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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aug 09, Steele rated it it was amazing. Informative A simple yet concise explanation to auras Realistic comparisons in life situations and no unnecessary jargon. A must read for those that want a clear understanding. Feb 03, Norma Campbell rated it it was amazing. Very easy understood but have to do it yet but it sounds doable. Need shopping in my fav wee store.

Jul 02, Lisa Michelle rated it it was amazing. Great tips to keep in mind for everyday life in this book. Jul 28, Ann Camarata rated it it was amazing.

Aura Balancing - 13 Ways to Balance your Aura & Live Satisfying Lives by Anama Miller

Must read Great start to how to initiate self-healing by promoting inner wellness. Great introduction into how to also use Reiki and know more about it. Mar 09, Barbara K. Jacobs rated it really liked it. This is an easy book to understand. Oct 01, Anna Rilea Golby rated it it was amazing.

Aura healing Wonderful and easy to understand. I really enjoyed this book and the author has broken it down so it is easy to understand.

Aura Balancing - 13 Ways to Balance your Aura & Live Satisfying Lives

Feb 04, Dran Man rated it really liked it. Good book to read. Book is nice, it has some easy ways to balance, improve aura. Recommended to read at least once to understand. Dec 28, katie rated it really liked it. Great read The book is informative on auras and gave a clear understanding how to work on those auras for someone even whose not a medium. Kateryna Zhezhera rated it it was ok Sep 12, Dr Pradeep Kumar Sharma rated it really liked it Feb 17, Luisa Kessanis rated it it was amazing Feb 25, James McLaughlin rated it liked it Feb 26, Lynn Thomas rated it it was amazing Jul 08, Following are examples that we can all relate to.

Using this list can help you begin to perceive your cravings and food choices through a lens of self-acceptance, self-respect, and kindness and make the shift to eating healthier , spiritual foods as a result. Take some time to figure out what or who you are angry with, and perhaps what subtle energy boundaries you believe have been violated or that you are violating in others. If your journal page is full of gooey, sticky breadstuffs, you are probably seeking comfort in all the wrong places—in food instead of relationships.

By taking stock of your diet , you can get in touch with your inner heart and respond to your deeper needs in more self-loving ways than literally feeding your feelings, which is ideal when living in alignment with the tenets of spiritual nutrition. If you change your attitude and behavior, your food cravings and dietary habits will also become healthier. High-gluten or wheat products: Gluten products give us the comfort and safety we need in a non-threatening way.

Has a cinnamon roll ever rejected you? Dairy milk, ice cream, fatty cheese: Eating chocolate is a safe way to feel sensual when our life lacks romance. It can also protect you from the perceived dangers of intimacy. The sugar in alcohol can serve as a substitute for excitement. The corn in alcohol can buffer feelings of failure, and grain alcohol can give us the warm feelings we might lack in our relationships.

We all want to be and to feel successful. Eating corn or corn products can not only momentarily imbue us with a sense of professional success, but also cushion us from deep-seated feelings of insecurity and failure. Fatty foods hide our internal shame. After all, letting someone in close might make us feel even worse about ourselves. The following are common limiting beliefs and negative internal messages related to certain foods, spiritual and otherwise. When you review your Intuitive Eating worksheet, notice what types of foods appear most frequently, as well as in what circumstances.

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Being different causes rejection. No one will give me what I really need. Dairy milk, ice cream, or cheese: No one will ever love me the way I really am. People will hurt me if I show who I really am. No one will accept my true self. I am a bad person.

I am unworthy of love. In Ayurvedic medicine , the best ways to eat by the principles of spiritual nutrition and tend to your emotions depend upon your constitutional and spiritual body type, or dosha. Doshas are determined by elements as well as physical, mental and spiritual attributes. These are the basic principles behind the three doshas:. Vayu also known as Vata is an impulse principle that manages the nervous system and is made of air and ether. Characteristics of the vayu-dosha person: Pitta is an energy principle that runs the bile, or metabolic, system and is composed of fire and water.

