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The term can also refer to an unwanted change in the physical or mechanical properties of the materials.

Incompatible element

Additional Info Compatibility extends to fire extinguishers as well. Class D flammable metal fires are incompatible with water as well as carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. A special unit like this one available at Safety Emporium is required. Even everyday chemicals have incompatibilities. For example, did you ever notice that containers of bleach have a warning not to mix bleach and ammonia?

Incompatible Food Combining

When mixed, these substances generate the toxic gases chloramine NH 2 Cl and hydrazine N 2 H 4 , which could cause serious injuries or death! Other examples of incompatibilities include the reaction of alkali metals such as sodium or potassium metal with water.


In this case, the products are extremely basic sodium or potassium hydroxide corrosive , hydrogen gas explosive and a lot of heat an exothermic reaction. The heat generated is so great that the hydrogen generated will usually ignite!

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See our entry on water reactive chemicals for information on the proper storage of these materials. Improper storage and disposal of incompatible chemicals has led to a number of accidents.

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Always properly identify and segregate your chemicals and wastes to avoid the accidental mixing of incompatibles. For example, do not store acids and bases in the same cabinet.

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Do not store acid waste and organic waste in the same area. See the links under Further Reading for more tips and information. Read your MSDS carefully and make sure the labels on the container include warnings about incompatibilities. If the label lacks such warnings, why not add them? Most mistakes with chemicals happen not when they are being used properly, but when a process or reaction is being cleaned up.

This is when most people tend to let their guards down and when a variety of different kinds of chemical substances can be mixed. One group includes elements having large ionic radius , such as potassium , rubidium , caesium , strontium , barium called LILE , or large-ion lithophile elements , and the other group includes elements of large ionic valences or high charges , such as zirconium , niobium , hafnium , rare-earth elements REE , thorium , uranium and tantalum called HFSE , or high-field-strength elements.

Another way to classify incompatible elements is by mass l anthanide series: Rocks or magmas that are rich, or only slightly depleted, in light rare-earth elements are referred to as "fertile", and those with strong depletions in LREE are referred to as "depleted".

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