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ALL levels can come to this adult open-class!! Participants must also register at http: Atmananda Yoga E 23rd St Floor 2 www. Hip Hop, dancehall, twerk, sexy vixen, street jazz, cardio hip hop of Classes the Pass Offers: Zumba and Bollywood of Classes the Pass Offers: The DanceSource Queens Blvd. Discounts available for continuing students. Bring two friends and the class is free for you only.

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Hip Hop, dancehall, twerk, sexy vixen, street jazz, cardio hip hop of Discounts the Pass Offers: Must be purchased by June 30, Each pass is valid for a group of three individuals. Twerk It to the floor of Events the Pass Offers: They can go back to being concerned with rehearsals, auditions, and gigs!

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All participants must also register at www. Location for this event will be sent to participants exclusively. Socials contact studio for dates of Events the Pass Offers: July 31, Special Instructions: July 4, Special Instructions: June 29, Special Instructions: July 30, Special Instructions: July 6, Special Instructions: July 1, Special Instructions: June 30, Special Instructions: August 1, Special Instructions: August 30, Special Instructions: They understand how to structure a workout in the best, most time-efficient way -- which muscles should be worked, for how long, and in which order.

Instructors who aren't properly trained don't necessarily know enough to prevent student injuries or how to design their classes to help you get the most out of the workout. While any workout is better than no workout -- wouldn't you rather spend your time and money on a real barre class that will get you real results?

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A real barre instructor will structure the class so you get an amazing, efficient, complete workout in just an hour. A well-led barre class can burn hundreds of calories both during the workout and at rest due to increased muscle density. It can improve your posture, balance, and mind-body connection. The more highly trained your instructor is, the better and more effective your class will be.

Not surprisingly, someone who only had a weekend of training and sadly, this is common will struggle to create classes that are truly efficient or powerful.

A legitimately trained barre instructor will have at least of hours of training before they start leading classes. Preferably their training traces back to the original Lotte Berk Method in some way. You should be able to find this out by doing an internet search for the studio or method in which they've received their training. It is worth noting that a Pilates certification is not a barre certification.

Time spent studying or performing ballet also does not a barre instructor make. You're getting hands-on adjustments A properly trained barre instructor will walk the room during class, giving students hands-on adjustments in addition to precise verbal direction to help them correct and continually enhance their form, and never stop challenging and strengthening. This is something instructors hone through hundreds of hours of training and practice. An instructor can not learn in an abbreviated teacher training session how to correctly and swiftly adjust a seasoned athlete in their 50s, a client in their 20s embarking on their fitness journey for the first time ever, a devoted yogi exploring the difference between yoga and barre after recently having her first child and a barre enthusiast looking to take this challenge deeper than ever -- all in the same room.

Fine tunings from your instructor are the difference between results that range from "meh" to mind-blowing.

Is Your Barre Class A Fake? Why It Matters And How To Tell

You're working one muscle group at a time A true barre workout concentrates on one muscle group at a time, working that group from a challenging starting position and then moving through a high number of tiny, precise movements to the point of fatigue and beyond. Once you've reached that point, you're finished working that muscle group and it's time for a targeted stretch.

If your instructor leads you through a series of exercises that all target the same muscles repeatedly -- quads, glutes, abs, quads, glutes, abs -- chances are, it's not a real barre class. You're not dancing and this isn't a cardio class There is nothing wrong with cardio or dance classes. They just aren't what authentic barre classes are about. Despite its origin in the ballet world, barre doesn't incorporate dance or serious, sustained cardio.

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Barre is about strengthening muscles through isometric-based movements and holds, followed by guided stretches. A real barre class maximizes flexibility as well as your body's endurance and strength. So -- if your instructor is leading you through choreography, you might learn some fun moves, but it's not a real barre class.

There is no commodity in the world more precious than your time. When you're spending that with your hard-earned money on a barre class, you deserve a fantastic, empowering, strengthening workout where you see real results and transformation. A real barre class will serve you well in the short-term and the long haul -- keeping you coming back for more thanks to a highly trained teacher.

It boils down to expectations, consistency, quality and value.

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And I acknowledge that everyone has different fitness preferences. You might not be into the whole group fitness scene at all -- and that's perfectly okay. But if you're looking for a genuine, authentic barre class, its important to understand what it looks and feels like. Now that you know how to spot a real barre studio, and identify the imitators -- I hope you'll sign up for a class soon, get your barre burn on and experience how this practice can truly change your mind, body and soul.

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