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Ford's writing style and while Leo Waterman isn't my favorite character of his, Leo's stories are still great whodunnits! I'm partial to any novels set in Seattle and G. Ford does a fantastic job of describing the area and making it come alive around his characters. Dec 29, Sam Bright rated it it was ok Shelves: Sometimes you want to read Dostoevsky and sometimes you want to read a 2-star detective novel. I wanted to read a 2-star detective novel. And it was a 5-star 2-star detective novel if that makes any sense. Decent plot I guess.

Ford is a new author to me. I thoroughly enjoyed his vocabulary and clever turn of phrase. May 05, Chad rated it really liked it. Was very interesting, took things in a different direction. But there is definitely a different voice behind the writing. Things were pretty still there; but there were missing elements, or changed elements all together. If you can look past some of the inaccuracies or change in certain scenes, its a good read. You might notice it right off the bat, especially since the chapters are extremely long. Aug 22, Harvey rated it really liked it Shelves: Ford decided to continue this series after a large gap.

This one was hard to find via library so I finally broke down and bought a used paperback. Reconnecting with a slightly more mature Leo was fun and the gang is still there. Leo puts them in some tough spots but the good guys prevail. Will definitely look for the next one. Aug 15, Darcey Tomasino rated it liked it. Not the best one Like other reviewers, I was puzzled by the changes in Leo's character. Never carried a pocket knife, let alone a gun? He carried two guns and a sap in book four.

I did skip books five and six because I didn't want to buy them, so perhaps I missed something big, like selective amnesia. Nov 27, Wpayne rated it it was amazing. Thicker Than Water Leo's adventures never disappoint. Fantastic nail biting action that kept me reading. Great story--love Leo and his mottely crew.

Thank you G M Ford for another wildly entertaing, heart stopping action adventure.! Jun 21, Janice rated it liked it. Rebecca moved on and married another man, but now she's missing and her mother wants Leo to find her. A good plot, moves at a good pace, but not as much character interaction as some of his other books. It was nice to be re-introduced to Leo Waterman after all these years 12 years since the last book! I'm definitely going to read the rest of this series, but I hope the next ones find that goofiness again. Leave the darkness to Frank Corso, please! Apr 01, Rhonda rated it it was amazing.

Every one of these Leo Waterman episodes has been terrific. I am right there in Seattle riding down familiar streets, passing much-acquainted territory, and smiling, laughing out loud, or cringing as Leo takes everything to the limit. Jun 16, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Really good to see Leo Waterman again, but saddened by one major retcon: Since when does Leo not use a gun? Jul 04, Coreen Arioto rated it it was amazing. Thicker Than Water Very interesting story, I really enjoyed the characters and their enter action with each other.

The twists and turn of the storyline fresh and exciting. Jan 08, John Stanley rated it really liked it. Mar 18, Linda Berry rated it really liked it. May 10, Hobart rated it really liked it Shelves: An expanded version appears on my blog, The Irresponsible Reader. This description of a lifelong, um, acquaintance and current gun dealer probably beats the competition in this book by a hair: A corpulent corpuscle in a hideous purple suit, he looked like a Cuban headwaiter who had been held hostage in a doughnut shop.

Except fo An expanded version appears on my blog, The Irresponsible Reader. Except for the rosebud lips, he bore little or no resemblance to his father. How can you not like a book with lines like that? You have a clear picture of this guy in your head, 3.

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Given the phrasing, you're pretty sure just what the narrator thinks of ol' Junior Bailey. This kind of writing keeps me turning pages -- I almost don't care about plot or character. But despite the years, Ford hasn't lost a step with these characters -- Leo is still Leo. Yes, aged, and clearly affected by Rebecca's moving on. But still the same man -- and when called upon to come to her aid, he dives right in. The folks at the bar are still as fun and tragic and silly as remembered. Rebecca's gone missing, her bad choice of husband is, too -- and no one seems to care other than her mother.

Granted, she thinks Leo would've been a worse choice for Rebecca, but she knows that if anyone will look for Rebecca it'd be Leo. There's some brutal action, some good twists and turns to the tale, a few criminals that are requisitely evil and demented, and more than enough chuckles before reaching a very satisfying conclusion. I'm so glad to see that Ford's at work on another in this series. I like the review form "International Cat Lady" Sep 25, International Cat Lady rated it 5 of 5 stars I bought this book because it was on sale super cheap on Kindle, and it sounded like it wouldn't be too bad.

