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The academics are challenging, and we're pushed to do our best. I've attended ACA since the fourth grade and I honestly can say that I wouldn't have wanted to attend a different school. It's a safe environment where fights or bullying aren't an issue. Everyone is super friendly and caring.

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Phoenix Arizona

It's also by far one of the most diverse schools due to having students and teachers from various different countries. Everyone not only accepts but celebrates each other's cultural backgrounds.

Veritas Christian Community School

The school prepared me well for college by allowing me to earn college credits for classes I'm taking in school. The only issue I'd say is that it needs to be more organized and the principle and teachers tend to be biased at times. Caring teachers, Biblical principles, lots of activities for the students, Dual Enrollment, low tuition cost with a tremendous amount of STO opportunities.

The school is small, allowing for better teacher-student interaction. There are many opportunities to seek extra help with school work and the teachers are knowledgable in their fields, giving the students a good experience in the classroom. Why is Lourdes Catholic School such a great institution? Lourdes Catholic has great teachers that will do the impossible to help out any students with their academic and life struggles.

It is a small school so the community is really united and integrated, it helps to fit in really quick and that is an attribute the school has. It is not all academics at Lourdes, the school has a variety of fun activities for students and staff such as the annual school festival and spirit week. Sports is big in the school and everybody gets a chance to participate, the objective is to have fun and learn to play and analyze the sport.

I couldn't have been more blessed to study in this institution and I am proud to say I am a Lourdes Warrior! I have gone to multiple schools, but this one provides the most diverse classroom experience with its international students. It has a lot of thought provoking classes which really develop an individual's ideology and are given the opportunity to explore a lot of different perspectives. The Overall Experience at Faith is just great and I would go there again if I had to choose what school to go to.

One place that could be improved is the integrating of higher level classes into the school curriculum. I am aware they are available, but having them in a class setting with multiple students together is much more educationally stimulating that doing them by oneself online. I went to Trinity for all four years of high school. It's a Classical learning school, so we had extra classes called Logic and Rhetoric that helped our critical thinking skills as well as how to form a good argument.

Its a private school, so there is a tuition, but with how large its been growing recently, tuition has been going down and if its still not affordable there are ways to get "sponsors" or even scholarships for your child that will help pay for a certain amount of time or pay a certain amount of money. The staff is great, they are all knowledgeable in their fields that they teach and the students grow close to the teachers since the teachers have a want to get to know students and help them. I have been going to Saint Michael's since I was in Kindergarten, it is the only school I have ever been to.

I am glad I was able to be there for the many years I was.

Notre Dame Preparatory School

When I was younger the parent involvement was very high, and athletics were not very good. As of these past couple years, athletics have become very high, and parent involvement have increased about athletics. Since we are a private school our college readiness and academics are very high, we are given classes that go towards our major. And we are given classes if we need help with ACT prep, our school is a great school overall.

The program offers smaller classrooms and additional attention our child needs, and we want. Something the public school cannot offer. With a Christian based education that has been lost or cannot be offered in Public School. I have been attending the 91st Psalm Christian School for 13 years now, and I love it. I chose to stay here instead of moving to a different high school because there is no place better for my education.

The teachers are truly dedicated to helping the students become better people educationally and spiritually. I would not change a thing. Scottsdale Christian Academy is an overall great academic Christian environment. At this private school, students are provided with some of the most dedicated teachers. The teachers do whatever it takes to help students succeed. The teachers are willing to spend extra time after school hours to help students in need.

Because of the limited amount of students per classroom, teachers are able to spend more quality time with each student. Therefore, teachers are able to build a closer relationship with their students. This school also teaches the importance of having good morals. Scottsdale Christian Academy thoroughly prepares students for college and the outside world.

We could not ask for more in a school! Pardes teachers help children grow not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well through the many "extras" offered. We could not be happier with our experience at Pardes and are excited to see what the future holds as Pardes celebrates 25 years! Great School, Good support, Fun time. I appreciate the Religious aspect as well. Thanks to all my teachers and friends for helping me accomplish what I have Read 1 Review. My son just started his fifth year at The Gregory School, and I cannot say enough good things about the school.

