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I didn't dare, for fear of embarrassing Vida any further.

The Alpine Vengeance

I know she and Walt are getting frustrated. It was Monday, November Thanksgiving was past, Christmas was less than a month away, and we'd had a few snow flurries at Alpine's almost three-thousand-foot level. I scooted off the desk as our sole reporter, Mitch Laskey, entered the office. He kept dozing off in his mayoral chair. Surely you heard he literally put himself to sleep yesterday morning when he gave witness at the Baptist church.

The Alpine Vengeance (Emma Lord, #22) by Mary Daheim

I haven't figured out if it's a two-inch news story or an item for my 'Scene Around Town' column. It's time for Fuzzy to retire. Vida wasn't the only one who needed an occasional refresher course in the paper's pecking order. Her tenure went back some forty years, and many an Alpiner assumed she was the Advocate. Put on your thinking caps, please. Smiling wryly, I headed for the cubbyhole that was my office. The phone rang just as I sat down. I mean, I know my maternity leave ends as of Friday, and Amanda is supposed to fill in at the post office for the holiday rush, but with the new baby and Christmas and everything else, I'm way too tired.

After New Year's, I should feel stronger.

An Emma Lord Mystery

Ginny had stopped in at the office only a couple of times since the Erlandsons had their third son in October. Looking back, I realized I hadn't seen her since we'd run into each other at the Grocery Basket the first week of November. In fact, they need her now. We figured we could cope on our own for three days, but it's a little late in the game to find somebody to fill in for the whole month of December.

You've no idea what it's like to cope with three boys when you're not feeling good. Rick's great, but now that he's the bank manager, he can't take over as much, especially this time of year. There was, however, the daunting prospect of insisting that Ginny come back to work ASAP, and then having her bitch, pout, and sulk all the way through December.

Even during the other eleven months of the year, merry was not a word I'd think of in connection with our efficient but often cheerless office manager. I tossed the ball back to her. I mean, Denise Jensen. She kept her married name after the divorce.

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Denise isn't all that great with numbers and she can't stand on her feet all day. She has really bad arches. She only went back because she needs the money after splitting up with Greg. You're putting us in a real bind. Was I so wrong?

Emma Lord - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Maybe we can work out something part-time. I don't think Donna would go for anything else. She's already giving us a family discount. As for Denise, I honestly don't know how she'd fit in. I hate to sound uncharitable, but she's never struck me as. Does Rick really think Denise could handle your job? He's worked closely with her," I went on, realizing that Milo's usually laconic demeanor seemed to have succumbed to aggravation. Denise has matured in the past few years. She's been through a lot. Greg hung out most of the time with his buddies and their stupid band. He was totally selfish about.

My ad manager stopped midway between the door and Vida's desk. I hadn't, however, heard what Ginny was saying about Denise or Greg or anyone else. In fact, I cut her off. There's a crisis brewing. It's Monday--as you may recall, the day before deadline. Talk to you later. His chilly hazel eyes veered in Vida's direction before he answered the question. I've got my own, goddamnit, and I'm not in the mood for bullshit.

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    Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Again, this is just an O. I do wish she wouldn't go on for pages about who is related to who in that little town. It gets very boring and one is not going to remember it anyway. Surfice it to say, that everybody in that town is related to everybody else which may explain a lot. It's not that she doesn't have good plots. She just seems to not know how to go about presenting those plots so that it holds your interest.

    I often feel like skipping to the end, see who done it then toss the book aside. One thing that puzzled me. I always thought Emma let her son, Adam, impose on her small resources by always wanting her to buy everything for him. Even after he became a priest.

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    Now, I see that he inherited a lot of money from his father but plans to use that for charitable purposes and still expects his mom to buy what he needs for him. It just sort of ticks me off that he would do that and that she would let him. Not only did I feel in the company of old friends as I read all wonderful pages, but I enjoyed seeing all the the threads of the plot come together at the end of the story. I have to admit my favorite coming together was that of two of Alpine's leading citizens, but I won't say who in this review. It is always amazing to me how the author can continue to think up yet another mystery involving the residents of the small mountain town in Washington State.

    It does help that the first families of the town represent many generations. Mary Daheim is herself descended from residents of the original old logging town of Alpine that existed during the early 's, but no longer does. I'll bet it was never as exciting in Alpine then as it is these days, at least not in the same way. Larry Petersen's motive for killing his sister was presumed to be because she had been chosen to be the bank President when their father retired instead of him.

    The brother and sister were supposed to have had an argument which resulted in her death. Before Larry Petersen's death, Sheriff Dodge received three anonymous letters claiming that Larry's conviction had been a mistake and that he hadn't killed his sister. After his death, Emma received one more of the letters at the Alpine Advocate newspaper, where she worked as the publisher and editor.

    This fourth letter threatened another death if Linda's real killer failed to be exposed and Larry's name cleared. While Milo and Emma are trying to sort out this mystery, there are other crimes to find culprits for.