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1. Letting go of your boundaries will allow you to feel a closeness to other people.

Those marine biologists are pretty brave folks. As curious, brave and adventurous as they may be — researchers will tell you that there is so much more under the surface than mankind will ever fully know. They can extrapolate useful information that offers the opportunity for innovation and advances in technology, health care, and so on.

But the depths of oceans are vast and expansive — beyond our ability to access it all. The need for connection, the innate wiring for true relationship is expansive. To know and be known. Decades of research has been conducted to dive deeply into the human spirit and the brain science of attachment. I am forever seeking more information about building strong healthy attachment with my children. Standing at that shoreline, watching the water break over my freshly painted toes, I renewed my resolve to never stop learning.

I also made peace with the fact that I may never fully understand the depths and intricacies of our attachments. My job is to be a safe equipper for my child. To create an environment in which she can feel safe to inquire, to feel, to be curious, to wonder. My goal is to give her language when she lacks the words.

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To respect her limits and teach her to recognize and respect them for herself. I choose to speak life into her vast future and speak honor over her history. I will teach her to take that story as her own and possess it and guard it well. There is much I can choose to do. The rest is not mine to control.

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I felt refreshed simply acknowledging that. The cycles of the tides.

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All of these elements of this journey of attachment challenge me to be present in exhausting, unfamiliar or uncomfortable ways. My perspective was adjusted and refreshed. Adoption , Adoption Blog , Blog 0 Comments. Your email address will not be published. Hover or click the text box below. Content created by Creating a Family.

And remember, there are no guarantees in adoption or infertility treatment.

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Lessons from the Ocean on Attachment Tracy Whitney 0. Here are three lessons I learned from the ocean on attachment. Attachment is like the waves. One of the many vital life lessons ocean teaches us is aggression. A big part of life is defined by adversities. There are times when we feel how the ocean of life is trying to throw us backwards. Sometimes the ocean throws us out. When this happens, we need to keep faith in our mentor — life.

It is only shuffling our reality to show us more crucial elements of our lives. It wants us to align our vision with that of life. Sometimes, it simply wants us to let go of our beliefs. And other times it wants us to start over again. The courage we have to gather to face the ocean with all its terrors and cruelty is immense. But the strength we get from facing the roughness of currents is worth bracing ourselves. So, what does life want from us when it appears angry and ruthless?

It wants us to fight in a way it has taught us to fight in calmer times — fight with assertiveness, commitment, and perseverance. We have to maintain our control of the minimum or maximum power that life has left with us at any time. The moment we lose our smallest capability, even if it allows us to feel grateful for waking up early, we start walking our road to failure. The most difficult action in life is to maintain our position in hard times.

Lessons From the Ocean

When waters are angry, we need to hold our ground. The more sand we lose from beneath our feet the more vulnerable we get to the pull of returning waves.

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Silence is one of the many vital life lessons ocean teaches us. Even the greatest lessons of life are taught and learned silently. In most cases, if we are not silent, we are not paying attention and ultimately not learning. Under the layers of blood-curdling screams, joyful claims, and triumphant vows, life is nothing but vibrating silence. Those who come in alignment with this silence come to an understanding of the love life holds for them.

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Complaining , boasting, threatening, and arguing only keeps us away from the silent callings of life. If we pause for some moments on a daily basis to reflect on who we are and what our lives are, we would see the silent figure of life waiting for us with arms wide open.