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Well, most of the services I mentioned above do pay via easy options like PayPal, checks and wire transfer. PayPal is indeed a blessing for online entrepreneurs. You can very easily send to and receive money from your clients. Functioning of PayPal is straightforward and totally hassle free. Payment gateways are services that facilitates online payments. You would need to give payment gateway provider a percentage of every transaction. I hope this information was useful for you. Please feel free to ask should you have any questions on this topic.

I will be happy to try and help. Thank you for using TechWelkin. I am a student and I wanted to do some work to be self-dependent… and I think online job is a good platform.

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I think my artwork and designing creativity is quite good so I am thinking of registering on Zazzle. Hello Aarti, Zazzle has comprehensive online help available. Please refer to that and you will find all the steps of uploading designs on Zazzle. Dear sir, can anyone earn money by uploading those videos, audios, images downloaded from other websites? Hi Krisha, you asked a good question. All the responsible companies like YouTube keep an eye on copied content and bars you from earning an income from it. See, earning money from Internet is NOT an easy job. If you really want to earn decent and regular income, you will have to work VERY hard and make your own product.

There is no shortcut to online success. You may make a few dollars by cheating, but soon the cheating will be caught and you will be banned from good options of earning an income. So, do not indulge in plagiarism. Moreover your comments on reviews are very appreciable. A reply on query always gives lot of satisfaction. Hello Lalit, good article. I work as a fitness trainer. I know how to train a person to reach its goals, also know what to do to lose weight, what to eat to lose weight and so on… How can I use it?

What I have to do to earn on this extra money? Because I have bad English and I can not teach the lesson online. Hi Ruslan, your English is not as bad as you believe in fact it is pretty good. I can only suggest one thing: Make nice and useful videos of your training sessions and also give some good extra tips for viewers. Upload these videos on YouTube and use ads to make money.

Yes, you can sell your paintings online. Mode of payment depends on which platform you will use to sell the paintings. If you launch your own website, you can use a payment gateway. If you use other web stores, they will send the payment in your account through EFT. But, hope these things work. This is a great article. I wish I could have read more like those when I was first starting to do Internet Marketing and researching for methods to make money online.

After going through some failures and wins people decide if they want to continue or leave this and go dive in the next idea of making money. This is not the options you want to choose because you will almost fail every time you change the method you are using. So in my experience, the best thing you should do is make more audience and keep them! You need to have people beside you and this is the list building methods which will help you with most of the options that Lalit Kumar is talking about. With audience you can expand your business in no time and that is the easiest way I think you can do that.

We must focus on building audience for ourselves. If we have content that can give us dedicated audience then there are plenty of ways to monetize your content. All the best for you endeavors. Looking forward to hear more from you on TechWelkin. Great article for people who are in search of online job and online money making etc.

Yes, Zazzle has the option of paying through PayPal —so, anyone in the world can use Zazzle to earn money. Sir , I am a senior citizen. I want to earn something from the internet. Kindly suggest some ways. I am technically qualified and good in English. But I do not know how to proceed. I have a laptop and internet connection. I can type average fast. Do not know how to get registered with parties. Do not know whom to ask. Kindly help me to get in registered with those in need people like me. Dear Sir, this article itself is about the ways with which people can earn from Internet.

Now that you have a laptop and an Internet connection, I guess their is a fair possibility that you can also use one of these ways. I suggest that you find an Internet-savvy person around you who could register you on appropriate websites. Hi TechWelkin, I am from the Philippines and interested in the paid survey. Can I participate in those sites that you mention? It says in some of the ads that I should be in the UK? Hi Marc, certain paid online survey websites restrict the survey responders to a specific region.

Opinion of the people outside that region is not useful for such websites. So, you can not take work from all the survey websites. Well here is a question for you Lalit jee. Is it necessary for us to have a bank account before starting online career? So should I open a bank account first? Dear Anum, indeed, you must have a bank account. Otherwise you will not be able to receive payment for the work you will do online. It is advisable to open a bank account as it is a useful thing anyway. Thank you for liking the article. I hope you will find many more useful articles on TechWelkin.

Stay connected with TechWelkin. Sir do we have to give our bank account no. Otherwise how can we get money from YouTube if we upload videos? Google will transfer your earning directly into your bank account. I can teach Physics and Maths upto 12th level. Is there any possibility to earn money online with these skills? Hi Jozef, there is no telling as to how much one can earn.

Online earning depends on a large number of factors. Everyone tastes different degree of success. Sir, I am a student and I have good typing skills Can I earn with this skill if any then suggest proper website or anything.

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Vijay, you can take up online data entry jobs. What do I do? How to earn on this website? I would suggest that you register on several survey websites so that you can keep getting surveys regularly from one or the other website. It will be helpful for youth. I think online survey is easy one for me.

I have a doubt that the websites you stated regarding online surveys are related to foreign countries. Can we also enter for registration? Yes, Chethu, you can also register for doing online surveys and get some online income. Give it a try! I find that the best way for me is to complete surveys. I have done a couple of nice songs. But getting voice-over jobs has been so difficult. Do you know any site online that provide voice-over jobs? Salim, as I have mentioned in the article, you can use websites like Umano, VoiceBunny or Voice for finding voice-over jobs.