This was a fast-paced mystery, set in Seattle, starring snarky, sarcastic, and punny as in puns; that's not a typo Detective Leo Waterman and the bizarre characte I like the review form "International Cat Lady" Sep 25, International Cat Lady rated it 5 of 5 stars I bought this book because it was on sale super cheap on Kindle, and it sounded like it wouldn't be too bad. With the evidence against him overwhelming, Ken simply vanished. And when his shattered family never heard from Ken again, they were sure he was gone for good.

Now eleven years have passed. Will has found proof that Ken is alive. And this is just the first in a series of stunning revelations as Will is forced to confront startling truths about his brother, and even himself. As a violent mystery unwinds around him, Will knows he must press his search all the way to the end.

Because the most powerful surprises are yet to come. This could have been the best novel of the Leo Waterman series. If the reader has invested any time at all with Leo, any plot line dealing with danger to Rebecca would result in a page-turner. Clearly, this book had a great, complex plot, lots of action, good dialogue and easily visualized scenes. However, there were three aspects of the book that kept it from being a 5-star. First, Leo mentions to Ortega that he hasn't carried a gun in his PI capacity during his entire career.

See a Problem?

This This could have been the best novel of the Leo Waterman series. This is a continuity problem with the other Waterman novels and made me wonder whether Mr. Ford was distracted at the time he wrote this. Second, you don't carry round drums of 5. Gun tech has always been a weakness in the Waterman novels and this description of AX9 magazines was another case in point.


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There are 80 million gun owners in America and 50, dealers. I think it's time to ASK one of them whether the gun tech in the novels is comports with reality. It hasn't, it doesn't and it should. Lastly, the humor tended toward the cliche' in this novel. Wry humor is appreciated, but some of the lines were time-worn.

Despite these difficulties, "Thicker Than Water" is one of the better Waterman mysteries. Gun tech writing failures notwithstanding, a highly recommended read. Waterman is a wise cracking ex P. Ford's portrayal of the Seattle life is what makes this series so easy to read. Readers new to the series probably will not get the full enjoyment of Waterman's character. In this novel he is searching for a former flame who has disappeared. To understand the relationship, it's pretty much a necessity to read the first six books in the series.

Also, Waterman's relationship with the alcoholics and homeless that he uses as his eyes on the street is more fully developed in the earlier novels. One of my favorite G. I highly recommend the Waterman series by Ford. His Corso series is good as well, but the character is not as smooth as Waterman. When he needs help finding or tracking people he uses a group of locals who live in questionable places and always have a brown bag bottle handy. As Leo has noted, they are invisible to society at large and, therefore, get the answers he needs without being noticed.

The interchanges he has with them are a highlight of these stories. In this story Leo is asked to find his missing former girl friend who had moved on and married. The weaving of his search for her, why she is missing and how it gets resolved kept me interested. A return of Leo and the boys in this sequel to The Deader the Better is very welcome.

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But when Rebecca, the love of his life, dumped him to marry someone else, Leo retires. Until one day he learns that Rebecca has vanished and no one can locate her. Together with a motley crew of homeless drunks and reprobates, Leo sets out to find Rebecca. He follows her trail from 7 in the Leo Waterman series. He follows her trail from the streets of Seattle to the great North Woods. Rebecca's new husband's lies cast Leo into the path of a ruthless gang that will stop at nothing to protect what's theirs. Will Leo survive and find Rebecca? Still, he took it like a man, eventually collecting his family money and slipping into semi- retirement - until the day an unwelcome visitor brings him the worst possible news.

Rebecca has vanished and no one, not even her manipulative, overprotective mother, can find a trace of her.

Together with his band of informers and sidekicks in truth a rather motley crew of homeless drunks and reprobates , Leo wades back into the game, determined to save Rebecca once and for all. But her trail is a twisted one, thick with deception and depravity that winds from the rain-swept streets of Seattle to the murky depths of the great North Woods. The stink of it all seems to emanate from none other than Rebecca's new husband, Brett Ward, whose tangle of lies will cast Leo into the path of a ruthless gang that will stop at nothing - not even murder - to protect what's theirs.