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A strong business credit rating lets lenders and bankers know your business is trustworthy. It also helps you lower costs, negotiate rates, and develop meaningful professional relationships.


Choosing Immediate Programs Fo

There are many non-traditional sources of financing, cash, and credit you can tap into to help run your business. The vendors and suppliers you already work with most likely offer a financing or credit option. Likewise, store credit cards are a great way to get the supplies and equipment you need to run your business.

Separate from Business

These options allow you to finance purchases, manage cash flow, and build business credit at the same time. Building business credit and finding financing and capital can be complicated; working with an expert ensures your business is set up correctly, takes advantage of all avenues of financing and credit available, and follows the steps necessary to establish strong business credit.

Not only does this protect your personal assets in a lawsuit, it allows you to apply for credit in the business' name, often without involving your personal financial information, such as your Social Security information.

Used in a similar fashion as your Social Security number, your business' allows it to withhold and file payroll taxes from your employees, as well as establish lines of credit. By registering with the credit reporting agencies, you will gain credit faster than waiting for them to build your credit history. Experian and Equifax also monitor business credit See Resources.

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To build your business' credit file, you will need to establish lines of credit. Some stores, such as Walmart, allow small businesses to apply for a line of credit in the business' name with the use of a D-U-N-S number. Small lines of credit such as this are the gateway to major financing down the road.

Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit

Even a few small purchases from a retailer, such as Walmart, followed up with ontime or early payments will help you achieve a high credit score. Average or No Credit Score. Net we found there is very little information shared with public about business or corporate credit.

Here is what you need to know:. These are often scams that "report" credit history on your behalf, and then get blackballed by Dun and Bradstreet, getting you in trouble with them!

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We actually hired two corporate credit consulting companies, one ripped us off, one didn't!