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Allegheny Indians murder her father and brother, burn their Pennsylvania home to the ground, and take Regina captive.

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Only her mother, who is away from home, is safe. Torn from her family, Regina longs for the past, but she must begin a new life.

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She becomes Tskinnak, who learns to catch fish, dance the Indian dance, and speak the Indian tongue. As the years go by, her new people become her family. Will they ever meet again? Though she would bid Annapolis good-bye at the age of nineteen to embark on an… More about Sally M. Keehn By Sally M.

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Also by Sally M. See all books by Sally M. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Beyond the Bright Sea.

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I Am Regina

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After receiving it and looking at it more, I realized it was the same story as I Am Regina. So, I finally got to reading them.


When I began reading them, it didn't occur to me that they would be written from each girl's experience. I read Alone Yet Not Alone first and after, wasn't sure if I wanted to read I Am Regina because it was the same story, but I decided to thinking that since this one was about Barbara the other book might be about Regina.

Alone Yet Not Alone is the story of Barbara's capture. I Am Regina is the story of Regina's capture. They were both good books, but I felt Regina's story was better told as far as imagery, Indian life, and connecting with the characters go. I enjoyed reading Regina's story and felt myself feeling her pain, sorrow and even anger. The author of I Am Regina stayed true to their christian upbringing and included Bible passages within the text especially when things would trigger a memory.

Alone Yet Not Alone I feel was written to the Christian as an encouragement that God is always with us even when we feel alone. In my simple and unhindered life, I cannot imagine the strength it took to hold onto that during this horrific time.

It is only through God that they or we could get through the trials that we face in this imperfect life. The book was very encouraging in that respect. In Regina's story you can sense her anger about the death of her father and brother. Who wouldn't be angry! You can sense her worry about her mother and other brother who were not home at the time of the attack.

During her captivity you can relate to her loneliness, her fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, the fear of the unknown as to what will this day bring, the joy of making friends, the sadness of losing friends, the hope of the war ending or soldiers finding and rescuing her, learning to trust her captors and eventually loving them as family. I found myself scared for her, crying with her, and also wanting her to be rescued, but at the same time torn between her new family and the one she was taken from. I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster she must have been on.