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Greg has always been a playboy, but things change when he meets Elise- an extraordinary career-minded woman, who maintains a distance from distrustful men like Greg. But their instant friendship gradually blossoms into love, which results in Greg to break up with his fiancee, thus marking the on-start of many life threatening troubles to Greg who finally distances himself from Elise.

Can their love conquer all the in differences of the world? This is a multi layer love story which not only has emotions but also has it's thrilling moments.

The writing style is fantastic and the prose is evocative that runs deep with emotions and that has a power to pull the chords of even the most strong hearted human being. The story progresses first like a typical romantic movie, but when the jilted lover takes over, things get pretty much exciting. The author writes with articulate expressions and with intricate descriptions of the story line. The author has also introduced lots of twists that will keep the readers on their edges for the entire length of the novel.

The themes that the author tried to bring alive are wonderfully inscribed into this love story. The family issues and more modern day issues like abortion and trust issues are perfectly depicted through this story. Even every problem addressed in the book is highly relatable and I believe any reader will agree that some relationships are messy like Greg and Elise's. The realistic take on today's relationship is very strikingly featured in this story.

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The characters are drawn with a realistic edge. The demeanor of both the protagonists are strikingly portrayed. Elise's insecurity about men is very believable in the terms of modern career minded woman. The fears as well as all the feelings of Elise can be easily contemplated by the readers since the author has sketched her with a strong depth. Greg is someone who any reader would love to hate, but he is the one character who grown from being reckless to being careful. The chemistry between Elise and Greg is sweet and passionate and the author has sensitively described the problems between them.

The constant tug-of-war whether they both will end with together or not, provided the author instills a lot of unexpected turns and challenges on their path, will keep the readers glue to the plot. A must read sweet romantic and challenging love story for all romance fans. One person found this helpful. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Follow Evy Journey on her website and worlds of creativity open. Journey earned her PhD from the University of Illinois and has enjoyed a career in a mental health program in both research and evaluation.

She writes love stories - three to date - and enjoys the experience of entering her characters' minds and emotions. My stories do have happy epilogues, and I've tried to work in intriguing plotlines into them So, why write romance? The main reason, of course, is I like reading a good well-written romance. My love for reading, after all, was sparked and sustained by devouring Jane Austen.

I'm also a sucker for happy endings. I find enough that depresses me about real life, but seek no catharsis by writing about it.

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I want escape, entertainment. I don't strive to enlighten. Not consciously, anyway, but because my previous training has given me a bias, I'm also interested in the inner lives of characters, including the passages they go through. I also love beautiful prose. I confess to being enchanted with words that evoke lyrical or haunting images and written with much thought in choosing the most economical, liveliest prose possible. Her story is so well developed that it begs explanation to readers unfamiliar with EJourney's gifts. And so it is only fitting that for a synopsis of the plot we turn to the author's words - no one can summarize it better: But Greg also has a reputation as a playboy, whose many romances are fodder for gossip columns.

Bright, blonde, beautiful, focused on her future career, but inexperienced and distrustful of men like Greg, Elise Halvorson meets Greg when he hires her father, business economics professor Dr. Halverson, as a consultant. She is 22 and in her second-year at law school.

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Greg first saw Elise on television among a group of picketing workers. Intrigued by the passion and intelligence she exuded and so unlike the dark-haired, seductive women he has gone out with, he is fascinated when her father introduces them to each other. But she is formal and distant and makes him feel old, dull, and tiresome.

Although they see each other at her mother's dinners to which Greg is invited, he senses that she's avoiding him. But in the convivial atmosphere of her mother's dinners, they spar verbally and get to know each other better. Before they know it, they not only become friends, they fall in love. But Greg, now 32, and urged by his mother to settle down, has been engaged to Lori for a year and their wedding date has been set. Elise declares their friendship has to change after his marriage. Greg has known, for a while, that he is in love with Elise.

Two days before his wedding, they spend the night together. Greg decides to break his engagement with Lori, an engagement made for mutual gain, much like a business arrangement. Lori is furious, vows to make Greg "bleed," exposes his love affairs both real and made-up, and slaps him with a breach of promise lawsuit. When that fails, she threatens to have women from his past come forward to brand him a rapist.

Greg's lawyer helps him out of his mess. Greg is shaken to the core and retreats from work and relationships for a while. Elise thought Greg would contact her after his break-up, but he does not.

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Weeks later, she finds herself pregnant. She visits a clinic to schedule an abortion. But at the abortion clinic, she suddenly changes her mind. Elise is apprehensive of her parents' reaction to her decision to keep her baby. Unused to heartache, she lets her misery take hold of her. Two years later, exhausted from her job at the Public Defender's Office and asleep on her couch, Elise is jolted awake by a phone call from Greg, who she never expected to hear from again. He asks to meet with her. He explains what kept him away--the lawsuit, the scandal, his insecurities and the need to grow out of his past and into someone more mature.

