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As fate would have it though, he changed mine. I now admire the struggle in just being human. Initially, I wondered how I landed in this position to begin with, but I knew the answer. I was in a completely vulnerable state when I met him and surmised he knew that the moment he saw me. I finally had this revelation that hit me like a bolt of lightning. Looking to calm your dog down without embarrassing yourself or having to get prescription medication? For both of us. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Sometimes I like it, but most of the time, I was simply lost. With all the adventures and troubles Ana faced, I should have felt some kind of connection toward her. Ana was instantly drawn to Cole, the main interest of this story, and I found their instant romance hard to believe.

However, I think the time is too short for Ana to hopelessly fall in love with Cole. I usually avoid books which involve mental institution since I always feel sorry for the patients. The mental institution in this book is horrible. I hate the absurd, crazy, and ridiculous treatment they give to the patients.

The doctors and nurses are supposed to help, not making the patients worse. For me, The Glimpse is a take it-or-leave it book. She wondered if what she was doing proved more than any suicidal mother or DNA tests that she belonged among the Crazies. The deceit, the danger, her curiosity — surely a normal Pure girl would be running for her life right now? But Ana was still there. Apr 03, Gabby rated it really liked it. When fifteen-year-old Ana finds out there was a mistake with her test, her whole world crumbles.

Now, seventeen, Joining with Pure-boy Jasper is her only hope of salvation. But when Jasper disappears, Ana sets off on his trail, determined to solve the mystery of his abduction. In doing so she uncovers some devastating truths The society that Claire Merle has set was one that was beautifully disturbing. It made my heart pound and had me at the edge of my seat. When I wanted things to get better for the characters- they seemed to get worse! This story made me feel so many emotions and not a lot of YA book nowadays can't do that. I loved that the setting was in London and that I could easily recognise most of the towns myself even through they were set in the future The writing style was simplistic but very descriptive and Merle uses her writing technique to blend high action, with romance.

Ana for most of her life was lied to, practically her whole life was a lie and once she found out Ana found it hard to trust people which I could understand. As the book progressed, I came to really admire Ana and her compassion that she had shown as well as her determination. Now on to Cole -Swoon- he was perfect, like literally he had no flaw's everything he did he had a stright froward reason for it.

I enjoyed that you could see their romance build between Ana and Cole it felt more real. Each character had a role roll to play even if they weren't a main they each played a part. With heart pounding action, loveable characters The Glimpse is a must read. Feb 20, Andrea rated it it was amazing.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of this book and I found it utterly un-put-downable. It is a thought provoking, gripping and twisting tale. I loved the brilliantly drawn scary but totally believable near future world where mental health professionals and pharmaceutical giants rule. But also it really was a story with a heart - of finding self belief and where being true to yourself is the most important thing of all. A really really good read! Jul 08, Melanie rated it did not like it Shelves: I really don't want to read book two, but I have a copy so let's do this.

No review, but hopefully will have one for The Fall. View all 4 comments. The plot is different but as a lot of similarities. Awaken and The Glimpse: Maddie and Ana are both the daughters of the men who ruined the world either by making the test to decide whether you are Crazy or Pure or the software in Awaken. Both run of with men who are part of a rebellion. Delirium and The Glimpse: In Delirium, Actual Rating: In Delirium, love is considered a disease.

In The Glimpse, strong feelings are considered a disease. You are strong-willed, something is wrong with you. You are quiet and soft-spoken, something is wrong with you. As with Awaken, the main character of Delirium and The Glimpse both ran off with rebellious men. This is about the extent of the similarities though. The plot intrigued me but I could see how it would offend some readers. The Crazies are those with mental illness. The Big 3, as they call them in the book, are depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety. People who know someone with those illnesses may feel uncomfortable with the book.

Religious people may also find this hard to read. Religion is banned and anyone who worships it is Crazy. This is not uncommon in newer dystopias though. Ana starts off less than favorable. More than once, I got annoyed at her for doing some really stupid things but, thankfully, she grows as a character.

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What made me really like her was that she noticed how pathetic she was. Jasper made me want to tear my hair out from the moment I met him. He was annoying — really annoying. My favorite character was Lila. She was funny, cute, and reminds me a lot of my friend. Ana was very good and comes in as a close second. Her brother Nate comes in as third. The beginning dragged a bit and took me a while really get into it. The middle was very good though and made up for the dragging beginning.

My favorite was probably when she admitted herself to the mental facility. After that, the plot started dragging again and I found myself skimming the last thirty pages or so. The last fifteen pages were a tad more exciting but still not enough to really grab me. I really wish Merle went deeper into the illnesses because I would have really loved to learn more about them. I would buy that in a heart beat. Minor Spoiler ahead The insta love between Ana and Cole was really disappointing.

The moment he entered the scene I knew how it would end which was annoying. If the romance was cut completely from the book, I might have enjoyed it more. The Glimpse has flaws, but I think Merle has potential. I recommend borrowing it from your local library. Mar 20, Sam rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm finding it very hard to sum up this book because of all the thoughts running through my mind. I've been crammed full of dystopian dilemmas and I think I might just explode.

