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The authors examine a broad range of cases - including those of the Roma, Sinti, Kurds, sex workers, youth and other 'minorities' or marginalised peoples - to illuminate the ways in which the institutions and practices of European citizenship can hinder as well as enable claims for justice, rights and equality. This book draws the key themes together to explore what the limitations and possibilities of European citizenship might be.

Trans-disciplinary in their essence, the key outputs of Enacting European Citizenship have added substantially to thinking about citizenship in ways that must be engaged with by social scientists, legal scholars and students of many other disciplines such as cultural studies and geography. Questions of European citizenship Engin F.

Enacting European Citizenship (ENACT)

Isin and Michael Saward 2. Claiming European citizenship Engin F. Acts of citizenship as methodology Rutvica Andrijasevic 4.

Enacting Europe in Times of Crisis

Enacting European citizenship beyond the EU: Acts of citizenship deprivation: Mobility interrogating free movement: Macioti and Vicki Squire 8. Sites and the scales of the law: Enacting citizenship and democracy in Europe Michael Saward.

Enacting European Citizenship

He has published widely on the politics of citizenship, including Cities without Citizens , Being Political and Citizens without Frontiers He has published widely on democratic theory, including The Representative Claim , Democracy and the edited volume Democratic Innovation Please register or sign in to request access. If you are having problems accessing these resources please email lecturers cambridge.

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Add to cart Add to wishlist Other available formats: Hardback , eBook Looking for an inspection copy? Gives a fresh perspective of the difficulties in attaining European citizenship rights, by focusing on cases where people's European citizenship is precarious and contested Develops a methodology to investigate the nature of 'acts' of citizenship Includes an assessment of the role of the European Court of Justice, and other key European institutions, in dealing with legal as well as political claims to citizenship.

The second category of people are those who are in fact EU citizens, but still have an ambiguous positioning within the social, political and cultural space of EU, like Roma from new member states i.

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These categories are used to provide us a lens to observe how the social and political space of EU is constituted, cleared, maintained and reproduced from without and how the excluded by becoming claimants of rights pose challenges to the boundaries of political community and and social space envisaged by the EU. This project builds upon the conceptualization of citizenship as claimant acts of those from whom the rights are otherwise denied.

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  7. These citizenship acts dwell on the outer limits of the hegemonic power and they refer to those acts that could neither be excluded completely by the centers of power, nor be captured without transforming the latter. These become acts as they imply rupture within the given definitions of the political community and the narratives of citizenship. This approach to enactment of citizenship implies an understanding of political participation beyond a narrowly defined political realm and beyond the canons of electoral politics.