Because of the small classes, opportunities to explore interests, and teachers willing to work individually with students, he is thriving. He has multiple favorite classes and teachers, and looks forward to going to school. As a parent, I am so grateful for all that The Gregory School offers! Skip to Main Content Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Please turn it on if you're experiencing issues. They encourage innovation and individualism!

The children work hard and seem very happy. I think there are a few minor things that go through the cracks. I believe an annual anonymous parent and student survey would bring these things to the administrations attention. The small school atmosphere, while wonderful, can be intimidating. Likewise, students should have the opportunity to anonymously rate their teachers.

They are very smart kids. They have great insight and opinions. The teachers need to know that they are being watched and held to the highest of expectations. Academically the classes were challenging and the work load definitely helped prepare each student for College. The teachers and staff are dedicated to providing the best education possible so that the transition from high School to College is smooth and painless. Also, each student is paired with a counselor who assists the student on scholarships and college applications.

Extracurricular activities are endless at Brophy. If a club does not exists, the school will help you to start it and highly encourage it. There is never a shortage of clubs, sports events and extracurricular activities.

Overall, Brophy College Preparatory is a High School that provides everything a student needs to become successful after graduation. I love my experience at Xavier so far! If you or your child want to reach high in life, Xavier is the perfect fit. This school has inspired me to challenge myself in my goals, inside the classroom and beyond. Every girl encourages each other to meet their goals, and they all dream of attending college, whether it's a local university or an ivy.

The academics here are challenging, but amazing! I come in each day with a smile on my face, ready and excited to learn. Sure the homework can be heavy, but it's all about time management, which is another skill that you learn at Xavier. Most importantly, a good chunk of the teachers truly do care about their students. There's 8th hour after school and teachers being available most of the time during break and lunch. If I were to go back to 8th grade and do it all over, I would totally pick Xavier College Prep again.

We have been a Rancho family for over 10 years. We started when my son was 3 y. The curriculum has always been at least a year ahead, if not more, compared with local public schools. The individual attention each student receives is incredible. Every teacher and staff member, knows who my children are and where they should be.

Furthermore, the teachers knowledge of our children's strengths and weaknesses is unparalleled. The nurturing environment is why my children feel so safe and content at this school. We feel very lucky to be able to be party of this community. Overall, a wonderful experience thus far!

Valley Christian High School was a tremendous blessing to our family. Both of my children had very different needs, and Valley was a great fit for both of them. From great teachers, to awesome extra curriculars , to fabulous athletics, Valley Christian comes highly recommended by this family! Very tight-knit, warm community and great academics. If you come from a non-catholic school though, chances are you will have a little trouble fitting in at first, but once you find your group, those will most likely be your friends for the rest of your life!

Fine arts and most sports are great as well, don't know how it will go with this new wave of administration, but I wish them all the best.

Affording Christian schooling seemed like an impossibility but when I learned about STO dollars and took the time to apply for them, our tuition ended up being covered in full. Our children receiving biblical teaching, top-notch academic instruction and love from the staff and their teachers has been one of the biggest blessings of my parenting years, especially after the initial decision to choose the "right" school for our kids had seemed so daunting.

I cry almost every time I am on the campus because I become overwhelmed by the fact that my children have the opportunity to be educated first about the Lord and then to have incredible instruction in all subjects while in a small classroom setting. I can't say enough about this school and pray that we will be able to stay here for many years to come. This is a wonderful school. I'm glad that I choose this school for study abroad.

They help international students have a great time and be able to learn about American culture. The teachers here are really friendly. They try to help students all the time. They listen, help and share their experiences with students. This is why relationship between school and students is very good. They built a new building in and it's very nice and modern. Each class has less than 25 students so teacher can care about their students better.

This is a Christian school, therefore they have many activities in school time to help community. This is a small school so making friends is really easy. The students who graduated from Valley, usually get in many good university in America. Is the best experience that I ever had! They are really supportive.

They really prepare the kids to college. A lot of homework. They have help classes after school. That really help me with my grades.

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I am a international student and my English improve so much reading a lot of books with the school. The stranger, Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice. I really like the environment at Northwest Christian School. I came to this school last year and I did not know anyone.