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See all free Kindle reading apps. Don't have a Kindle? In the New Testament the angels are integral to the mystery of the Incarnation. They are present to give God's message of the incarnation, first to the Blessed Virgin Mary, then to Zachariah, then to Joseph, finally to the shepherds. Dwight Longenecker Catholic Online https: There's even a book called The Physics of Angels which tries to blend quirky physics theories with the theology of St Thomas Aquinas.

A quick look at the books on offer make you realize that the New Age understanding of angels stretches from 'listening to the light within' to the fully fledged summoning up of the 'dark angels' in other words, modern angel-ology is the stuff of fantasy, neo-gnosticism and a rather nasty occult religion. In the face of this phenomenon Catholics might be inclined to steer clear of angels altogether.

But that would be to throw the angel out with the exorcism. A survey amongst Christian denominations discovered that most Christian denominations agree with the Catholic Church on the basics about angels. They all agreed that angels are created by God. They dwell in His presence. They are sent as His messengers to earth. They are of superior intelligence. They have no bodies, but can take visible form.

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They also agree that while there are good angels, there also exists a band of fallen angels who have similar powers, but have twisted their energies against the good. The best way of recognizing good angels is to understand their role in the economy of redemption. To do this we need to know and understand not only that angels are real, but how they have interacted with the human race down through history. To do this we have to look at the Scripture record.

Angels appear in the Bible story from the first pages of Genesis right through to the final pages of the Book of Revelation. But it is Jacob's dream of angels ascending and descending to heaven that gives us the best picture of the role of angels. We learn from Jacob's dream that angels are messengers of heaven.


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They communicate between heaven and earth at God's command for the benefit of human beings. Continuously through Scripture the angels protect, lead and guide God's people.

During Jesus' life they were there at his conception, his birth and his trial in the wilderness. They strengthened him in the Garden of Gethsemane and were present to proclaim his resurrection. An angel delivers Peter from prison and angels surround the throne of God in John's heavenly vision in the Book of Revelation. Angels fulfill three roles in the Scripture and these roles help us to understand their proper role in our spiritual lives. The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos which means 'messenger', and all through the Scriptural account the angels were God's messengers to mankind.

In each situation the angels were not only God's messengers, but they were also channels of peace and joy. In every instance they serve God and point back to his glory. They do so because they are creatures of praise. So angels proclaim and they praise. Thirdly, the angels are sent by God as our spiritual guardians.

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The Archangel Michael is the protector of Israel Dan. The angels are there to encourage us in our Christian life. The fact of their creation is brought out in Psalm There the psalmist calls upon all in the celestial heavens, including the angels, to praise God. The time of their creation is never stated, however, we know they were created before the creation of the world. From the book of Job we are told that they were present when the earth was created Job The agent of their creation is specifically stated to be Christ as the One who created all things cf.

The nature of their creation is as a host or a company, simultaneously. Unlike human beings and the animal kingdom created in pairs and who procreate, angels were created simultaneously as a company, a countless host of myriads Col. This is suggested by the fact they are not subject to death and they do not or were not to propagate. They are nevertheless an innumerable host created before the creation of the earth cf.

Though at times they have been given the ability to reveal themselves in the form of human bodies as in Genesis This suggests they do not have material bodies as we do. Hence, they do not function as human beings in terms of marriage and procreation Mark Angels are not subject to the limitations of man, especially since they are incapable of death Luke Angels have greater wisdom than man 2 Sam.

Angels have greater power than man Matt. Angels, however, have limitations compared to man, particularly in future relationships. At the consummation of the age, redeemed man will be exalted above angels 1 Cor. They cannot be everywhere at once. Originally all angelic creatures were created holy. God pronounced His creation good Gen. These are the elect angels 1 Tim. They are not divine and are not to be worshipped see Rev. As a separate order of creatures, they are both distinct from human beings and higher than humans with powers far beyond our abilities in this present age 1 Cor.

But as creatures they are limited in their powers, knowledge, and activities 1 Peter 1: While all the angels were originally created holy and without sin, there was a rebellion by Satan, who, being lifted up by his own beauty, sought to exalt himself above God and rebelled. In his rebellion, he took with him one-third of the angels Rev. This rebellion and fall is probably described for us in Isaiah In other words, there are good angels and there are evil angels.

As is clear from Revelation Satan, the leader of unholy angels, is a liar, a murderer, and a thief John Scripture teaches us that he prowls about like a roaring lion in search of those whom he may devour by his nefarious schemes 1 Peter 5: As an angelic being, Satan, along with his demon-like angels who operate under his authority, is supernaturally powerful and brilliant, and he uses all his powers against humanity. Not only is he a liar, a thief, and a destroyer, but that which characterizes him above all else is deception. In his cunning, he disguises himself as an angel of light 2 Cor.

More will be said on this below.

The good and loyal angels are the mighty servants of God who constantly serve him always doing His will. In addition, Matthew Satan, in tempting Christ, quoted Some would claim that this Old Testament passage should not be applied in modern times, but the author of Hebrews does not seem to draw that distinction. That they are ministering spirits who minister to the saints is presented as a general truth of the Bible and should not be restricted to Bible times. Also, Scripture suggests that Michael, the archangel, is particularly involved in ministry to Israel.

Concerning the reference to Michael in Daniel One of the chief princes shows a hierarchy among the angels cf. I had been left there with the kings of Persia. The good angel cf. But the battle between good and evil angels over the control of nations continues see v. Regarding accounts of angelic protection, Dr. Kenneth Gangel gives the following account which is similar to others I have heard about, especially with missionaries: A veteran missionary friend of mine now retired tells the story about a woman missionary alone on a compound in northern Africa during a riot by one of the local tribes.

She hid in a closet and prayed as warriors advanced along the dusty road toward the houses where the white intruders lived. Amazingly, she never heard them. No one ever entered her building, and there was no evidence of any turmoil. My friend learned later that the warriors, who intended to kill everyone at the missionary compound and burn it to the ground, instead retreated when they found the compound guarded by tall warriors dressed in white and carrying large swords.

Another and similar account was also reported by a medical missionary at his home church in Michigan: While serving at a small field hospital in Africa, I traveled every two weeks by bicycle through the jungle to a nearby city for supplies. This required camping overnight half way. On one of these trips, I saw two men fighting in the city. One was seriously injured, so I treated him and witnessed to him of the Lord Jesus Christ. I then returned home without incident. Upon arriving in the city several weeks later, I was approached by the man I had treated earlier.

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He told me he had known that I carried money and medicine. We waited for you to go to sleep and planned to kill you and take your money and drugs. Just as we were about to move into your campsite, we saw that you were surrounded by 26 armed guards. I laughed at this and said I was certainly all alone out in that jungle campsite. My Jave friends also saw them and we all counted them. It was because of those guards that we were afraid and left you alone. The man in the congregation told this side of the story: I was preparing to play golf.

As I put my bag in the car, I felt the Lord leading me to pray for you. In fact, the urging was so strong that I called the men of this church together to pray for you. Will all of those men who met with me that day please stand? The men who had met that day to pray together stood—there were 26 of them! Again we ask, were these angels? While I cannot verify this story, I have no doubt whatsoever that it could be true. As angels were sent by God to provide sustenance for the Lord at the end of his forty days in the wilderness Matt.

Some would include the provision of bread and water for Elijah 1 Kings As an illustration of possible angelic provision, Sue Bohlin gives the following account: Ware, I am bringing what you asked for.