The Glimpse is definitely a book you should try out if you want to live in another world for a few hours. Do not be fooled into thinking that this book is a light contemporary by looking at the cover because it's set in one of the most complicated worlds I've ever read about. So, basically, okay, maybe it's not basic, but I'm finding it very hard to sum up this book because of all the thoughts running through my mind. So, basically, okay, maybe it's not basic, but I'll attempt to write a basic summary for the book.

Ana, a year-old girl, has been living her life thinking she was a Pure, someone who has no chance of having a mental illness. But when she finds out that that there was an error in her DNA test, she thinks her life is over. She could be banished to the land where the 'crazies' live, she could lose everything that meant something to her, she could lose the boy who she's been promised to, Jasper. And when he is abducted, Ana's father claims that he is doing everything he can to find Jasper but it's not enough. Ana sets off on a journey. A dangerous journey to find the boy she's liked for so many years.

But in a land of possibilities, will Ana fall for the boy who could help her find Jasper? And that's just the surface! The book goes into incredible detail with beautifully described scenes and exciting characters. There's just one thing that I found irritating. The Glimpse just has one of them beginnings that you can't really understand or get into, but it did get better. Around page 50 I just couldn't put it down.

I had grown to know the character's personalities and I really wanted to know more about them. Also, some of the dialog did make me want to fall asleep I did manage to stay awake but I just wish there were less science-talk I didn't mind some of it but I just think there could have been less. For me, Ana's relationship with Jasper could have been better, but then again, she might not have met Yes, Cole is one of those amazing guys you can't get out of your head. Oh, and not to fear! There are no love-triangles. Which I'm sure many readers don't wait.

So think to yourself: Do I have too much time on my hands? Do I need an interesting book that can keep me entertained in the space of that time? Do I want a unique dystopian? Do I want a book with a guy that is totally amazing and awesome? THEN, this book is for you. Overall, The Glimpse is an exciting new addition to the genre that I can't wait for you guys to read and enjoy. I'm giving this book 4 stars instead of 5 because I did feel lost at times and wish that some of the details and dialog weren't so complicated.

Claire Merle has done a great job at delivering a book that is different and will stand out for both it's gorgeous cover and chilling plot! Read more of my reviews at Falling Books! I couldn't put it down so captivating was the story and the main heroine Ana. Apr 12, Kevin rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Was this suppose to be a psychological thriller with a hint of romance?

When you create a society such as Merle has done with The Glimpse, you have to make sure it makes sense and could actually happen. I don't care if this is the last place to live in the whole world, which by the way it's not, there is no way people are going to be segregated for potentially having a mental disorder. First of all, I don't think there are that many people out there that literally have no chance of having or d Was this suppose to be a psychological thriller with a hint of romance?

First of all, I don't think there are that many people out there that literally have no chance of having or developing some kind of disorder, plus those "crazies" would literally not let it happen, I'd know, since I'd def be one of them. Sometimes when a book has a poor idea to it, or it's not executed properly the characters can save it by being interesting or special in a way, in this book, I could honestly care less what happened to all of the characters, especially the main one.

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She was said to be a "sleeper" of one of the big three diseases, which basically meant she was going to get it at some point, yet she went around calling the people not in the pure society, crazy. That just screamed hypocrite to me, as if she wasn't accepting what she was. Also she kept trying to be a hero to impress her new boy toy, and she just failed time after time.. I know I'm being bitter, but I just didn't care for this book, it reminded me way to much of Matched and I might of actually enjoyed the first of that series more than this one. This was just a supposedly more realistic and harsh version of Matched.

The romance developed eerily similar. I did like the concept of the enlightenment project, and I would be interested to know more about them, but I doubt I will be reading more of this series. When i finally got to the end, which I was surprised about due to my immense boredom at certain parts, there was like no conclusion! This was clearly not a stand alone book, since So maybe it just wasn't for me.. Mar 24, Teri Terry rated it it was amazing Shelves: OK I think 4.

Why won't they let me give half stars?! What I really liked about The Glimpse - I didn't predict the plot. And I'm someone who does that a lot I'm annoying to sit next to in movies, cos I always guess er So reading something where I wasn't doing that was FAB. Well, there were a few times when I thought, not sure I believe Ana could do stuff she did. The Man is always saying to me when I'm watching things that I need to 'suspend disbelief'.

That is the only reason I'd take off half a star. I know some people have been offended by the Pures vs. To me, part of the point of Dystopian fiction is to highlight these kinds of things. So - YES, it is mad to categorise people based on predisposition to mental illness. But I think that is kind of the point: So i'm OK with that. Apr 12, Micalea Smeltzer rated it really liked it.

A Glimpse of the Dream

The Glimpse is an eerie look at a future that seems just around the corner. I found myself captivated by the story that Claire Merle has weaved. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because at times I found myself lost. I wish there had been more background information. Other than that it was an intriguing story that left me breathless and wanting more.

