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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Moving to Hope by P. Moving to Hope Rolling Thunder 2 by P. Moving to Hope 4. Rydin' the Storm Out "Quiet and shy doesn't work when your world is turned upside down. He's always been the shy, quiet one. He watched his father find love and didn't think it was possible for him. Until he met Molly. Something stirred inside of him, but would he take the lea Formerly titled: Something stirred inside of him, but would he take the leap out of his shell to ask her out?

Molly has always been head strong and devoted to her work. Building up her photography business has always been top priority. Vowing to avoid making the same mistakes as her mother, she put love on the back burner. Is Molly ready to take that leap and realize not all men are the same? Will Ryder and Molly be able to move past their own insecurities and calm the storm that rages inside them?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Moving to Hope , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I'll start by saying I really loved the first in this series, where a couple with grown children finds love finally in each other. Each book had some awkward writing a bit, but I easily fell into the plot so that faded for me as a reader, not interfering with my enjoyment of the books.

This is the second book of the series and features one of the son's of the couple from the last book, Ryder. Ryder is the shy twin, and he struggles with it. He has a great family, great brothers, is attractive and I'll start by saying I really loved the first in this series, where a couple with grown children finds love finally in each other.

He has a great family, great brothers, is attractive and not without girls because he is good looking enough that they approach him, lessening his need to make his move. He meets the heroine, Molly, when she does the photography for his dad's wedding. He is instantly attracted, and so is she, but he just is unable to force himself out of his shyness to ask her out. Of course, they finally do get together, but then have to deal with some secrets Molly has about her past.

What I liked about this is we have a shy hero, not a common thing in romances right now. He was sweet and hot though! It was wonderful seeing him come out of his shell for his heroine, showing her the true him he displayed only to those he trusted. Molly too became more confident in herself as she bonded with Ryder, though she was never a wimp at all. What really lost the stars on this for me was that it fell into the heroine too stupid to live with regard to a threat she was facing.

I really hate when a character behaves completely irrationally, and Molly did this in spades. She was being threatened, knew it was serious, and didn't go to the police, her hero, etc. Nobody if they want to live. I just couldn't overcome that bias reading this to give it more stars. I'll continue to read this author though, and just write this one off as not for me.

There was something about Ryder that really got to her.

She chanced a look around and saw Ryder looking right at her. Her breath caught in her throat as little shivers danced down her arms and up her spine. Dammit, she couldn't stop looking at him. She forced herself to look away just as the men were walking through the door to stand in front of the church.


Moving to Hope

She almost missed it! She had to start concentrating. At his dad's wedding, Ryder meets and instantly falls for the wedding photographer, Molly Bates. Love, at first sight, happens all the time, but it's almost always followed by uncertainty and odds that seem nearly impossible to overcome. The story of these young lovers is filled with love, laughter, angst--and family. Family is a strong element in this series and one of the many things I love about these books. They didn't always exercise sound decision-making, but isn't that what happens in real life?

Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and grow to become better people for it. I hope you'll enjoy reading about Ryder and Molly as much as I did. Dec 28, P. Rydin' the Storm Out received another 5 star review! I found this review on Amazon and I couldn't wait to share it. I haven't read the first one, but this can be read as a stand alone novel. I really enjoyed this story! It was refreshing to have a male MC Ryder , that was just a decent, kind and sensitive man! The female MC Molly was a sweetheart too although somewhat damaged by her past which catches up to her.

I just love how shy Ryder was able to grow into himself. Family was such a huge part of his life, and he wasn't afraid to ask them for help when he needed it, or advice.

And how Molly tried so hard to be the person she wanted to be. There was a lot going on in this story, but it was put together in a way that you weren't overwhelmed and confused. The struggles that Molly and Ryder go through left me on the edge of my seat at times! I hope to see Danny and Tammy's story soon! I would recommend this book! I was given this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review. Rydin" the Storm Out is the second book in this series. Family was such a huge part of his life, and he wasn't afraid to ask them for help w Rydin" the Storm Out is the second book in this series.

Ryder Sheppard was a mature,sexy, handsome, motorcycle guy but was very SHY Molly Bates was a cute, young, hot photographer that found Ryder interesting. But when he never made contact after helping her with her equipment at the wedding she just figured he wasn't interested. Molly knew he was shy but thought there was a spark there After a night at the Barn and seeing Ryder again Molly was hopeful After a friends and family weekend Ryder knows what he has to do but will he be able to go after what he wants??

Can he talk to her or will he have to resort to writing in down in hopes to one day be able to show Molly what his true feeling for her are?? Molly is also keeping a big secret from Ryder about her childhood, she thinks she is protecting him by not telling him about the secret But when it all comes to a head will he be able to loom past the fact that she was hiding something from him and not trusting him with her secret??

