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As all of the stories begin to converge together, so does the heat. Bruhns does a great job of making sure you read this one all the way to the end. And leaves enough hanging that you will definitely need to read the next installement. Readers will meet several of the same characters in this story, as well as be introduced to a few new ones. Two hot romances explode, and the suspense plot deepens when terrorist from al Sayika come to Louisiana to escalate their plot for revenge, and STORM Corps must prevent the worst from happening.

For more info and an excerpt, check out my website www. Nov 22, Anne OK rated it it was amazing. I would give it 10 stars if I could! Chills and Thrills along with characters and dialogue that grip you from page 1. This series by Bruhns is as good as it gets for me. I simply was unable to put this book down.

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Beware - there are some major cliffhangers and you'll be left with unanswered questions until the third book comes out in April I would give it 10 stars if I could! Beware - there are some major cliffhangers and you'll be left with unanswered questions until the third book comes out in April One of the best books I've read this year -- definitely a keeper series! Mar 24, Joanie rated it really liked it. CHECK all in all Mar 11, Shireen Hakani rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Gina Cappozi and stop the al Sayika terrorist leader, Abbas Tawhid, who is using her skills to create a biochemical weapon. That search has led them to the swamplands of Louisiana, Marc Lafayette's home stomping grounds. Louisiana State Trooper Tara Reeves has been tramping through the swamp looking for the corporation who is polluting the water that is causing the death of animals.

The team also consists of Kick Jackson sniper , Darcy Zimmerman operative and computer tech , Rand Jaeger communications specialist ; J. Because she wrote a romantic suspense novel that gave the reader five-star amounts of action, emotion, romance, sensuality, intrigue and did it while keeping the reader enthralled during the entire reading process. Furthermore, once you close the cover of this book, that emotional entanglement remains.

This Passion For Danger Trilogy draws the reader in and will not let go. Several matters should be taken into account before reading this series. Leave yourself plenty of reading time when picking up the first book of this series, Shoot To Thrill. After completion, you will not want to wait to see what is going to happen to Marc Lafayette and, hopefully, "Pig". This review will further explain, but all three of these books are very closely tied together in one great big long, entertaining story. That story involves many different heros and heroines as they search for the traitor who is responsible for the atrocities that they have encountered and must stop during their pursuit of the terrorist cell, al Sayika.

If you are not drawn into the suspenseful, action-filled story of how all these STORM-team heros and heroines track down and overcome members of the al Sayika terrorist cell, you will surely be drawn into the unrequited love story of Alex Zane and Rebel Haywood. Therefore, one is just driven to see how Bruhns is going to fix Alex and Rebel's unrequited love story in the final book of the trilogy.

Maybe it would be better served to write three mini-reviews as there are three mini-romances in If Looks Could Chill. Marc Lafayette and Tara Reeves. Bobby Lee Quinn and Darcy Zimmerman. Martin Parish, Louisiana was frustrating. Could not believe Bruhns just left the reader on that cliff -- wondering what in the world happened to Bobby Lee, Darcy, and Marc when they were caught trying to steal al Sayika's terrorist information.

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Thankfully, those repercussions were revealed during the course of the book. What a talented, unique way to keep the reader in suspense and absorbed in the story. Although not billed as the hero and heroine of this novel, Bobby Lee and Darcy do share the romance spotlight. Bobby Lee and Darcy have been lovers since they met.

They had an uncommitted arrangement because of the danger and distance that was an inherent part of their careers as STORM Corp. Problems arose because Darcy had somehow fallen in love with the globe-trotting "dawg" and didn't know how to cope with this non-relationship status any more. Cappozi case," it is pretty easy to guess that the assignment is going to be complicated with emotional issues. Bobby Lee is having difficulty keeping his mind on the search for the terrorist cell holding Dr.

Cappozi captive and to eliminate the threat of a biochemical release because he has no earthly idea why Darcy all the sudden wants nothing to do with him. Bruhns does a fantastic job of interjecting these suspenseful action scenes with emotional considerations. While Bobby Lee and Darcy are capably performing their jobs of searching for Abbas Tawhid terrorist cell leader , they are repeatedly forced to deal with the emotional issues facing them regarding their intense feelings for one another. Bruhns writes wickedly hot, "gotta find me a man"-feeling love scenes when Bobby Lee and Darcy can no longer keep their hands off one another.

And Bobby Lee and Darcy seem to have great difficulties when it comes to keeping their hands to themselves. Top billed-Marc is the exact opposite of Bobby Lee. Having been raised with five sisters, Marc has a more respectful, protective nature towards women. Marc is atypically attracted to the strong and self-reliant Louisiana State Trooper.

He is assigned to keep Tara from interfering with the team's terrorist search. Tara has been searching the swamps to find evidence to stop the corporation who is contaminating the waters resulting in animal deaths. Marc hires on as Tara's swamp-country guide to redirect her search as necessary. The emotional barriers thrown in Tara's path are varied. She feels she has never measured up to the unbending, stringent rules imposed by her father, a military man who was never there for her mother.

