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Gratuitous photo of my dog, Lilly. She gives me side-eye every time I take a photo. But even before I started counting stars, I tried to get a photo of the stars on my phone. Because it didn't happen if I didn't take a picture for Instagram , right??? Insert sarcasm and eyeroll emoji. With the screen in front of me, I wasn't focusing on the stars. So I called out my bullshit and turned the phone off. Then I saw the shooting star. I rushed to think of a wish. Because obvs, that's what you do when you see a shooting star, right?

But I couldn't think of one. I just blurted in my mind: This past week, I've been grieving. But in ways, it really is. I wrote about the death of my mom , then 2 days later it was my birthday. I used to LOVE April because it was springtime, Keeneland horse races here started, it was the dating anniversary with my hubs, and it was my birthday. But since my mom died 2 days before my birthday and was buried 2 days after my birthday, it threw a wrench into the self-absorbed celebration that surrounded my birthday previously.

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This year, I also was grieving the loss of my marriage, which I thought I was totally healed from now. I always wanted to see a show at the Ryman, and I like Mat Kearney's music so when I saw he was playing the night before my birthday, I grabbed tickets before they sold out. I nearly canceled my trip to watch them play, but thankfully I didn't.

The concert was good, but I hadn't ever been to a concert so quiet before. In any case, weird. The next morning my birthday , we went to brunch with another friend — Dani — and that was awesome also. Noms and awesome people is always a winning combo. I laughed, because I'm not.

I just hide it well. Each story tugged me more and more, but it all got more severe when I got closer to home. When I got inside my house and put my bag in the laundry room, I just lost. I came home to a silent house. Not even the dog was back home yet. No one related to me had wished me a happy birthday, and that just punched me in the gut.


Not that it was any different from normal. This is an annual event — the lack of acknowledgement. The stars in general are stunning, but shooting stars give a certain glow to the night sky. It means that you are granted one wish and that wish should remain secret. The wish must remain secret until granted. What do we think we might see? A shooting star is a symbol of magic, dreams and wishes, the star symbolises hope — hope that your wishes will come true and you will live your fantasy. As that shooting star crosses your path, you are overwhelmed by the possibility of enchantment and allure, the fact that that star flew across your tracks and you noticed its natural beauty, makes you believe in the possibility of destiny.

Shooting stars represent love and the possibility that you will find this unique soul mate just like you experienced this unique shooting star. To see a shooting star is to be exposed to heavenly wonders. Shooting stars are also known as gifts from the gods, proving their uniqueness and dreamlike implications. The shooting star has mesmerized individuals throughout the course of history as the star is seen scintillating through the night sky.

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Even today we have a ritual of making a wish upon a shooting star in the hope that spirituality will grant our wish. Whenever we make a wish upon a shooting star we are sharing the same wonder for divinity as did our ancient ancestors many, many centuries ago. The thing is, although want is generally associatedwith many negative attributes — such as insatiability — to want is not wrong. Want can mean ambition.

Want can mean hard-work, and stopping at no cost toachieve the things you desire. To me, A shooting star is that kind of want — that hungry, determined, unstoppable want. The hope that lines every day wishes. Positivity, enthusiasm, and passion.

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It is waking up every day and looking for opportunity. Yes, this may in fact be an absurd mythical superstition and us trying to believe what we were told as young children, but it is worth believing in — you never know what will come of it. As a young girl, being told that wishing upon a star will land you in a magical princess castle, I am sure we were all wishing upon shooting stars every day.

I believe that a shooting star symbolises your ultimate destiny; either something positive is going to happen in the near future or it is a good luck symbol for something that may happen. Within saying this, you are lucky to see one as it is extremely rare to see one. I believe that shooting stars can also symbolise something that you often wish you had and, like love, shooting stars are rare.

Although we will never know whether or not your wish may come true, in the meantime, why not just live a little and hope it does. When I think of a shooting star, I think of Heaven, spirituality, God.

To Love a Shooting Star

I think of the people that have come and gone and the love and light they left behind. Sometimes, I think a shooting star may just be their way of saying: Feelings of awe, wonder, and love. I guess its love for a Creator who has the ability to create something so beautiful and unique as a shooting star. Maybe He did it just to give us a show!