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Legion of Super-Heroes () Vol. 2: The Dominators - (EU) Comics by comiXology

Computo shown as the Legion's computer rather than a villain. Legion of Substitute Heroes. Ayla Ranzz , sister of Garth and Mekt Ranzz. When fearsome villains the Fatal Five set their sights on the newly formed Legion of Super Heroes, three of the Legion's members go back in time to get help from the greatest hero of all time: Instead they find Clark Kent, aware of his powers but not yet of his grand destiny.

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A mysterious scientist asks the Legion to help capture a dangerous creature. They succeed, only to discover the creature is nowhere near as dangerous as the scientist himself. Superman unknowingly saves the life of Alexis, one of the wealthiest people in the galaxy. Alexis and Superman become fast friends, but when Superman's Legion responsibilities get in the way of their friendship, Alexis decides to do something about it During a cosmic storm, the team takes refuge in a creepy, derelict space station. On board, one-by-one, each Legionaire faces his or her deepest fear — and then disappears.

Lighting Lad has troubles of his own when he finds his biggest competition from someone close to him. When Superman accidentally opens a gateway to a phantom dimension, a young man with powers identical to his is freed in the process. Now Superman must not only stop this destructive visitor, but also rescue the Legionaires when they become trapped in the visitor's dimension. A young sorcerer arrives on Earth and causes a heap of trouble. In an effort to send him home, Superman learns of his vulnerability to magic, while Phantom Girl puts her diplomatic skills to the test as she travels to the sorcerer's secretive world to ask for help.

Much to the Legion's disappointment, Lighting Lad accepts an invitation to join an older, "cooler" team. Once there, however, Lighting Lad realizes these new heroes aren't exactly what they seem. Now, caught between the Legion and his new friends, Lighting Lad must decide once and for all where his loyalties lie. A major malfunction sends Brainiac 5's genius IQ plummeting.

I Met a Girl Legion of Superheroes

To obtain the rare element needed to save him, Superman and Timber Wolf must travel to the most inhospitable planet in the galaxy — and thanks to a transporter accident, they have only Brainy's head to guide them. It's that time of year again — Legion Auditions! This year's crop is hardly promising, with most hopefuls turning out to be comic duds. But when the Legion is overwhelmed fighting a mysterious foe in Earth's upper atmosphere, a group of rejects takes it upon themselves to save the world below When disaster strikes Lighting Lad's home planet of Winath, the Legion is called to help.

Lighting Lad's efforts to take charge are thwarted however when long-absent Legion leader Cosmic Boy arrives with an enigmatic new hero in tow. The Legion is put to the ultimate test when an ancient weapon known as a Sun Eater comes to life. The Legion mounts a heroic defense, but the Sun Eater proves too powerful. Now at full strength, the unstoppable Sun Eater sets its sights on Earth With the Sun Eater on a direct course for Earth's sun, the Legion has no choice but to ask bitter enemies to help stop it.

Meanwhile, Superman has his toughest battle yet when he discovers the stealthy alien controlling the sinister machine. In the end, the Legion triumphs A clone of Superman from the distant future approaches the Legion of Super-Heroes where he enlists them for help against the warlord Imperiex. Imperiex begins his conquest of the 31st century by freeing the Legion's greatest enemies from prison.

The team ask Superman in the 21st century for help, who comes to the future only to meet his 41st century clone. When it appears that Timber Wolf viciously attacked his own father, the Legion try to catch him. Imperiex plans to harness the powers of a stormy nebula with the help of Lightning Lord. As Lightning Lad and Lightning Lord duel, Imperiex interferes and does an attack that costs Lightning Lad his right arm which is replaced with a bionic left arm.

There is also a flashback that detailed how Lightning Lad and Lightning Lord got their powers and what had happened to their sister Ayla. Grimbor the Chainsman has been committing heists across the galaxy. As the Legion of Super-Heroes are spread out throughout the galaxy fighting Imperiex's forces, Cosmic Boy holds auditions for new members and gets Nemesis Kid as the latest recruit.

Superman takes Chameleon Boy to find another new recruit that doesn't have powers in the form of Karate Kid. Chameleon Boy infiltrates Imperiex's ranks. But something goes horribly wrong. The robotic cowboy Terra-Man is after a boy named Abel who is said to be behind the technology in the future that would play in the part of Imperiex's origin. As the Legion of Super-Heroes work to keep Abel from being killed, Imperiex is also after the boy where he doesn't want Abel killed as well. On a mission to the last surviving outpost of Krypton, Superman learns that Brainiac 5's ancestor was the one who took part in the destruction of his homeworld.

Brande after they saved him from an assassination attempt orchestrated by his treacherous partner Roderick Doyle. In the present, R. Brande is kidnapped by Grimbor the Chainsman causing the Legion of Super-Heroes to go after him and learn who hired Grimbor to do the job. The Legion's nemesis Zyx comes to them for help when the evil sorcerer Mordru takes over his homeworld. The Legion battle the Dark Circle with the help of Dream Girl, who can predict the enemy's every move before they make it. But when the Dark Circle realize how the Legion is defeating them, they kidnap Dream Girl and put her abilities to use themselves.

