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Shag is a British term similar to fuck. Sometimes it is used sarcastically in the U. Put your P in a V for Men literally means to put your penis in a vagina. Bang is the sound that a gun makes or to hit something hard usually with your fists. This usually refers to the female role in intercourse NOTE: Whether or not you think this kind of language is appropriate, Real life vocabulary like this is important to know and understand because it is commonly used.

Even if you choose not to use this kind of vocabulary yourself, which might be a safer decision, it can give you an insight into local culture if you are traveling or living abroad and into popular culture. So remember to try to keep an open mind.

40 Ways to say SEX: Synonyms, Slang, and Collocations (EXPLICIT)

This is real life English—that is, the English that we really use. How about doing the deed, synchronizing hubs where the rubber meets the road, and putting the icing on the cake?? Have coitus rare 9. Get laid is probably one of the most common ambiguous terms. Bill got laid at that party last night!

If you are familiar with the sport, then you might understand this sex-related terminology: First base — kissing Second base — touching, heavy petting, and rubbing Third base — oral sex Home run — intercourse Learn English with Friends TV: Get down and dirty Sex someone up Score is another term derived from sports, and is kind of out dated. Screw is literally the act of turning a screw see picture Example: Bang is the sound that a gun makes or to hit something hard usually with your fists Nail is similar to a screw, but to insert them you use a hammer.

Ride usually means to mount an animal… you get the picture. That's when they go from being a fuckbuddy to a selfuckbuddy. Everyone needs at least one selfuckbuddy in their lives. Thanks to vibrators and feminism, women are completely self-sufficient organisms. They hang out, cast spells on evil ex-lovers, write thinkpieces about online dating and make themselves come with vibrators and gay porn.

We don't need no stinking men. If you're looking for a way to delay your orgasm in , simply look your partner in the eyes and say, "Tonight I will give you the cummies. I will do whatever it takes. I won't stop until you either ask me to stop or I give you the cummies.

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To go Bang-sy is to be the Banksy of sex. Pick up a stranger in a bar while wearing a mask. Do some dope street art together. Duel your lightsabers in the middle of the street to make a statement about politics.

Part ways and never see each other again. Last edited on Nov 09 I banged that girl I took home from the bar last night! Last edited on Aug 12 Submitted by Jared F. He still bangs cars.

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Last edited on Apr 07 Submitted by Amanda H. Mark had to go into the bathroom. Last edited on Nov 03 Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 01 If he keeps saying that, watch me walk over and bang him.

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Last edited on Jul 02 Submitted by Shauna on Jul 02 That concert was beast! That outfit you are wearing is beast. Last edited on Mar 22 Hand me a beast. Last edited on Sep 25 Submitted by Curtis J.

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Milwaukee's Best brand beer, notorious for its cheap price, harsh taste, and high alcohol content. The combination of these three make it a supposed " Beast " to deal with, especially the morning afterward. The college students drink beast into the night. He is a beast on the football field.

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He is a beast at guitar! Last edited on Dec 09 That dude is a beast! Last edited on Dec 29 She is such a beast. Last edited on Jan 01 Submitted by Todd R. As in, "I'm going to beast up out of here. Submitted by MarilynVicious on Mar 10 Why are you beasting? Last edited on Mar 18 Yo , I just beasted that chick. Last edited on Nov 16 Submitted by Alec E. We beasted that team. When we got to that party it was beat. Last edited on Nov 25 She's cute but her friend is beat.

She seemed decent when I was drunk but when I looked at her sober, she was so beat. Last edited on Jan 16 Last edited on Dec 18 Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 03 After running a few miles, I was beat. Last edited on Sep 02