This was a love story from the beginning to the end Loved seeing all the family and when I mean family you will understand how wonderful this book is when you see who really is family NOW!! Can't wait for more in this series!! Way to go P. Call me a cougar, but, Ryder has just taken the place of his dad, Jeremiah, as my new book boyfriend. A lovely, sweet love story that will warm your heart this winter. Through a simple plot we get a heart-melting story that will make you smile. Our main protagonists, Ryder and Molly, meet at a wedding where Molly is the photographer. Once they meet, sparks fly and they cannot stop thinking about each other.

Ryder, our handsome biker, is extremely shy and he will shock you. Molly nearly drove me crazy with her reluctance to confide in Ryder as their relationship progressed but she has her reasons. Heartache and drama threatens to drown them as secrets resurface but our couple will fight for their love. This book is about how love can blossom and how it can heal well covered wounds. I reccomend it to every romantic out there. Oh, there are hot bikers too!!!! Jan 10, Angelica rated it it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed Molly and Ryder's story, and found the author to be a superb storyteller that brought this story to life off the page in vivid detail.

The author's ability with the written word saved what would have been a fairly standard romantic genre book - but I found myself wanting to see what surprises were waiting on the next page. Highly recommend this book! Rydin the storm out by PJ Fiala. What a great story, i cant wait to continue on with the series. I would definitely recommend this book to all who enjoy creative storylines.

This is a neat book for the shy guy Ryder Sheppard gets the girl Molly Bates. I loved this story for it was written with a shy guy's perspective. Even t The only reason this is getting 4 stars is because I liked Tate. Did she not realize that her father was also one of the ones who decided that she wasn't to be told about him being sick. Anyway, I also didn't like her treatment of Tate.

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Anytime anything got a little crazy, she would turn away or run. Tate was always there for her, always there to support her in anyway she needed. But when things got a little dicey And personally, at the end, I feel if her schooling would have started right away and not been pushed back that she would have gotten on that plane without a second glance If her actions proved anything about her throughout the book, it made that reason very unbelievable.

She never once fought for Tate. Tate's character deserved someone better, someone who would fight to stay with him as much as he fought to stay with Olivia. She has family problems with her twin sister and her mom; he has insecurity issues from the fall out of a divorce. Together they find the foundation for a relationship and although the time is short they develop an understanding for a future. Family gets in the way, trust becomes an issue until they both make changes to give the relationship time with time to plan a future.

Nice sports story with hot sex, lots of emotion and support of people doing good in the world by supporting charities, coaching kids and making a difference. Jan 26, Allyson Maclay rated it liked it Shelves: Really that's the ending ugh i wish the ending had given a little more. Dec 09, Book Gannet rated it really liked it Shelves: Which meant that while it was fun to see him get his comeuppance, I also felt bad for him several times. Olivia is independent and uninhibited, values honesty above everything and appears to be one of those amazingly lucky people who has never done anything wrong in her entire life, so can sit in sad judgement over others.

Mostly during her second meeting with Tate. Something about the way she acted then really got to me. She does have a streak of carefree selfishness that sprung up a time or two and her habit of running away from tricky situations rather than standing and fighting stopped me from liking her completely. Although anything to do with her mother made me rethink that, because wow, that woman is a piece of work. I really, really felt for Quinn being stuck at home. Having said that, there were moments when I wanted to smack Tate around the head for not listening to what Olivia was saying to him.

If ever there was a clear line in the sand, Olivia drew it for him. All of which might hint that this book is about more than the romance. This series has always been about more than just sexy times, but this time around the emotions are definitely taken up a notch, with plenty of strained relationships and the problem with falling for someone who lives on a different continent. Especially when Tate is the kind of guy who falls fast and hard, no matter how young a relationship is, and Olivia is the type never to fall at all.

And with the help of some scorching chemistry, they make a pretty impressive team. I hope there will be more to come from this series, because I'm not nearly ready enough to let go of them all yet. ARC provided by the author. Dec 04, Diane Lynch rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tate Donovan has not been interested in dating since his divorce. Too bad she lives in Paris and will only be around for three weeks. This story takes place in Washington, DC. It is appropriate for new adult and adult audiences. I was a little disappointed in Tate in book 3, Dirty Score.

He is an amazing guy. His ex-wife, Lisa, was an idiot for cheating on him. Lisa did a number on Tate. My heart broke for him. However, all things happen for a reason, and he is much better off with Olivia. Tate is incredible with the kids at his hockey camp. He has an amazing family and friends. I love how he defends Olivia to her family. I like his values. Olivia is a fun character. She is intelligent and a talented chief. She is adventurous and wants to live life to the fullest.

