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With such strength, I was able to pass the minimum course at last.

The Seon Way to Enlightenment

Nevertheless, what she had achieved through such a hard practice is not something that appears evident outwardly. Practice is not to obtain something but to empty oneself, and the fruits you will bear through emptiness are Enlightenment, that is, meeting with yourself and finding peace at your mind that cannot be compared to anything else.

We recommend this book to truth seekers who are searching for treasure of mind, rather than searching for worldly treasure. The Seon Way To Enlightenment.

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The Seon Way for a purposeful life. Email Facebook Twitter 0.

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That being so, enlightenment does not mean that there is a separate world. It is only the characteristic of life that one obviously lives here and now. As this is only too obvious, even if one intentionally informs them, it is like to make a wound on bare flesh.

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This, as Seon Master Zhaozhou said, is going and drinking a cup of tea. There is nothing to be gained by adding anything more.

As it is already itself perfect, it cannot be gained and cannot be spoken of. If one is awakened, it is plainly clarified.

Enlightenment in Buddhism

There is not the slightest skerrick of doubt and one clearly sees definitely where one has to go, what one has to do, and the path to go. And so, not only is there no unease or aimless wandering, but also the characteristics of a perfect life where every place one stands or sits is clearly displayed. Moreover, one escapes from all restraints alone and there is nowhere at all to rely on.

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This is called esaping alone without action doktal muwi. Because there is nothing to depend on and nowhere at all to be attached to, being unattached is to dwell spiritually in a quiet and calm condition. The enlightened are like space, nothing at all can confine them.

The enlightened are not shackled by the ideas of ordinary person or saint, as they are free whenever and wherever. In this way, enlightenment, being an ever so great freedom, is not restricted by any realm at all.