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OpenEPC can scale up to millions of subscribers with carrier-grade features such as load-balancing and fail-over, but unlike the incumbents, we can also scale down.

  1. Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO at mobile core network software start-up, Core Network Dynamics.
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Its lightweight footprint makes it ideal for mobile edge computing, deploying a distributed core at the edge of the network — or in the extreme, embedded in small cells and deployed at the customer site. OpenEPC delivers a step change for mobile communications as it means we can build ultra-portable, highly resilient, distributed mobile networks for use cases including public safety, emergency services, oil and mining, construction, and Industrial IoT.

Our breakthrough is giving users a miniaturised, dynamic mobile network wherever they go, using small cells that are meshed together.

Gasthof Brinkschulte, Sundern

Each cell becomes an autonomous, ultra-portable, miniaturised mobile network that can serve standard smartphones or tablets and be carried in a backpack, or attached to a vehicle out in the field. And when these pocket-sized mobile networks are connected using mesh topology to other bubbles, it becomes a swarm of networks, dynamically extending the reach of the combined network with every bubble added. Our goal is to support ultra-mobile mobile networks where the mesh network reconfigures itself as the cells move.

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Imagine driving from France to Germany and your voice call just continues — whereas today your call would be interrupted as you change between carriers. As far as we know, no one else in this field does this.

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Over the past 18 months we have signed up 11 OEMs who are customising and integrating our technology to fit their specific requirements— not just a bolt-on, shrink-wrap offer. I am a mobile industry veteran. The business was eventually sold to Myriad Group in The high calibre of its team and the quality of the software they were building.

The software clearly has the potential to be an industry game changer and I felt confident that I could add value by helping them transition from their research roots into a fully-fledged commercial entity with strong momentum.

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What is the story of the company from launch until now? How big is the company now?

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  • Since the spin-off from the research institute in we have been growing fast. For the past 18 months we have been focusing on using our growing band of OEM partners as a route to market, because this approach offers us a great way to scale globally and into different markets without having to build a large sales, operations and support organisation. We license our source code to OEMs, which is proving to be a very successful strategy because it gives them greater control and the ability to innovate faster. We, on the other hand, benefit from their global scale and existing relationships with end-customers.

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    Real-Time Systems 26 1: GI Jahrestagung 2 Doctoral Symposium on Middleware Real-time event-handling and scheduling on a multithreaded Java microcontroller.

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    Microprocessors and Microsystems 27 1: Bran Selic , Uwe Brinkschulte , P. Emanuelson , Carlos O'Ryan: Jochen Kreuzinger , Matthias Pfeffer , A. Performance Evaluations of a Multithreaded Java Microcontroller.