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Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 27 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Egyptian Army Lieutenant-Colonel, responsible for recruiting refugees to carry out attacks in Israel. Israel Defense Forces operation directed by Yehoshafat Harkabi. West German rocket scientist working for Egypt 's missile program. Abducted from his company offices on Munich's Schillerstrasse, his body was never found.

Swiss police later arrested two Mossad agents for threatening the daughter of another scientist and found that they were responsible for the killing. Part of Operation Damocles. Mossad [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]. Letter bomb sent bearing Hamburg post mark. Another such bomb disfigured and blinded a secretary. Aviator who had been involved in the murders of Latvian Jews during the Holocaust [18].

Lured to and killed in Montevideo by agents under the false pretense of starting an aviation business. Mossad [20] [21] [22] [19] [23] [24] [25]. Attempted killing of Bassam Abu Sharif. He lost four fingers, and was left deaf in one ear and blind in one eye, after a book sent to him that was implanted with a bomb exploded in his hands. Libyan embassy employee, cousin of Yassir Arafat, [21] PLO representative, poet and multilingual translator, considered by Israel to be a terrorist for his alleged role in the Black September group and the Munich massacre , [27] though Aaron Klein states that 'uncorroborated and improperly cross-referenced intelligence information tied him to a support group' for Black September.

Shot 12 times by two Mossad gunmen as he waited for an elevator to his apartment near Piazza Avellino. Killed by bomb concealed in his telephone. Hussein Al Bashir a. Killed by bomb in his hotel room bed. Killed on a street in Paris by two Mossad agents. Black September commander and member of the Fatah central committee [29].

Killed in his apartment in front of his children during Operation Spring of Youth , either shot 55 times or killed with a grenade. Sayeret Matkal led by Ehud Barak. Shot dead in his apartment together with his wife during Operation Spring of Youth. Sayeret Matkal together with Mossad. Shot dead in his apartment during Operation Spring of Youth. According to Palestinian sources his body was left as if hanging from a cross. A woman neighbour was shot dead when she opened her door during the operation.

Killed in hotel room. Mossad [32] [20] [33]. Killed by pressure-activated mine under his car seat. Attempted killing of Ali Hassan Salameh.

Ahmed Bouchiki , an innocent waiter believed to be Ali Hassan Salameh, killed by gunmen. Known as the Lillehammer affair. PFLP commander, who masterminded several plane hijackings in the s and s. He apparently died of cancer in an East Berlin hospital, reportedly untraced by Mossad. Aaron Klein states that Mossad passed on through a Palestinian contact a gift of chocolates laced with a slow poison, which effectively caused his death several months later.

Killed by remote-controlled car bomb, [21] along with four bodyguards and four innocent bystanders. Egyptian nuclear scientist, lecturer at Alexandria University. An Air Force lieutenant colonel, assassinated by the Israeli intelligence service to prevent Brazil from becoming a nuclear nation. He was contaminated by radioactive material. Shot in his car from motorcycle. Killed in Athens by Mossad agents who entered Greece with fake passports, shot Nazzal while leaving his hotel, and fled the country. High-ranked leader in the PLO.

Second-in-command to Yassir Arafat. Shot dead in front of his family in the Tunis Raid by Israeli commandos under the direction of Ehud Barak and Moshe Ya'alon , and condemned as a political assassination by the United States State Department. Egyptian scientist in electrical , electronic and microwave engineering and a colonel in the Egyptian army. Fell to his death from the balcony of his brother's apartment in Camp Chezar , Alexandria , Egypt. His veins were found cut and a gas leak was detected in the apartment.

Arabic and Egyptian sources claim that the Mossad assassinated him in a way that appears as a suicide. Canadian engineer and designer of the Project Babylon " supergun " for Saddam Husseins government. Attributed to Mossad by several sources, [44] and widely believed to be a Mossad operation by intelligence experts, [45] Gordon Thomas states it was the work of Mossad's director Nahum Admoni. After 3 IDF soldiers were killed by Palestinian militants of the PIJ during a training exercise at Gal'ed in Israel, Israel retaliated by killing Musawi in his car, together with his wife Sihan and 5 year old child Hussein, with seven missiles launched from two Apache Israeli helicopters.

Israel Defense Forces [48]. Shot several times in the head at point-blank range by 2 gunmen, in his hotel Aaron Klein's "Striking Back". Head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Shot and killed in front of Diplomat Hotel. Head blown off by cell phone bomb in Osama Hamad's apartment, responding to a call from his father. Covert Israeli operation [52]. Khaled Mashaal failed attempt. Israel provided antidote, after pressure by Clinton.

