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For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. What is it about? App Store Description If you are looking to read the Quran cover to cover, there are free versions of the text online. To avoid a credibility debate, the author has provided the Quran text as a convenience. The author's notes used to develop the summaries are embedded within the text to help the user locate areas of concern and speed up their research and understanding.

Read the 'Forward' pages to get a better idea of what the Holy Quran Summary book will provide. The statements are very terse and reflect what is written in this ancient document. Conclusions are left to the reader to formulate and develop. If these have been created by two different dieties, existence of more than one God will be inevitable. If Allah is the Creator of both; how can the all-good God be the Creator of evil? The discussion in the preceding sections makes it clear that evil is created through the misuse of man's faculty of free will.

Man can use this power for good as well as for evil. This universe is based on natural laws that are all good. But the knowledge of these laws ie, science can be applied for mankind's benefits as well as for its destruction. A knife can be used for peeling fruits and vegetables as well as for killing people.

It has been left to man's discretion to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes or for destruction. If he wants to use this power for destruction and tyranny, he has the liberty and freedom to do so. It would then be a blatant misuse of power gifted by the Almighty. The freedom of will is a great blessing granted by the Almighty. This freedom places man above animals and crowns him with the vicegerency of the Almighty. It cannot be argued that the evil springing out of the misuse of this freedom could be the creation of Allah.

He is all good. By foolish misuse of this freedom, man assumes the responsibility for the creation of evil.

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Why should man use his freedom of will for the generation of evil? The reason appears to be that the greed for quick gain misleads him to evil actions. The reward of evil is immediate but the results of good acts and compliance of moral laws do not produce a cash reward; one may have to wait even till the Day of Judgement. This difficulty is present in the reformation of the society. Although the doctors continue warning against the evil effects of smoking and drinking but just for temporal enjoyment and elation, people do not heed the doctor's advice and continue with the addiction.

This is also true of moral evils. By falsehood and fraud one may achieve his immediate ends forgetting its evil effects. The temptation may be so strong that one does not care even for the warnings of the reproving soul in him. A murderer by killing another man derives some pleasure or satisfies his urge for revenge but its consequential effects that engulf the society remain a distant reality.

On the other hand, the reward of virtues like truth, honesty, sympathy and other good acts is hardly immediate; sometimes one may face difficulties and torture for a virtuous conduct. A long period of waiting is usually inherent in the outcome of good acts. For these reasons, man disobeys his nature to accomplish his evil desires immediately. Those indulging in evil acts for immediate gains gradually debase their nature. Those who heed the reprovings of their soul and have an eye on the ultimate good instead of immediate gains, are virtuous people.

Allah has exemplified their nature in Surah Noor For people endowed with such good nature, the words of the Prophet sws and his person serve as a miracle. They have the divine flame ready to lighten up on hearing the revelation. For such people, the Prophet's call is the voice of their own. If one feels some estrangement towards the Prophet's guidance, evidently his pilot flame has gone off.

Those who have debased their nature, feel perturbed on the Prophet's advice as the Holy Qur'an says in the sermons of the various prophets in Surah Hud:. What then is the devil's role in the spreading of evil?

Summary of Holy Quran Part 2 (Surah No 1 Fatihah / Chapter No 1 The Opening)

This problem could not be understood by St. Augustine, an intelligent Christian thinker as mentioned before, and he met his defeat at the hands of the devil. He accepted the devil as a torch bearer of evil and an entity independent from God.


It gave rise to the belief that there are two independent domains of God and of the Devil in the universe and both remain at loggerheads. The Holy Qur'an does not regard the devil an independent creation: The devil who beguiled Adam was one of the Jinns named "Iblees". The point of view that the devil who beguiled Adam sws is still alive and continues to mislead mankind is childish. The devil has sought the Almighty's permission for continuation of his mission to misguide people till the Day of Judgement to establish that His followers were few.

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Then, swearing by Thy power, I will put them all in the wrong. Except thy servants among them sincere and purified.

That I will certainly fill hell with thee, and those that follow thee, Every one'. The Holy Qur'an makes it clear that there are both good and bad Jinns.

If you are looking to read the Quran cover to cover, there are free versions of the text online

The physical laws that apply to jinns are also applicable to Iblees. When the jinns are not immortal, how could Iblees be immortal? Thus the devil is not an immortal creation. The Holy Qur'an is clear on the issue that there are devils from men in the same manner as from the jinns and these devils are perhaps even more cunning than Iblees himself. In the human life, the devil's role is no more than that of a sneaking whisperer. Allah has not empowered him to forcibly mislead anyone he wishes.

First Chapter of the Quran - The Religion of Islam

He is free only to whisper evil and he can do nothing beyond that. This role has been clearly described in the last Surah of the Holy Quran:. I seek refuge with the Lord of mankind, the King of mankind, the God of mankind, from the mischief of the whisperer who withdraws [after his whisper], who whispers into the hearts of mankind, among the jinns and men. This explains the technique adopted by the devil.

All his effort is directed towards whispering, propaganda and false promises. With these he entraps people and then absolves himself of the responsibility, and enjoys the misfortune of these foolish people who spoil their life in the Herein and Hereafter. Thus the only power with the devil is of whispering evil. He has not been armed by the Almighty with any weapon to mislead them perforce. On the Day of Judgement he will absolve himself of the responsibility, addressing those who fell prey to his whispering in the following words:. The devil, in addition to false promises, deceitful talk and kindly advice with veiled warning tries to harass people through threats.

But those of Allah's bondmen who do not yield to his threats are able to parry his attacks. When the devil threw a challenge that he would certainly mislead all the progeny of Adam, Allah permitted him in clear words:. As for My servants, no authority shall thou have over them. Allah is sufficient for all manoeuvrings. Those who cherish the help of their Lord and stand up to face the devil will come up triumphant with confidence in their Lord and His blessings.

The Holy Qur'an has drawn attention to another facet of the devil's character: When someone falls into his trap by committing a sin, he absolves himself of all the consequences and leaves him to suffer alone. This aspect of his character has been described by the Holy Qur'an as follows:. Surely I fear God, the Lord of the worlds. Despite everything, mankind's conscience has never commended evil.

It has always tried to propagate good in practice. Ever since the time of social awareness, there has always been a system to dispense justice and righteousness. May be that some evils overwhelmed a society to an extent as to subdue virtues but such a position has never been tolerated by the universal conscience of mankind.

There have always been such men in the society who played the same role as that of the invisible adjudicator in man's soul. Whenever situation worsened to the extent of extinction of good or virtue, the divine law came into play and completely wiped out that society to extinction. All the elements of good and evil are inherent in man's nature. Allah keeps on reminding him lest he may offer an excuse on the Day of Judgement that he was taken unawares.