She tells it how it is. She left home ten years prior, after being lied to by her family, causing her to have some trust issues. She has matters she needs to resolve with her twin and her mother, who she truly cares about and loves despite the things that happened during the past. She will do anything for the people she loves. I enjoyed how Tate and Livvy met.

I appreciate how they make each other happy. I love that Olivia and Tate both support each other in everything they do. They each grow and become happier for it. I was disappointed in how she treated and talked about her sister. I like how her character evolves throughout the story. I ended up with a book hangover from lack of sleep, but it was well worth it. It has a great ending. It is well written. The hockey scenes are exciting and believable. The plot is meaningful and full of emotion. I am so glad that I discovered this series.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Dec 06, Maribel rated it it was amazing. Wild Zone is a definite must read. Skye did it again with this book and these characters!! I must say that I wasn't a fan of Tate's in Dirty Score, however he totally redeemed himself in this book. While reading Wild Zone, I felt an array of emotions: I must say that Tate and Olivia's chemistry was combustible and off the charts.

I mean what else do you get when you mix a hot as sin hockey planner with a very d Wild Zone is a definite must read. I mean what else do you get when you mix a hot as sin hockey planner with a very driven woman. I loved the way the characters evolved with the help of each other as well. After his divorce, Tate had insecurities about woman and relationships in general.

It was great to see how Olivia helped turn him into a confident man again. Olivia, on the other hand, had different views on relationships in general that were highly rooted from her European lifestyle. Therefore, it was great to see how Tate was able to pull out the soft side in her. Additionally, I was extremely excited to continue hearing about characters from the other Rough Rider novels. Wild Zone was a great carry over in that sense. I also did enjoy the introduction to new characters, Olivia's mother, Teresa and her sister, Quinn.

I had mixed emotions about these two women but they definitely convinced me otherwise by the end. Honestly, I wouldn't mind reading Quinn's story All in all, I highly recommend Wild Zone. Can't wait for more Rough Rider books!! Feb 13, Elizabeth Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: I would have given the book a higher rating, and I enjoyed the story well enough, but there were too many problems with copy editing; incorrect or missing words, typos, incorrect names and pronouns.

It's very distracting to be caught up in the story-line and suddenly a word is missing or it refers to Beckett when is should be Tate when did Beckett come into the scene??? I have to re-read the sentence to make sense. It stops me cold, like running into a wall. It was quite disappointing; I've come to expect better from Ms. This increasing in frequency and detracted from the story as it progressed. At one point the couple were finished with their shower and Tate talks about drying off and taking Olivia to the bed.

In the next paragraph he's shampooing her hair! I generally don't finish reading books that have fewer editing problems, and have added the authors to my do-not-read list. I only continued reading because I expect so much more from Skye Jordan. This book failed miserably to live up to my expectations and I'm terribly disappointed.

Dec 07, Stacy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Of course Tate Donovan had to turn out to be one of the nice guys. Tate is the guy you hate to love. In the last book Dirty Score, you got a taste of the jerk that couldn't get over himself and let Rafe and Mia be. Through out the whole book, I wanted to smack him, but not during this book.

Nope I wanted to wrap him in my arms and tell him everything would be ok. He's a big softy. As always Skye Jordan does a phenomenal job writing her characters. The are always well thought out, a Of course Tate Donovan had to turn out to be one of the nice guys. The are always well thought out, and I even think that Olivia was especially well planned.

She was a very complex character. I can't believe that I'm saying this but I wanted to smack her through out this book. Pull up your big girl panties, your family did what they did because they love you I'm say this because something similar happened to me, and I refused to let it define me. Regardless of my dislike for Olivia, this book was amazing, and I hope Ms. Skye keeps going with this series. I'm eager to see who's on the block next. Dec 06, Ash P Reads rated it really liked it.

Finally the good guy gets his girl. If anyone deserved somebody to love and to love him back, it was definitely Tate. Being such a good guy, a one-woman man, one would have expected him to be amongst the first to settle down and yeah he did. But the woman he chose left him shattered and disillusioned. So when Olivia Essex is the first woman to stir his interest in a long time, he follows his instincts. Olivia is a nomad, a woman of the world. Starting anything with her means it has an expiry dat Finally the good guy gets his girl.

Starting anything with her means it has an expiry date. And Tate understands that; it's his heart that doesn't get it. Olivia too realizes that the feelings she's experiencing for Tate are a first for her, but staying is still not an option, so they decide to see where it goes and take it from there. The one thing that Olivia can't handle is secrets that lead to lies. And when Tate unwillingly gets roped into withholding information that he knows Olivia would want, he endangers a relationship with the one woman that might be his soulmate.

