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every night throughout the world hundreds of people dream about this face

He'll read the campaign background and make a decent character who slots so smoothly into the world you'd swear it was canon. He'll make IC conversation with you and get on board the party wagon.

Guy Fawkes

Confused by a new game system, a new group or even tabletop gaming in general? This Guy won't mind. He'll patiently wait while the GM eases you in, if he doesn't help you learn himself. He'll help you build the character you want to build, and never once try to tell you not to.

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This guy will bring you his other army and spend 5 hours playing a tutorial game with you. This Guy will bring extra snacks and drinks for when others run out or, more often, when they "forgot" to bring some. He knows what you like, what you dislike and is a darn good cook. He always tips the delivery guy when it comes time to pay.

2. His Mugshot Quickly Went Viral & Generated Thousands of Neck Puns, Comments & Jokes

If This Guy sits down at your table, the dirty Cheetos stains That Guy left on your hearts will be cleansed. Always remember, the Potential to be This Guy is within all of us.

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We should all strive to be a little more like This Guy. Stop talking about people.

  1. Werke von Moritz Hartmann (German Edition).
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  3. about this guy — JEFF BABKO!
  4. 1. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office First Posted McDowell’s Mugshot on Facebook.

No one is perfect. McDowell however, seems to be taking his new viral fame in good humor judging by the video he released thanking his fans for reaching out to him.

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No more comments found. Updated Nov 19, at 6: What they charge this guy with? My neck, my back, they took my meth and my crack.

That boy got a chest tattoo on his neck…. All of his shirts are neckstra large.

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Dat boy can drink peanut butter. They charge per square foot. View this post on Instagram. Published Nov 19, at 3: