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It implies discriminative choice; and if we grant that we grant all. Tyrrell, Fortnightly Review , June ; quoted in Cox What is mainly pointed at in the reviews is the seeming generic link between the two authors, but in truth, it is most of all the transgressive quality of their art, their ability to shock and their apparent propensity to advocate loose morals. Though the parallels between them might not be so striking, it is worth considering how Hardy and Hugo — remarkable storytellers of their country and their time — both had that distinctive trait of being at once novelists and poets.

Very recently, Marie Panter precisely wrote a PhD in French Comparative Studies showing how the two writers shared the same poetics of the novel Panter. The two never met, but there is proof that Hardy had actually read Hugo and highly respected him. His works are the cathedrals of literary architecture, his imagination adding greatness to the colossal and charm to the small.

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Hardy 92 Such a tribute is a noteworthy compliment coming from a man of letters who placed so much of his craftsmanship as a former stonemason in his novel writing. In , he addressed another comment on Hugo in a letter to Sir George Douglas. I am a Victor-Hugo-ite still. If he often crosses the line into the extravagant his ideas are so arresting even when he does so cross that they never fail to hold me.

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A number of studies have examined the famous reciprocal admiration of both writers or analyzed their works jointly. Such Franco-British literary connection was naturally not unusual at the time, and that one in particular is the subject of an article by David Roe, an extremely enlightening read both as regards the reception of Hardy in France and the French literary journalism of the time. What surfaces is that Hardy was, at the turn of the 20 th century, still little known in France, the French literary taste of the time being more attracted to Russian flavours.

In his later references to Hardy, Larbaud chose to take him completely out of the English context and insist on his stature as a European writer.

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He did so in a note on the selection of a new Poet Laureate in Several French writers, influential critics and translators of Hardy in the first thirty years of the 20 th century asserted with one accord that his work represented a landmark in European literature. In Larbaud, Du Bos, Jaloux, Roz or Davray 18 , Hardy found real champions of his work in France, even during the times when his last novels were causing serious havoc in his own country.

Little by little, he came to be consecrated and appeared less marginal in the French cultural landscape. No other work appears to me as less dogmatic.

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It seems impossible to me to bring out of it either the glorification or condemnation of free love. He observes and ponders. When dealing with Hardy, meditation combines with compassion. An immense pity fills his heart, and soon, this thought takes over any other thought, and a humble thought it is, much deeper than any system, a much more human thought too, much more moving […].

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Roz ; translation ours He indignantly annotated Frank A. The most notable tribute from French literary figures was undoubtedly the special issue published by La Revue Nouvelle January-February The issue included a letter from James Joyce actually declining the offer to contribute as well as short texts from John Middleton Murry, Marcel Proust, Edmond Jaloux, and a few others. Du Bos ; translation ours The members of the academy are valued writers, philosophers and thinkers and even scientists whose works have remarkably honoured the French language.

Another notable and impressive addition came out in with Les Dynastes. Yet what Annie delivered has been a goldmine to all ensuing Hardy scholars in France: Find the line of separation, follow it or create it, to the point of treachery. Take as an example the case of Thomas Hardy: There is a strange respect for the individual, an extraordinary respect: Individuation without a subject. And these packets of sensations in the raw, these collections or combinations, run along the lines of chance, or mischance, where their encounters take place — if need be, their bad encounters which lead to death, to murder.

Hardy invokes a sort of Greek destiny for this empiricist experimental world.


Individuals, packets of sensations, run over the heath like a line of flight or a line of deterritorialization of the earth. Yet the handful of doctoral dissertations and articles which have appeared since have been of decisive importance, covering the whole gamut of Hardyan colourings: The latest addition is due to come from Emilie Loriaux who is currently writing a doctoral dissertation looking at the poetic and philological connections between Hardy and William Barnes.

Annual conferences have been organized since, and in the association also launched its online peer-reviewed journal, http: Devoted to publishing conference proceedings and theme-based issues, the journal also welcomes submissions of individual contributions, both in English and in French.

"suprématie blanche" English translation

Even more recently and this time in English rather than French, Annie Ramel has also just delivered her psychoanalytical reading of Hardy in The Madder Stain , released earlier this year by Dutch publishers Rodopi. A couple of years ago, Hardy found his way into the references quoted by French filmmaker Arnaud Desplechin for his film Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian Yet almost all the interviews given by Desplechin while promoting that film had a reference to Hardy. He also explained that he saw his characters as if they came from a Hardy novel, and that he aimed at giving protagonists from a humble background the nobility of characters from a Hardy novel Dupont.

Tate Gallery and Sotheby Parke-Bernet, Les Editions de la Revue Nouvelle, U of Minnesota P, Wells in Europe , eds. Bloomsbury Academic, , Goater, Thierry, Thomas Hardy. Hardy, Thomas, Tess , trans. Hedgcock, Frank, Thomas Hardy, penseur et artiste: Essai de critique , Paris: Millgate, Michael, Thomas Hardy: A Biography Revisited , Oxford: Proust, Marcel, The Prisoner , trans.

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