Characteristics of the pitta-dosha person: Kapha is a body-fluid principle that regulates the mucus-phlegm, or excretory, system and is made up of water and earth. Characteristics of the kapha-dosha person: Which best describes you? When in balance, people with this constitution are vibrant, lively, enthusiastic, clear and alert of mind, flexible, exhilarated, imaginative, sensitive, talkative, and quick to respond.

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  4. When out of balance, they are restless, unsettled, anxious or worried, sleep lightly, have a tendency to overexert themselves, become fatigued, suffer constipation, and be underweight. When in balance, these people are warm, loving, contented, enjoy challenges, have strong digestion , have a radiant complexion, concentrate well, speak articulately and precisely, are courageous and bold, have a sharp wit, and are intellectual.

    When out of balance, they can be demanding perfectionists; tend towards frustration, anger, irritability, and impatience; and have skin rashes, prematurely gray hair, or early hair loss. When in balance, these people are affectionate, compassionate, patient, forgiving, emotionally steady, relaxed, slow, methodical, stable, and optimistic, with good memories, good stamina, and a natural resistance to sickness. When out of balance, they are often complacent, dull, lethargic, possessive, overattached, and overweight, with oily skin, allergies, slow digestion, and a tendency to oversleep.

    Based on your basic dosha assessment, you can review the following sections on spiritual foods for soothing your dosha, eating seasonally, and the importance of the six tastes or rasas of Ayurveda to see if there are one or two things you could change in your diet right now to restore the level or balance of energy you might be seeking.

    And remember to listen to the whispers of your intuitive voice as you go—a core component of spiritual nutrition. Favor warm, spiritual foods with a moderately heavy texture, like wild rice soup or cream of wheat cereal; all oils; salt, sour and sweet tastes; and soothing and satisfying foods. Foods to avoid are red meat, corn, and rye. Choose cool or warm, but not steaming-hot spiritual foods; moderately heavy textures; and bitter, sweet and astringent tastes.

    Go easy on fats and oils, and try to avoid salty foods and sour foods like pickles and sour cream. Salads, with their astringent greens and cool temperature, are excellent for balancing overactive pitta.

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    Cold cereal, cinnamon toast, and apple juice make a perfect breakfast. Select warm and light spiritual foods cooked without much water. Add bitter romaine lettuce and other leafy greens , pungent herbs and spices , and astringent apples, pomegranate, cranberries, pears, and legumes tastes to most, if not all, meals.

    Consume a minimum amount of butter, oil, and sugar. Eating spicy food will promote better digestion and warm the body.

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    All foods carry frequency-based messages and have the ability to change our vibration, according to the principles of spiritual nutrition. Chakra One Spiritual Food Fuel: Red foods, such as meat, beets, grapes, strawberries, and cherries Spiritual Message: You deserve to be alive, safe, strong, and passionate. Orange foods, such as yams, salmon, sweet potatoes, papaya, and wheat Spiritual Message: Your feelings are good, desired, and desirable. Yellow foods, especially corn, also grapefruit and squashes Spiritual Message: You can learn what you need to know.

    Green foods, such as vegetables and sauces Spiritual Message: You are loved and loveable. You deserve healthy relationships. Blue foods, such as berries, as well as all spices, which stimulate the mouth Spiritual Message: You can be honest and have integrity. You can manifest your needs. It is safe to communicate.

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    Purple foods, such as grapes, and vision-inducing substances like wine, tobacco, and organic cocoa Spiritual Message: You are acceptable as you are. You deserve to make healthy choices. White foods, such as parsnips, white asparagus, and fish; ceremonial substances like wormwood used in absinthe , kava, salvia, wine and bread as in communion ; sacred herbs , including sage and lemongrass Spiritual Message: You have a unique destiny.

    You are connected to the Divine. There is divine destiny. Black foods carbon based , such as alcohol, coffee, white flour, and sugar; past-life foods of meaning often the foods that trigger issues ; also colloidal silver Spiritual Message: You can draw on the past for guidance and power. You deserve to be freed from the past.