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To Australia for a Supernova and a Flood: Description Story of a scientific expedition to Alice Springs Australia to observe the supernova of using a high altitude balloon.

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Includes an account of the long airline flight, various encounters with Australians and a visit to Ayer's Rock. Product details Format Paperback 52 pages Dimensions Epic Hikes of the World Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet Japan Kate Morgan.


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Massive floods hit Australia’s Queensland | Watch News Videos Online

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  • Its brightness peaked in May, when it appeared as a moderately bright star in our sky. Afterwards, it slowly declined in brightness. It was the first opportunity for modern astronomers to see a supernova up close.

    Observations since then of Supernova A have provided much insight into these fascinating objects. The word nova means new star. That was the last nearby supernova, and it was before the invention of telescopes.

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    Enjoying EarthSky so far? Sign up for our free daily newsletter today! The work of these astronomers suggests that a compact source neutron star? What was Supernova A?

    Massive floods hit Australia’s Queensland

    A Type II supernova like Supernova A is a violent stellar event, caused by the explosion and subsequent collapse of a star. At the time, this was a surprise for a Type II supernova; astronomers expected a red supergiant, not a blue one. So Supernova A appears to be a core-collapse supernova. That is, as the star exploded, the core of the star should have collapsed. Given the size of the original star, astronomers would have expected a neutron star to form.

    Australia's Flood Disaster - Australia

    To this day, though, although astronomers have searched for the neutron star left behind by the supernova, no neutron star has been found. We are made of stardust.