this teen did not want to be tied down with a baby. Maybe to her, her education, future and social life were more important. This whisper confessor obviously feels guilty, and guilt can really harm a relationship.

A relationship should not have lies in general, but big lies such as this are a huge no-no. This relationship is destined to fail due to the fact that he wants children and she does not. One party has to be willing to give in if things are going to work out. Going through an abortion is scary and this woman had to do it alone and go home acting like nothing happened that day. It seems that this whisper confessor is a ticking time bomb with this guilt getting worse as the weeks go on.

At family parties and get-togethers, they are probably always asked, "When are you getting married? When are you having kids? We hope she figures this out without losing her mind. It is a shame this mama does not have a good support system.

Сведения о продавце

Not everyone is pro choice, and this mama unfortunately has to keep this mistake a secret. She seems to be very sad and guilty with no where to turn. We wonder if she feels guilty about lying about the miscarriage. She probably received flowers and lots of love and attention over the loss, but little did everyone know she got rid of the baby herself.

Going about life with a big lie like that on your shoulders can be mentally draining, and this mama seems to be suffering big time. Maybe she wonders what that baby would have looked like or what she would have grown up to be. Whatever the case is, this mama has a long road of suffering ahead of her. Most people feel strongly about the opinion of abortion one way or the other. It is rare that you hear about people flipping their opinion about the subject being that it is such a personal and delicate decision and subject.

This woman had her opinion set until she put herself in this awful situation. It is true; you may never understand certain things unless you go through them yourself, and unfortunately for this woman, it took experiencing this to really have a change of heart. She decided to not tell anyone about her change of heart, probably due to not wanting to have to tell the truth or lie about the reason behind it.

Donna Estes Antebi Talks ‘The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper’

We believe everyone is entitled to their privacy, but sometimes keeping things in and not talking about them is a recipe for disaster. This mama does not state her feelings about her decision, but we can assume this mama is overwhelmed. An abortion can be a physically and emotionally scarring thing. Now add to that the new emotions that come with getting pregnant two months later. We wonder what made this mama decide to get rid of one baby but keep the other.

Was it the cost of the abortion again or the guilt? Either way, she decided to keep her abortion hush hush, and we do not blame her. Having a baby so close to getting an abortion is a recipe for a million negative opinions and a giant guilt trip. She did what was best for her at the time.

We hope she is not drowning in guilt and that she is better prepared and really wanting this new baby. This mama has no regrets with her decision and the story she decided to tell. This mama feels confident that this was the best thing for her and her life and seems to be definitely sticking with her story for a while. It is stressful to be in a relationship with a drug addict, and maybe she did not want to be tied to this man for eighteen more years.

10 Most SHOCKING Whisper Confessions

She seems more confident in her decision than most of the other whisper confessors above. Maybe she will live a full life of no regret or maybe someday it will hit her about what she did. Hopefully she is in a safer and healthier position in her life, free of any guilt or ex-husband ssues.