Brainiac 5 is having issues where Brainiac 1. After eliminating Imperiex, Brainiac 5 takes over his army and plans to take over the universe. With Superman thought to be dead, the other Legionnaires must stop him before it is too late.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Serials Superman Atom Man vs. Following the destruction of the Legion Outpost base by a tear in the fabric of space, Saturn Girl , Brainiac 5. Later on, the group is also joined by their teammate "ERG-1" who soon takes the name Wildfire after Shikari mistakenly calls him that , who had been sucked into the rift prior to the other Legionnaires; with Shikari and her tracking power acting as their guide, they start looking for ways home.

As they cross the galaxy, the Legion discover that the Progeny have been actively slaughtering entire species in genocide inspired by their radical belief that they are the "perfect" life form. The creature's prison possesses cosmic teleportation capabilities that the Legion attempt to use to return home. Meanwhile, tensions flare up between the various Legion members: Umbra struggles from her previous possession at the hands of "The Blight", [10] Monstress struggles to abide by the Legion's "no killing" rule when faced with the Progeny's atrocities, [10] and Ultra Boy rages over being stranded millions of light years away from his other friends and family.

While she claims she was trying to keep the team level headed and calm, the revelation that Apparition was merely a psychic illusion designed to pacify Ultra Boy turn the group against Saturn Girl. Saturn Girl's actions are discovered after she forces herself into Umbra's head and unknowingly creates two psychic entities: Both entities are defeated and Saturn Girl is ultimately forgiven. During the course of the series, two additional mysteries haunt the Legion: To unsuccessfully try and stay sane during those eons, Element Lad used his powers to create life forms, culminating in him believing himself "God" and his creation the Progeny, his most perfect creation.

Realizing that their friend is insane, they confront him, during which he murders Monstress after she acknowledges that she is not one of his creations. As they escape, Element Lad merges with the Omniphagos and attack the Legion's ship. As he is consumed in the blast that kills his former friend and teammate, Live Wire watches his friends return home as the portal closes behind them.

Each issue of Legion Lost vol.

Legion of Super-Heroes (2011-2013) #12

This was largely done to help new fans get to know the Legionnaires better. This gimmick would be repeated with the follow-up miniseries Legion Worlds. Fall-out from the events of Legion Lost would be felt in The Legion 30—33, Abnett and Lanning's final four issues on the series.

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Singularity would rally the entire galaxy against the remaining members of the Progeny, who would find themselves hunted by their former victims and systematically wiped out by them. The surviving members of the species would find a shocking ally though Live Wire, who ended up merging with a dying Element Lad, transforming him into a crystallized entity. Live Wire contacted the Legion, who convinced Singularity to spare the Progeny and stop the cycle of violence. Ultimately with help from the original Legion and the Earth Prime Legion, Live Wire would have his face and body restored during the events of "Legion of Three Worlds".

The series was cancelled with issue When the team arrives in the 21st century, their technology such as the Time Bubble and Flight Rings do not work as intended. They had been chasing Alastor, who has released the Hypertaxis pathogen on Earth in the present time. Timber Wolf quickly apprehends Alastor, who had just destroyed a small town; however as the team attempts to return to their own time, their Time Bubble malfunctions due to Alastor transforming from the pathogen.

Gates attempts to teleport himself and Alastor away, but in the chaos, Chameleon Girl gets teleported with them. They are thought dead by the other Legionnaires. Turned into living energy, much like Wildfire; he decides that he doesn't want to be human, and disperses himself. Tellus telepathically searches the world for people infected by the pathogen, when they hear a news report of an attack from a marrow-sucking creature. Timber Wolf gets a scent from a victim's body, after having broken into a forensics lab, noting Durlan DNA on the body. Timber Wolf then interrupts a fight between two creatures exposed to the pathogen.

One of the creatures is revealed to be an infected Chameleon Girl. Meanwhile, Tellus and Dawnstar locate Alastor and try to reason with him. Tellus defeats Alastor with a telepathic assault. Gates returns, although half of his body is scarred. The others attempt to break into the military installation, to save their friends.

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Manhunter helps the team and heals Chameleon Girl, once he realizes they are heroes from the future. Harvest tasks a team of Ravagers to subdue the members of the Legion, and bring them. The individual members of the team are attacked and defeated by: Tellus is revealed to know the Hypertaxis pathogen would essentially become inert in the present time. Harvest also claims that he had manipulated the Legion into sending them back in time.

Back in the future, the Legion finds a world in ruins and learn that their fellow Legionnaires have given them up for dead. Wildfire is ambushed by Metamerican and his forces. He is rushed to a hospital after recovering from wounds, when he tells Gates about his past dealings with Echo. Metamerican next attacks and captures Tyroc and Chameleon Girl. Tellus, controlled by Alastor, attacks the squad that had captured Tyroc and Chameleon Girl, before he passes his consciousness among various soldiers and Legionnaires in the area.

After Wildfire contains and releases Alastor's life force into the sun, Metamerican realizes that the Legion is not his enemy.

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