She has been hurt and resists him for a while. In the end, they reunite. He is in for a surprise. Their night together has produced a child, a boy. Elise agrees to marry Greg and they move in together. One day, on her way to the court trial of her first big case--a gang murder--she and another pedestrian are hit by a car that speeds away. Greg is anguished and remorseful. Is this Lori's revenge? Elise, recovering from injuries and concussion, remembers a threat that came in her office mail on the day she was on her way to court for the gang murder trial. Is the hit-and-run related to the threat?

At length, police investigators uncover new, unexpected evidence that helps resolve the case. Sugar Alcohols are slightly lower in calories than sugar and do not promote tooth decay or cause a sudden increase in blood glucose. Though not technically considered artificial sweeteners, they include sorbitol, xylitol, lactitol, mannitol, and maltitol and are used mainly to sweeten sugar-free candies, cookies, and chewing gums. FDA classifies some of these sweeteners as "generally recognized as safe" and others as approved food additives.

Compiled from "Sugar Substitutes: Everyone in my family tells this story, but everyone starts it in a different way. My sister starts it with his wife, Betty, the power behind the throne, the woman who, in this version, found in Ben a vehicle for her dreams. Whenever anyone asks what Betty was like, I say, "Betty had her name legally changed to Betty from Bessie. My father starts the story in downtown Brooklyn, in the courtroom where my Uncle Marvin, the first son of the patriarch, a handsome, curly-haired man who insists on being called Uncle Marvelous, is facing off against federal prosecutors.

In the end, Marvin cut a deal with prosecutors, testifying for the government and keeping himself out of prison. If Jeffrey read more widely, he would know that he is fated to screw the pooch, lose his grip, open his hands and let the money blast back into the whirlwind. Or I start with Uncle Ira, the youngest son of Ben and Betty, a vice president of the company, who controls 49 percent of the stock. Ira, who has always struck me as an extreme eccentric, is years younger than his siblings, a pampered, interesting kid who grew into a genuine nut, a man who carries a purse, wears sandals, follows whims, sports an unruly red beard, and lives in an East Side town house with his wife and many cats.

A Bitter 'Sweet' Family History

Ira has been to his office at the factory just twice in the last ten years. Though he says he works many hours a day from home via phone and fax. He is the trick that fate played on empire, the inscrutable brother who has to be watched. At Jeff's wedding, he approached me in the bathroom. Standing next to me at the urinal, he said, "What is the last thing you want your crazy uncle to say to you in the bathroom?

My brother starts the story in Flatbush, in the icebox chill room of my aunt Gladys, a woman who, for mysterious reasons, had not been out of the house -- her childhood home, where she still lived with Ben and Betty -- in almost thirty years. I once heard a politician describe a rival's tax scheme as "the crazy aunt hiding in the attic," and I said to myself, "She actually lives on the ground floor. Even though she is the least physically active of the Eisenstadt siblings, Gladys, with her telephone, drives the action of this story.

In a way I am still trying to fathom, Gladys is its protagonist. When I was briefing my brother-in-law on his new family and told him that Gladys had not left the house since the Nixon administration, he said, "You mean mostly she stays in the house but now and then she leaves the house to go to the store?

Gladys's room is where my brother, Steven, learned the nature of things. Once a week, before I was born, my brother and sister were taken to Flatbush to visit their grandparents, aunt, and cousins. There was an ancient form of primogeniture at play in the family; as the son of the oldest son, Cousin Jeffrey was golden. One week, Grandma Betty decided that a grandchild would, for no particular reason, have a party thrown in his or her honor, complete with cake and gifts. While standing in my aunt's room, Betty wrote the names on a slip of paper and dropped the slips in a hat. A winner was drawn: Since Jeffrey seemed to win many such contests, my brother grew suspicious.

Every ballot was marked "Jeffrey.

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In , when my grandfather collapsed in the hospital, the first relative on the scene was my brother. In a nice twist of fate, Steven found himself charged with making life-and-death decisions for the man who had helped him recognize the unfairness of the world. And the winner is? In the months following Ben's collapse, the family battle moved into its titanic phase, with Ben shuffling from doctor to doctor and everything up for grabs: When Grandma Betty died, I found out that my mother had lost this battle and that she and all of her children had been written out of the will -- the factory and assets of the company are worth an estimated several hundred million dollars.

Betty's last words came in a legal document: It was like being called discharge, or refuse, or excrement. She swallowed a dime but it came out in the issue. So fate has placed me in the ideal storytelling position: Outside but inside, with just enough of a grudge to sharpen my sensibility. I am Napoleon staring at Paris from Corsica. All they have left me is this story. To be disinherited is to be set free.

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