I received an Advanced Reader's Copy from the author for voluntary review consideration Dec 04, Colleen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Tate, Tate, Tate, Tate. But after reading this book, I have a better understanding about Tate and why he was so bitter toward women. And Olivia, at first, I thought she was a bit selfish and childish in her relationship with her family, but it just goes to show, don't judge someone until you know the whole story because once she opened up to Tate as to why I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

And Olivia, at first, I thought she was a bit selfish and childish in her relationship with her family, but it just goes to show, don't judge someone until you know the whole story because once she opened up to Tate as to why she is the way she is with her family, I totally understood where she was coming from. Another great read in this series, and I just love when we see recurring characters progressing in their relationships from previous books.

It makes me feel like I am there and living the life with them. Dec 02, Melanie Marnell rated it it was amazing. Tate Donovan and Olivia Essex are c'est magnifique together. From the first moments they set eyes on each other, they sizzle. Olivia brings a light hearted zest for life to Tate that has been missing for years. I absolutely enjoyed this and loved the ending. This had it all! Complimentary copy received for honest review. Full review to come. Mar 09, melissasbookworld rated it it was amazing. I was so so sooo excited to read Caine's story and at the same time, it saddened me, knowing it'd be the last story in the Raven Riders series.

And when I started reading the spin-off, Raven Riders first book, I got even more hooked to this authors writing. I've been there right from the start when book 1, Ride Hard, released and it ends now with 'Ride dirty, 3. I was one of the lu I was so so sooo excited to read Caine's story and at the same time, it saddened me, knowing it'd be the last story in the Raven Riders series. This book can be read if you haven't read the prior books in the series, so that's important to know I think. If you've read the prior books in this series you've probably been really curious about Caine for a while now - he is, after all, the character we voted for in Laura's reader's group to get his own book right?

Did it live up to the high expectations I had beforehand? I don't think Laura has the ability to disappoint me, ever. And sure, I have a weak spot for biker romance, but all her other books so far have been nothing short of amazing. So let's get back to it; Caine's story. It was everything I'd hoped it'd be and more and that makes me sooo incredibly happy! The angst-ridden, slow burning-plot was a joy to read and very well written and developed I think. Because of that slow-burn plot, the romance was incredibly well developed, even though this isn't a complete full-length novel and Laura had lesser pages to fill.

These two main characters are nothing short of amazing, whether they're apart or together. It broke my heart, reading about his insecurities and at the same time, I felt so overwhelmed and joyful by the fact that he also turned out to be as great as he is. Yes, he suffers because of his past and it left demons behind that he needs to fight, but it didn't turn him evil - which happens so often when one has a past like he does - and I just really couldn't love him more for that. I loooove how Emma is just what he needs and that he doesn't need long to see that, despite him being scared to love someone.

Emma really is such a wonderfully written character, whom I loved right from the start.

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You can't just not love her, you really can't. She's that person that you want as a best friend, who's so sweet and always there for anyone and so understanding. But really, Caine and Emma are so beautiful together and made my heart combust several times for very different reasons hehe.. I'm sooo soooo sad that this is the last of the Raven Riders.

I could've easily read at least 4 more books in this series. All of the characters are just so amazing and it's going to be so hard, coping with the fact that this was the last. You're going to fall in love so hard and you can't do anything other then read this book in one-sitting! I know I DID!!

This was such a heart wrenching and beautiful story. But, being an MC Romance addict, I couldn't resist taking advantage of the opportunity that Dark Nights gave me to get a taste of her writing and her Raven Riders series in Ride Dirty. I can't resist either badass bikers or broken bad boys, and Caine was both.

Wild Zone (Rough Riders Hockey, #4) by Skye Jordan

What can I say? MissionAccomplished I loved it and want to go back and read the other books in the se "Maybe people were all just twisted figments in each other's tortured imaginations. MissionAccomplished I loved it and want to go back and read the other books in the series. Emma is a kindergarten teacher. She sweet and bubbly and finds enjoyment in things that Caine has never experienced. When he rescues her, she is very grateful and tries to thank him. But accepting kindness from others is not something he's comfortable with.

He's had a hard life and has purposely turned his emotions off. He doesn't want to feel anything. But there's something about Emma that draws him against his will. Emma is attracted to "Mr. Tall, Dark, Sweet, and Intimidating. While he seems scary to others, his protectiveness makes her feel safe. She's not the type to pursue the opposite sex, but she finds herself reaching out to him.