Hussein Mohammed Abayat 37 ;. Abayat was a senior official of the Fatah faction Tanzim. Killed while driving his Mitsubishi by a Hellfire anti-tank missile fired from an Israeli Apache helicopter. Accused of shooting at the Gilo settlement. Israel Defense Forces [56]. Jamal Abdel Raziq 39 , and Awni Dhuheir Killed on the Rafah-Khan Yunis western road near the junction leading to Morag settlement while in a Honda Civic with the driver, Awni Dhuheir when their car was machine-gunned from two tanks at close range.

The first version, they were about to attack Morag; the second version, Raziq was targeted after firing at IDF soldiers. His uncle was later sentenced to death for collaborating in his nephew's death by furnishing Israel with details.

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Ibrahim 'Abd al-Karim Bani 'Odeh Killed while driving a Subaru near Al-Salam mosque. Israeli version, he died from his own rudimentary bomb. Anwar Mahmoud Hamran A PIJ bombing suspect. Jailed for 2 years by PNA and released 6 weeks before his death. Targeted on a campus of Al-Quds Open University while waiting for a taxi-cab. Shot 19 times by a sniper at yards. IDF version shot by soldiers in self-defence.

Palestinian version, he died with books in his hand. Yusef Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Sawi Targeted and shot by a sniper at metres, 17 bullets. Targeted and shot 3 times in head and chest by a sniper while standing in front of his store in Wadi Al-Tuffah Street. Targeted and shot dead.

Junction of Salah el-Din near Deir al-Balah. Hamas activist shot as he tried to fire from a pistol. Driver of a Hyundai taxi van. Classed by Israel as head of Tanzim cell.

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Israeli Special Forces sniper shot him as he drove his car from his home in Ramin , classified as an apparent political assassination. Lieutenant-colonel in Force 17 , an aide of Yasser Arafat held responsible for a failed mortar attack on a Jewish settlement in Gaza. Killed while driving a Hyundai in Jabalia Camp by a Cobra gunship launching 3rockets. Mahmoud Suleiman El-Madani Shot by two men in plainclothes as he left a mosque. As they fled, according to the Palestinian version, covering fire was provided by an Israeli unit on Mount Gerizim.

Combat helicopters fired three rockets at his Peugeot Thunder, also hitting the taxi behind, whose occupants survived. Israeli Air Force [53]. Iyad Mohammed Hardan Head of the PIJ in Jenin. He was involved in the Mahane Yehuda Market Bombings. Blown up in a public phone booth, when, reportedly, an Israeli helicopter was flying overhead. Baruch Kimmerling classifies it as an apparent political execution to provoke Palestinians.

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Popular Resistance Committees members. Blown up while examining a triangular object with flashing lights that had been reported as lying near the border earlier that day. Palestinians say the object exploded as an Israeli helicopter passed overhead. Hit while leaving his house for work, reportedly from shots 15 fired from the Israeli military outpost at Tel Abu Zaid, metres away.

His niece, Ala, was also injured. Israel said the victim intended carrying out armed operations in the future inside Israel. Israel Defense Forces [62]. Mutassam Mohammed al-Sabagh In a car with two Palestinian intelligence officers, who managed to escape on sighting an Apache helicopter, which struck it with three missiles.

The two officers were also wounded.

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Two bystanders also wounded. Israeli Army accused the three of plotting attacks on nearby settlers. Israeli Air Force [62]. Osama Fatih al-Jawabra Jawabiri His name was on an Israeli wanted list submitted to PNA. Bomb exploded as he picked up a phone in a public telephone booth.

Two brothers, Malik Shabaro 2 , and Amar Shabaro 4 injured. Killed by two wire-guided missiles fired by two Israeli helicopter gunships at his garden hut, also killing Taha Aal-Arrouj A dozen people nearby were wounded. Israel maintained that it was a preventive attack on a planner of a terrorist attack at the Maccabiah Games.

Mustafa Yusuf Hussein Yassin Released from an Israeli prison earlier that day. According to his wife, he opened the door on hearing noises outside their home and was shot at point-blank range in front of his family. Israeli sources say he was planning to bomb Israeli targets.

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Salah Nour al-Din Khalil Darwouza Car hit while driving in Nablus. He evaded two missiles from an Apache helicopter, but the car was hit by a further 4. Israel claimed he planned bombing attacks on French Hill, and Netanya. Jamal Mansour 41 ; Jamal Salim Damouni Killed when office struck by helicopter-launched missiles [65] as Mansour was giving an interview to journalists in the Palestinian Centre for Studies and Media. Two children, aged 5 and 8, outside were also killed, and three more adults injured by shrapnel. Israel Defense Forces [5]. Killed by laser-guided missiles fired from Apache helicopters while talking on the phone in his office.