Although Tara flourished because of her mother's unconditional love, she tends to repel men. Her attraction to her guide who may be on the wrong side of the law is uncharacteristic. Bruhns does a wonderful job of tweaking events to preserve the secrecy of the operation so that it becomes necessary for Tara to remain in the custody of Marc.

Marc and Tara ultimately give in to their mutual attraction. Bruhns does not disappoint. Not only do Marc and Tara experience the magic of a hot and spicy encounter, but they cannot get away from the strong emotional connections that are developing. As Marc deals with his issues of bringing a woman into his dangerously insecure world, Tara fights being attracted to a man like her father absent military man. Alex is engaged to "perfect" Helena who makes one brief appearance in the book. Wondered through the entire book why Alex wouldn't dump Helena.

Nobody is that perfect and no man is that honorable. Bruhns never reveals why! What a marketing tool. She cannot be the "goody-two-shoes" she is portrayed to be. Oh yeah, the third member of the triangle. FBI Agent Rebel Haywood has been investigating this case and knows that this action is highly inappropriate since Wade used to be engaged to Gina. Wade calls Rebel aside and basically asks her to work with him to solve the case. Rebel vacillates between trusting and fearing Wade. Rebel is so conflicted about Alex and having to be the maid of honor at his wedding that she is losing too much sleep.

She is so emotionally exhausted, she falls into bed with her boss. Wade is not lacking in providing the reader with hot, intense, stimulating love making. It is easy to understand Rebel's need to try and find a man who will help her get over Alex, but Wade doesn't seem to be the right man for that job. Bruhns has made Wade's character so enigmatic that it's easy to understand Rebel's indecisiveness.

Another reason presents itself to force us to read A Kiss To Kill. How does Wade tie in to this whole story? Is he the traitor or just the unlucky-in-love boy toy to two of the series heroines? Wade and Rebel's visit to the Zero Unit during their investigation into Gina's disappearance, has me leaning towards fearing Wade. Some readers may have difficulties with the way this story was developed -- revolving the plot around three romances and one captive's point of view.

Bruhns, however, seemed to use this tool to enhance the suspense and emotional involvement with all the characters of the book. Even though each character was not given a long, well-developed background, each hero and heroine's history was touched upon enough to let the reader know why he or she had their respective hangups. This sense of unity enhanced the depth of involvement the reader felt with the men and women who were trying to save the world from terrorists. It may have been frustrating to become intensely involved in the search for Dr. Cappozi and Abbas Tawhid, only to be interrupted to read about what is going on from another point of view -- but it sure kept one tied to the book.

You just had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next and to which members of the cast. Not too many authors seem to do this in their series books, but loved that Bruhns interwove members from the previous book into this story line and made them an integral part of the plot. It is so wonderful to get to read more about the people that had become part of my emotional thought processes. It is interesting to see: There were a couple of instances that it would have been interesting to see what kind of entertaining and unique dialogue Bruhns could have created between the characters instead of later revealing what had happened as an afterthought.

But that would have meant changing the format of the plot to focus on only one couple instead of three. A clever and extremely entertaining writing technique that Bruhns utilizes is to spout the actual thoughts of characters. This delivery is so realistically on-target. These zingers support all the irreverent thoughts we all think but don't say.

For instance, when Marc told Tara that Homeland Security was on the way, she thought: Like she really bought that. It will definitely find its way on the "to be re-read" list. Have to go read book three!

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Jan 01, Darcy rated it really liked it Shelves: Wow, this book really ramped things up. There was so much going on, different couples, who's stories we were following, and with all of them you aren't quite sure how things ended. I'll start out with Kick and Raine from the last book, they are the only ones that seem happy and settled. All we knew from last time is that she was betrayed. She finds herself in a bad place within this book. The super smart Gina is fighting the only way she Wow, this book really ramped things up. The super smart Gina is fighting the only way she can right now, she does her best to not make the weapon they want.

Her actions come at a high price to herself. I don't think this will be the end to this part.

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From Gina we will go to her ex-fiance, Wade. The last time around I liked him at times and hated him. With this book I am not sure what to think of him. I felt some of the same reservations that Rebel did about him and still do. I don't think we have seen the last of him. And speaking of Rebel I just want to shake some sense into her. The big reveal of the last book with her being Alex's angel, makes her playing the martyr here all the worst, especially when we find out all she has done for Alex and Helena.

It makes me mad, but Alex really doesn't tell her everything either. I don't know what to think of her little fling with Wade. Quinn and Darcy are fantastic together, but they sure do have their own issues. I love their chemistry and I hope they are able to work things out. Their fights were so much fun to read about. And the last couple, Marc and Tara, were fun to read about too. Tara has more than enough personality to go toe to toe with him. Even Marc's doing everything he could to scare Tara away didn't faze her at all.