I would recommend this book and will eagerly devour the sequel. Because there better be a sequel I thought Ana's evolution throughout the book was v The Glimpse is an eerie look at a future that seems just around the corner. Because there better be a sequel I thought Ana's evolution throughout the book was very real. She really came into her own person. I absolutely love Cole and maybe Okay, definitely have a little crush on him. Apr 26, Mary rated it it was amazing. The title of this book is "Glimpse" so you would think that a lot of the novel would elaborate on what the "Glimpse" is, but this novel is really about a futuristic society where pharmaceutical companies have created their own fiefdom using the rest of us a lab rats.

The author took headline news and created a what-if that is scarily possible. Nov 13, Sandra rated it it was amazing. Twists and surprises at every turn? Jun 07, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review is also posted at Smitten over Books. Will you wait for me? It's the year and many catastrophes had happened. The Mental Health Care system has so much power over the society and people This review is also posted at Smitten over Books.

The Mental Health Care system has so much power over the society and people are now being classified into two, the Pures and the Crazies. The Pures live in the Community with comfort and luxury while the Crazies has to live with the disarray of the City. Ana is the daughter of Ashber Barber, the man behind the invention of the Pure test.

A Glimpse of the Dream by L.A. Fiore

She is a Pure or so she thought. When her father was accused of manipulating her test results, she was branded as a Big3 Sleeper. Only a binding could save her from being thrown out to the City. But Jasper the man she's being bound to has troubles. He knew something big, something that could shatter the credibility of the Pure test and weaken the hold of the entire Board of Psychiatric Testing and Evaluation.

That's why Jasper was kidnapped and Ana has only 4 weeks to figure out how to find Jasper or they will never be bound and she will be shunned from the Community. That's how it all started. Ana was intent on getting Jasper back because she knows he is in trouble. So she sneaked outside of the Community and her adventure started. The Glimpse reminded me of previous dystopian books I've read. It also reminded me of Starters by Lissa Price because of its technicality. But in my humble opinion, The Glimpse is superior.

Mostly because The Glimpse plays to my love for psychology. The appeal for me of The Glimpse can be pointed out to its concept. I love the idea behind it all. That because the world is in shambles, the pyschologists and intellectuals will step forward and try to control the crimes and the escalating turmoil by controlling people's action. By mapping out every mental health disorders, they could now classify people into who's harmful and who's not.

They could now control people because they believe they fully understand how the brain functions. They give psychotic medications to children and even neonates as a form of prophylaxis or preventive treatment without regard to the debilitating side-effects. At a young age, they become dependent to it and without it, withdrawal symptoms occur to the point of depression and suicidal tendencies.

Isn't that positively chilling? The characters are also part of the charm of The Glimpse. I just like Ana so much. She is intelligent, brave, and compassionate. She had to endure a lot of things. She had to live with her cold, calculating father and has been brought up to lies and deceptions. She had even forgotten what lead to her mother suicide because of the layers of lies her father coached her to tell. In times where emotions has to be estimated and always reigned in for fear of being taken away by the Psych Watch, being in the City is like freedom to Ana.

Yes, she was scared and wary but you could really see that her role was to shake things and to start changing the system. The only thing that slightly bothered me was the "Glimpse" thing. I just felt that it was the carrots in the soup. Just floating around but I guess we will have more explanation about this in the next installment. I could go on and on but this review would then be very long. The Glimpse is definitely something. It had me take down notes like I'm on cracked. It made me think so much and even though it's highly improbable for now to have a society like that, it's possible that in the future this could happen.

It all really boils down to power and how this power could be very corrupting. Oh wait, I've said that already. This is definitely a must-buy and a must-read, people. Jan 17, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me With such a beautiful cover, I expected the story to have the same impact on me and it most definitely did. The Glimpse speaks of a world that marginalises and alienates those who are "ill", determined by a DNA test created by Ariana Barber's father.

When discovered that her Pure status is an error, she's given one month to marry Jasper Taurell, otherwise she'll be thrown out with the Crazies and separated from the only life she's ever known. Then Jasper tells her he has a big secret, one big enough to kill and die for, and soon mysteriously disappears. She's forced to find him before her one month is up and discovers dark and magnificent things about her world in the process The romance in The Glimpse sold it for me. You'll find out who he is when you read the book, but Cole made me swoon like no other.

He and Ana don't exactly meet on friendly terms and there's a constant shroud of mystery surrounding him, but he's a mature MAN who will make your heart flutter with his charm and strength. Cole's intelligent, artistic and all kinds of caring too! You'll find that there are multiple groups of people within this society and their motivations and end goals are a complete secret. One day you will kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.

To get it LOVE with you was not under my control but to love you forever has been the goal of my life. Our love will never surrender to the test of time as even though we may live or die our sacrifices and achievements in love will be shared across generation on earth and heaven among the mortals and immortals as an example. The fear was never losing each other but setting an example which will rewrite the definition of love.