Targeted and killed by a helicopter missile in an attempt to assassinate 4 Palestinians, of whom 2 died. Ahmad Hassan Marshud The three, all relatives were killed while driving a Jeep. Jamil Jadallah al-Qawasmeh Israeli Air Force [56]. Fahmi Abu 'Easheh 28 ; Yasser 'Asira Burhan al-Haymuni 3 ; Shadi Ahmad 'Arfah Two brothers killed in a vehicle hit by a helicopter missile during a targeted killing of a person in a nearby car.

Raed Muhammad Ra'if Karmi Head of the Tanzim in Tulkarem. He had planned the murders of two Israelis in Tulkarem and was behind a failed assassination attempt on the life of an Israeli Air Force colonel.

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After surviving an attempt to kill him by helicopter on September 6, , he was persuaded by Arafat to desist from violence but killed twenty three days after a ceasefire [67] was in place because the Shin Bet was convinced they would never have the same operational opportunity to take him out. Killed from a bomb planted in a cemetery wall, set off by a UAV circling above when he passed by it on a visit to his mistress, to create the impression he had blown himself up accidentally.

Three other Hamas members also killed. Palestinian Authority claims it was an assassination. Killed in a raid on an alleged explosives factory. Adli Hamadan Bakr Hamdan. Four other DFLP members killed. Nazih Mahmoud Abu a-Saba'. Second ranking Hamas officer in Jenin. Killed by a bomb planted in his car, in a targeted killing.

Missile fired at car from helicopter, Murar and Qadan according to B'tselem were not combatants at the time. Missile attack on his home. Samer Wajih Yunes 'Awis Not a participant in hostilities at the time, according to B'tselem. Hamad was an Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade member and bomb maker. A Palestinian source say a bystander, a chicken farmer Maher Balbiti was also killed.

An Israeli sources identify him as a terrorist. Qeis 'adwan was a Hamas activist and bomb maker to whom several suicide bomb attacks were attributed. Targeted in a combined drone, tank and special forces siege during Operation Defensive Shield. Given hospitality in his house by Munqez Sawafta. After hours of gunfire, and a refusal to surrender, a D-9 armored bulldozer crushed part of the house and the remaining 3 were shot. Marwan Zaloum 59 and Samir Abu Rajoub.

Tanzim Hebron leader and Force 17 member. Killed by a helicopter missile while driving a car. Zaloum was on an Israeli wanted list, and thought responsible for shootings, including that Shalhevet Pass. Balata refugee camp , Nablus. All four killed by a shell shot from an Israeli tank. Yaish was not involved in hostilities at the time. Yasir Raziq , 'Amr Kufa.

Izzeddln al-Qassam Brigades leaders. Missiles fired at two taxis, killing two other passengers reportedly also Hamas activists , [77] the two drivers and injuring 13 bystanders. Muhaned Taher , Imad Draoza. Muhaned Taher, nom de guerre "Engineer 4", was a master Hamas bomber claimed by Israel to be responsible for both the Patt Junction Bus Bombing and the Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombing. Died with a deputy in a shoot-out with Israeli raiding commandos.

Shot by an Israeli sniper in a targeted killing while in his car.

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Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Colonel. Killed in a car bomb. Killed by 2,pound explosive dropped by an F The attack also killed fourteen other Palestinians including his wife and nine children. Ali Ajuri , Murad Marshud. Ajuri 21 was killed by an air-to-surface missile, during an attempt to arrest him.

Murad Marshud 19 killed as bystander. Died crushed by rubble when an IDF bulldozer demolished his house. The IDF admitted it compelled at gunpoint Nidal Abu M'khisan 19 to act as a human shield and get the victim out of his house. Jarrar shot the youth, believing he was an IDF soldier. The victim was wheelchair bound.

Israel suspected him of preparing a bomb an Israeli high-rise building. Five victims who did not participate in hostilities when killed during a targeted killing, from a helicopter fired missile. The missile hit the trunk, and the car spun around its axle. I saw a man escaping the car and running away. He ran about 25 meters and then fell to the ground and died. The three other passengers remained inside.

I saw an arm and an upper part of a skull flying out of the car. The car went up in flames, and I could see three bodies burning inside it. Three minutes later, after the Israeli helicopters left, I went out to the street and began to shout. I saw people lying on the ground. Among them was six-year-old Bahira. I also saw Bahira's cousin, Osama. I saw Osama's mother running towards Bahira, picking her up and heading towards the a-Shifa clinic, which is about meters away. Muhammad Ishteiwi 'Abayat Killed in an explosion in a telephone booth, in a targeted killing. Assim Sawafta Age Hamas Izzedine al Qassam military leader.

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