I have a plan to start a new blog.

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I want to be a good blogger. This is one of aims. Is blogging need any IT courses for working as a blogger..?? Gone thru all the options. Interested in Online teaching as well as e-News letter. Need more details on this. Hi, Thank u very much for your very useful tips that i ever heard to get some financial support. I will try some of these, and if I have any doubts, is that alright if i ask you? Sameer, sure you can ask me through comments. I answer only those questions which are written in clear language and where I see that genuine effort has already been made by the person.

A lot of people ask me to serve them a solution on platter. But it does not happen that way. There is no alternative of hard work. If my readers do hard work, I will be happy to help them. I wanna tell you that i am a student,just aged 15 years old because of which these methods seem difficult to me. Which method would you suggest as the best for me and the easiest? As a result, balancing online business and studies could be a very tough job. I personally have found good success with affiliate marketing of E-retailer like Flipkart etc.

However my Youtube monetization efforts have not yielded much results. Can you guide me as to what pointers I need to keep in mind in order to maximize my revenues from this channel. Google will not pay handsome amounts if you do not have enough traffic. Am a journalist and i have a lots of articles so how can i can earn money with them pls tell me that website.

Hi lalit sir thanks alot for your suggestions with your great article. I hope i will also get a right way from your help.. Super post ever i read. Thank you so much. I have worked all my life and now at 57 — redundant. I was beginning to lose hope, but you have inspired me. Maybe this is a new road for me to travel. A blog seems the most obvious for me, it now where to start! Dear Irene, life never stops! And there is always an alternative available for us. Go ahead, make a blog and write good stuff on it. I would suggest, that you should begin blogging more as a hobby and not as a profession.

Let your blog be the medium of your own expression. What a wonderful article I have just read. Thanks a lot, but I think I will go for the blogging and the video publisher. Thanks for this great post. I have great knowledge about physics and mathematics also so i want to do online teaching job through internet. Nitin, TechWelkin has plenty of information on how to be a successful blogger.

Please read the article. I want to do commerce bt in future i'll surely try my style in thesr things, thanks lalit bhai. I have one Que. My blog Blogger has daily average of 50 vistors… but i Cant able to go with Adsense.. Tell me the best alternative For Money earning through ads to my blog..?! Siva, 50 visitors a day is very little traffic. You need to focus on increasing good quality content on your blog.

I have written an article on the alternatives of Google AdSense. You may read it. How one can know when he get money from his blog? I mean who message or mail him that now he eligible to get money from his blog? How they credit money? Thanks for sharing useful information. Thanks for sharing nice and variety of details about earn money through work online. Hi Keyur, I think you can create online courses for aspirants.

You can make money by selling these online courses. Thank you for this great article. I think all of them blogging is the best way to earn online. I am also in blogging world from last years and its awesome experience for me. Hi Bhrigu, it's not that blogging is the best way for everyone. Best way to make money online varies from person to person. It depends on what you like to do and what you actually can do with your skills. As for blog sites, please read my article on best and free blog sites.

Thank you so much for providing this useful information. I m a teacher and was planning to earn extra through internet but was so confused. I am sure this is going to help me to find me my interests and to make big in the techno world. I wish you all the best Amrita! Please do share your experience on how your efforts turned out to be. Great ways to make money online…I've use some of the ways and really it makes me a very good amount of money. However I didn't know about other ways that you've mentioned…thanks a lot for sharing. Seems like this is a whole new world of employment.

Thanks a lot for this article. I have teenage daughter and son and this could provide them the raw material for their future business ventures. Yes Manish, online money making is still an underestimated profession. These services hold good future if one works hard. All the best to you and your daughter and son. May they succeed in their respective online careers.

1. Make a written plan

Sir, i have decided to take blogging and writing e books as my part time job so could you please suggest me some websites and give more details about the procedures. How works this type of sites. I want to create a site like djpunjab. If the music is not produced by you, someone else will definitely be holding the copyright as creator of the music.

So, technically, you must take permission from the makers if you want to host music files on your website. God bless you for this honest and sincere write-up. I mean the necessary applications needed and other useful information. Dear Kelechi, you can read my articles on basic steps of developing a website and free blog platforms.

I knw physics subject very well n also i hv fantastic maths tricks so i wanted to ask, after making d videos where shud i put them so earn max profit……. There is no place better than YouTube for videos. You can start a YouTube channel and upload you Physics and Maths videos. You can earn money by monetizing your YouTube videos. Wonderful Lalit, I am really amazed with what you have talked.

Infact I was searching in google for one such information over a year. What I have come across all these days wer e full of fraudsters. You have opened my funnel to make money now. I also want to have a look at my website, adsense ads are running, but I have not made a penny so far. I could not find out what is going wrong. Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Hi Madhavan, your blog is very new. It takes several months and sometimes years for a blog to make money. I would suggest that you focus more of writing good content and forget about making money for sometime.

