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Group boards are a great way to get your pins in front of a larger audience. I recommend using Pingroupie to find active and relevant group boards to join. This usually means that you have to email the board owner and request to join. Look at what group boards other bloggers in your niche are following. This is a good way to find active group boards to join. Lately I have found that pinning to your OWN boards is more effective at driving traffic to your blog than pinning to group boards.

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I recommend pinning to both your own boards and group boards to see which method works best for you. Pin pins in the morning, another pins at lunch time, and then another in the evening. To save time, I recommend using a scheduling tool such as Tailwind. Personally, I prefer to pin manually, but I know many people who swear by using Tailwind. You can sign up for a day trial with Tailwind here. When you pin popular pins pins with a high re-pin count , it will help your profile rank better in Pinterest. This means people may notice that you post awesome content, choose to follow you, and check out your website.

Bringing people to your website can help you make money.

For a more detailed tutorial of how to set up and optimize your Pinterest account, please head over to this post: Here are five ways that you can make extra money or even earn a full-time living from Pinterest! Because Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog, you can make money with display advertising.

Display advertising is a popular way to earn an income from blogging. It works well when your website receives a lot of traffic. Keep in mind that rates will vary based on how many ads you have on your website and which advertising company you work with. For new bloggers, a popular choice is Google Adsense. Once your blog reaches , monthly page views which is possible when using Pinterest effectively , I recommend going with AdThrive.


How to Use Pinterest to Gain More Attention for Your Non-Profit

This is the display advertising company I use for my website. Create an awesome blog post that has at least one affiliate link in it. Then pin an eye-catching graphic to your Pinterest boards that leads to your affiliate blog post. You can pin a blog post about how to save money on travel which includes affiliate links in the post. I like using Canva.

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Create an eye-catching graphic that leads directly to your affiliate link. However, I know someone people who have had a lot of success by pinning direct affiliate links. I recommend experimenting with both options to see which one works best for you. She shares her exact strategies so YOU can do it too.

Special Report: Little lab on the prairie clears path to big 'clean coal' profits | News | WIN

Thanks to the teachings in her course, I have been able to turn my blog into a full-time job! You can even earn a full-time living through Pinterest consulting. Pinterest consulting is becoming more popular and can be a great way to monetize your social media skills. You can share testimonials on your website from previous clients and showcase your knowledge too.

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Having your own website also helps to legitimize your consulting services because it looks more professional. The IRS declined to comment on its decision. Over the past decade, the IRS has handed out billions of dollars of refined coal subsidies to companies on the basis of test results that show they are producing a cleaner-burning form of coal.

Coal that burns hot and fast during wide-open air flow, for example — a setting used when demand surges — will produce more NOx pollution than coal burning at lower temperatures with lower air flow. The EERC said in a statement to Reuters that it has used substantially reduced airflows while burning refined coal, resulting in lower NOx emissions for the same energy output.

The price of emissions credits under the U. Coal plants that purchase the credits are allowed to emit more pollution, and in recent years it has been cheaper to buy credits than to run pollution-control equipment at peak effectiveness. As a result, a plant burning refined coal can see its NOx levels spike if pollution controls are turned down or off, regardless of the type of coal it burns, EPA data shows. And when utilities decide to burn refined coal, tax credit investors — often Wall Street firms — have no control over how utility owners run their coal plants.

Pinterest Hacks: Should You Delete Pins on Pinterest (Case Study)

Several utilities have told environmental regulators that they tried to demonstrate pollution reductions big enough to qualify for the subsidy at actual plants, but failed, according to their disclosures. During a trial run using refined coal at the Stanton Energy Center in Orlando, Florida, in , NOx emission rates increased by 10 percent compared to raw coal, instead of declining.

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Two other trial runs at Stanton that year proved inconclusive, according to a copy of the results viewed by Reuters. The plant ultimately decided not to burn refined coal, according to regulatory filings. Coal plants achieve most of their reduction in smog pollution through investments in other technology, including equipment that works like the catalytic converter in a car or truck to convert NOx into benign nitrogen and water. Or they cut pollutants by simply switching from coal to cleaner natural gas, or by using a mix of both fuels.

The Brunner Island power plant in Pennsylvania, for example, reduced its NOx emission rate by 63 percent in compared to , thanks to new natural gas burners and piping, said Todd Martin, a spokesman for Talen Energy, owner of the coal plant. Louis-based utility Ameren Corp told regulators in that it was not confident that a 21 percent NOx reduction achieved by refined coal at EERC could be replicated in the field if it burned the product, according to correspondence with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources related to permitting for a facility near St Louis.

Ameren has two plants in the state that have generated refined coal tax credits for Goldman Sachs and Alabama-based Coal Emissions Reduction Technologies LLC, investors in the facilities that produce clean coal ultimately burned by Ameren. Once your boards are populated, go ahead and follow as many other people on the site as possible — including everyone you know, your donors, supporters, staff and volunteers if they are on the site as well as those people who have created boards in your mission area.

If your non-profit is planning to become active on Pinterest, here are three tips for making the most of your time and energy on the site:. Add a Pin It Button to Your Website — If you want to get people who are active on Pinterest to pin pages from your site to their own boards, then ask your webmaster to add a Pin It button to your site which will make it easy for your supporters to do so.

Re-Pin Content — One of the best ways to get more people to follow your non-profit on Pinterest is to re-pin interesting stuff that is posted by other people. When you do this, the original poster will very often check out your boards and profile and if they like what they see, follow your non-profit on the site. Internet fundraising , social media. A Step by Step Guide. This 10 page special report will guide you through the entire process of running a profitable fundraising event for your organization. Click here to get your free copy today!