The whole terrorist plot tied all of these people together. Some of that part of the story was a little boring, but it did make sense that it would need to be there to connect all of these people. I also really liked that this time we got to learn more about STORM, especially Bridger, who seems to be a legend in the organization. I am looking forward to the next book as the cast of characters is large and I would like to see some of the stories left hanging from this book resolved.

Apr 27, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was like a drooling moth to a flame with this amazing looking guy I liked this book, a lot! I think I liked it more than the first. It was fast paced, well written and kept my interest the whole way through. It's about Terrorists aka Tango's, look at me go with the army lingo!

Anthrax crossed with Avian Bird Flu. There are many characters in this book that are re-occurring from the last book, So this series MUST be read in order We have: Also a Louisiana State Trooper. Presumed dead and found after 18 months of torture, Engaged to Helena but fantasises about Rebel. Also from first book.

A Dr who specialises in Virus genetics. Feb 15, Brandi rated it liked it. I have to say, I liked this one better than the first in this series. The follow-up to Shoot to Thrill. Mysterious deaths stalk the bayou--and state trooper Tara Reeves enlists the aid of Cajun heartbreaker Marc Lafayette to guide her on her search for evidence.

But the source is deadlier than she could ever imagine. Entertaining I enjoyed the suspense and the interaction of the different characters: Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones Set: Martin Paperback, The Outsider by Stephen King , Hardcover This time around we even get a heartbreaking, Cajun, spouting enough Creole French to charm the pants off of just about anyone.

It does however give us too much of a good thing when it comes to secondary romances and I found myself bogged down by the over abundance of characters, subplots, and evolving 3rd and 4th party love stories. All of whom are vying for attention. Of course then there's also Gina's evolving drama. All of this was just too much and subsequently nobody got the page time and character development they deserved. I am however now completely invested in this series and can't wait to see where things go next for Cheers Louisiana state trooper Tara Reeves is on the hunt for the cause of the mysterious animal deaths that have been plaguing the Louisiana bayou.

She thinks she might be onto a meth lab but what she finds is even scarier. Their next target is for sure going to be human.

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Enlisting the help of local supposed swamp guide Marc Lafayette the pair enters the murky waters of the bayou. In the cramped quarters of this Cajun bad boys kayak it isn't long before they can't keep their hands to themselves and Marc's guide ruse is so busted. He's got an agenda of his own and is actually part of a covert special ops team sent out to destroy the terrorists.

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Now he's also going to have to baby-sit an interfering, beautiful cop. This is of course only one of the four running plotlines. We also have Gina who's been kidnapped by the terrorists, Agents Bobby Lee and Quinn who until now had been having a strictly sexual relationship Yikes the L word and Rebel and Alex who kind of like each other more then the people they're involved with.

Nina Bruhns does it again with If Looks could Chill. State Trooper Tara Reeves stumbles on dead bodies of animals in the Louisiana bayou and its up to sexy Storm agent Marc Lafayette to distract her before she ruins his op to catch a group of terrorist bent on bio warfare on U. This was one hot Cajun all the way. Tara didnt have a chance against that wonderful accent and the sensuality that poured off of him.

Bruhns did a great job blending the suspense in this romance and as in her previous novel, Shoot to Thrill, there is a parallel storyline running through this. Marc and Tara team up to stop the terrorist plot as the main plot and then we are given follow up glimpse of Gina Rainie's best friend from the previous book as well as another secondary romance. Bruhns is seamless in her transistions and this book reminded me of Suzanne Brockmann's style. There is constant action and so much going on that you have to pause and take a deep breath to absorb whats happening so you can stay on top of it.

If Looks Could Chill

There was one point where I was frustrated and its only because the author does such a great job of leaving you wanting to know everything at once. Like Brockmann, the characters in this trilogy have clay feet but it just makes you love them more. Tara and Marc end up with a great HEA but I'm hungry for more and need to know what happens to the other characters that were so vital to the story. The secondary characters are more than interesting enough for me to hope that she writes a story for everyone beyond the trilogy that this novel is a part of.

This book was okay, But According to the back cover, the book was supposedly about Marc Lafayette and Tara Reeves but there were so many characters that their story was not given justice. Not even a third of the book, I would guess, was about them. You were just getting into one aspect of the story when you were jerked into another persons story. Lots of minnie cliff hangers, I guess to make you keep reading. There was never enough time given to a character to really delve into their motivations.

I didn't feel that I ever really knew where any of the characters were coming from other than brief stereotypes. For example Bobby Lee grew up poor. Marc has 5 sisters. Tara's father was a stern military type who convinced her she had no worth and her mother died of pollution caused cancer and for some reason Darcy feels unlovable. That's about it for background and there was little description of the characters. Also, inexplicably Alex stays in his engagement with Helene when he seems to want Rebel, etc. Other reviewers mentioned Alex and Rebel as an item but I didn't care about Alex in conjunction with Rebel.

As the situation is presented, he needs to man up. Cloudy unexplained motivations all around. I believe the author is trying to write a series similar to Suzanne Brockman's where characters and story line carry over from book to book which is fine but I need to know the characters a little more in depth in order to care.