Without content there would be no traffic and that would in turn mean no earnings. Take your blog seriously and after a few months you may be able to taste success in online money making. How do I register with zazzle? When I try to do it they ask for my resume. Could any one provide me the steps to register and get started. I am good at sketching.. Thanx for your article.

How to Make Money Online Fast 2017 & 2018 - Make Money Working From Home! Earn $300 per day online

This is very informative and helpful. I want to do something online for earning. A million thanks to you for this very nice piece. It has helped me improve and now am ready to take on the Internet challenge and see what I can do. Keep the good work going. All the best Kenneth! In future, do share your experience with me about how your efforts worked out.

I hope to be of more use to TechWelkin Readers. Stay in touch and keep on sharing your feedback. Your feedback is of great value to me. Hi Sudheer, for AdSense, you can read my guide here: I get lot of mails from google adsense, where I can make Rs a day. Charges for three months is Rs Hello Lata Sunder, if I were you, I would not fall prey to such things. Art of Blogging is needs time to perfect.

And those who claim that they can drive a lot of traffic towards your site are simply lying. It does not work that way. Hi Pranab, I can not specifically suggest any online job. This article gives you all starting points of how you can plan your online income. Stay in touch with TechWelkin!

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I am a professional Lyricist song writer n I have good collection of hindi songs in rythem. Can you suggest any online platform to sell it. Hello Faiz, I am not aware of a platform that caters specifically to buying and selling lyrics. But I would suggest you to try general places like oDesk and eLance. You may also want to post free ads on classified websites. Potential buyers may approach you after seeing ads. No doubt these are some of the great way to make money online. Can you suggest any good resource to learn affiliate marketing?

Well, Adeem, there is nothing to learn in affiliate marketing. All you need is a niche website with good enough traffic. Then you just sign up with the affiliates in your niche and get going! You can indeed earn money from Internet by doing computer-based jobs at home. You can use your skills, like writing, singing, blogging, voice-over, data-entry, music, photography etc.

Do Blogging Blogging is a nice way to make free money. Design themes for platforms like WordPress and Blogger. You can impart knowledge and be a teacher on Internet.

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Writing and publishing e-books can bring you loads of money! You can sell personalized designer items online to earn money. Lots of translation jobs are available online for language experts. Photographers can sell their work through various websites. Responding to online surveys are a good way to make quick bucks. Comments Hello Lalit sir, I am a student and I wanted to do some work to be self-dependent… and I think online job is a good platform.

And thank you so much for your useful article. Its really not that difficult, just choose the niche you feel you are good at, and build the strategy to work on regular basis. And that keeps on growing with the passage of time, hard work and continuous efforts. Please keep in mind that on initial basis when you just have to setup your online work, you cannot earn that much, you must work smartly and with extreme patience to reach that level of earning.

I would suggest my readers to maximize their online income streams by participating in variety of online income methods, this would significantly boost your income and help you avoid risk of putting all eggs in one basket. This way you will be earning money by simply referring people towards right products. Your blog needs to serve useful information to readers and that information must have to be unique in nature.

If you own a blog you can monetize it in variety of ways for instance you can use publisher networks to display relevant adverts, when someone clicks them you will get paid for those clicks, make sure not to cheat the system, as you will be kicked out of the system if any fraudulent clicks on adverts got detected. You can go with direct advertisements, reach out to relevant product developers and show them your blog stats, if your blog is receiving good traffic, there is a good chance to attract a direct advertiser. In addition to all such monetization methods, you must also use Affiliate Marketing to add another income stream on your blog.

Once you have established good blog audience and you are able to attract heavy traffic to your blog, many advertisers will start reaching you. Seeking to work for others at flexible timing right from your home? Freelancing is the career you might be looking to work on. You need to have sufficient set of skills to get started with freelancing career.

For instance you have expertise in graphic designing, logo designing and web designing, you can certify your skill sets with couple of online exams and start bidding on online projects related with your expertise. Once you have won the bid, you can start working on that particular project. Make sure to work honestly and deliver the quality of work on the right time or even before time to impress the employer, it will help to earn positive ratings and level of trust from the employer.

Freelancing could make you earn thousands of dollars per month, if you are utilizing your skills in a smarter way. You might have to work on hourly basis with few freelancing job sites and set your per hour working price. Having a software engineering degree? Then you must be familiar with application development term. These days mobile application development is too hot.

You can get started with apps development and monetize those apps with advertisements or in-app purchases to unlock certain features of your app. You can also start selling application development services to customers on your own website. You can start your own website and start providing web design and web development services to your customers. Offer them discounts and free related consultancy services that will help you establish good repute among other competitors. Just like a retail shop where products and services are being sold for a price, you can do it online.

Configure it and add relevant products to it, and start selling your products online. If you need to sell services, you may simply list down services on your website and start promoting your services on social media channels. Have plenty of exposure with web hosting services? Have sound knowledge of Linux server management?