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Gender Trends in Southeast Asia: Women Now, Women in the Future. World Heritage and Human Rights. Environmental Change in South-East Asia. The Making of Southeast Asia: International Relations of a Region. Climate Change and Human Mobility.

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Liberal Democracy and Its Critics in Africa. Identity and Ethnic Relations in Southeast Asia. Asian and Pacific Cities.

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Natural Resource Extraction and Indigenous Livelihoods. The Global News Challenge. Microfinance, Rights and Global Justice. International Migration in Southeast Asia.

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Social Policy in Developing Countries. Political Change and Territoriality in Indonesia. Leadership and the City.

Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity. Meine Pieter van Dijk. Southeast Asian Energy Transitions. In the light of the experience of one of the most vibrant regions in the world, the book places emphasis on the process of modernization within wider debates of development and challenges the notion that development has been a mirage for many and a tragedy for some. This book charts the development Psychology Press Bolero Ozon. The Human Landscape of Modernization and Development. Change and interaction in the rural.

Book Review: Southeast Asia: the human landscape of modernization and development

The 'growth' or 'miracle' economies of Southeast Asia, after having achieved one of the most remarkable transformations in recent history, suffered a sharp downturn in fortunes with the Asian economic crisis of At the same time, the transitional economies of Indochina have undergone a deep process of market reform. This book unpicks the 'miracle' and the 'crisis' and elaborates on the process of reform.

The first section of the book provides the conceptual and empirical background to the later chapters, by examining the various explanations for Asia's rapid growth, the implications of fast-track industrialization, the causes and interpretations of the economic crisis, and indigenous and alternative visions of development in the region including Buddhist and Islamic economics and the Asian Way. The second section focuses on poverty and social exclusion in the region from standard income-poverty studies to participatory methods that focus on more nuanced notions of deprivation.

The third section of the book takes these trajectories down to the level of the padi field and the factory floor and asks a series of questions, including: How do people construct their livelihoods? What processes of marginalization are evident? What are the emerging relations between rural and urban areas, and between farm and non-farm work?

The final section reviews the Southeast Asian growth experience in the light of the many critiques of modernization. Southeast Asia blends conceptual interpretations of the regions growth and fall from growth with case-study material drawn from across the region.