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  6. Reluctant to let him go. Wanting to get to know him and what makes him the way he is. There's something in him that she responds to and she wants to explore it further. But he's pushing her away and keeping his secrets. Caine is a loner. While the Raven Riders are his family, he still keeps himself separate from them.

    They don't know about his past or how he got his scars. He's never been tempted to share his pain with anyone Her sweetness calls to him, softening his hardness. She makes him want more, but he knows that would be a mistake. She deserves better than him. But she makes no secret of the fact that she wants him. How's he supposed to resist that? I really enjoyed this short story that was surprisingly full and satisfying.

    The characters had so much personality and I was drawn into their lives very quickly. My heartstrings were pulled many times throughout, and my smiles were earned just as often. I will most definitely keep this author's future work on my radar now that I've found her. The line forms here May 11, MelissaB rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 19, Ann Lorz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: More often then not I will find one book or more in a series that I like better then the others.

    This also works for one that wasn't as great too. Usually for me it's not a novella, instead I often fall for a full length novel. I think that has to do with the fact that you feel like you get more out of a novel over novella. That's not always true, but it does seem to happen for me. That's right, this time fo Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: That's right, this time for this series it's a novella that I'm totally blown away with.

    I have so many thoughts moving around my head that I can't seem to focus on one. That's how much I really enjoyed this story. Don't get me wrong I'm not sure there has been a Laura Kaye book that I haven't yet enjoyed. She's just one of those authors that seems to always writes a story I enjoyed. Yes, some more then others, but I don't often not enjoy them. All pluses in my book. For some reason I just loved, Ride Dirty more then any of her other books. I think it was Caine. His character just shouted out for someone to get him, to understand what he was and who he has become.

    You want to both hug him and cheer him on. Caine's road wasn't always easy and I think it took him awhile to truly understand what it means to love another person and I'm not talking only about male, female love. I mean to love those who are the most informant to us. Friends, loved ones and even our furry family members. This was something important that he need to figure out and I believe by the end of the book he did just that.

    Without even knowing he was learning it. Yes I thought for me that Caine really made this book but without Emma he wouldn't have been able to open himself up enough to learn what he needed to learn. She stood by him even knowing his past and present. Easy to say you'd do so, hard to really do it. Together I think they are a perfect match. Each gives the other what they really need in life. I can honestly say that I was very sad when I was done with this book and that was it. I could have read many more pages of their story.

    I love when that happens. If you haven't yet read this series I've got to ask, why not? Believe me when I say that you would really enjoy it. I would read it in order to really get a feel for what these men are about. Heck, go back and start with her Hard Ink series and work your way to this one. They tie in together and all are very good. Mar 13, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: Caine is a protector at heart; even after the terrible suffering he endured as a child and young adult has done nothing to tame his white-knight syndrome.

    As Caine's past is revealed it is painfully clear how the trauma of his past is preventing him from truly living; the tainted view he has of himself is another barrier to happiness for Caine. He is ultimately terrified that if he lets someone get close to him they will find his faults, my heart broke for him with each new discovery. Caine stumbles upon a mugging one evening where he comes to the aid of the lovely Emma. Marking a turning point in both of their lives. Emma has an inner light that draws people to her including Caine. It is soon apparent that this is not always a good thing when Emma finds herself with a stalker, as well as a protector in Caine.

    Through their time spent together, Emma is able to break down Caine's barriers brick by brick, giving him a life he deserves rather than the existence he had condemned himself to. Laura Kaye can do no wrong! Let's be honest - I love everything Laura Kaye writes! So it's no surprise that this one is getting 5 stars. Ride Dirty features Caine, the most private and taciturn of the Raven Riders motorcycle club.

    We knew there had to be something heavy in his past, and was there ever! I loved Caine and Emma together. Caine had so much baggage from his horrific past that he was convinced he was worthless. He tried, he really tried, to convince Emma that he wasn't made for anything Laura Kaye can do no wrong! He tried, he really tried, to convince Emma that he wasn't made for anything more than a quick hook up. But there was so much more to Emma than anyone would expect, and she saw through all of Caine's attitude, not to mention all the tats and piercings, to the man he really was.

    All in all, I found Ride Dirty to be a wonderful and emotionally satisfying story. By the way, I should mention that although Ride Dirty is part of a series, it stands very well on its own, so jump in and enjoy! Mar 12, Laura rated it really liked it.

    Reward Yourself

    Based, loosely, on Scheherazade and the tales of the Arabian Nights, each story is short but tells a full and compelling story Caine is security for an MC club. A match made in heaven, right? No issues and smooth sailing. Oddly, it absolutely is. Yes, there are relationship hurdles, but these people just work together. In Emma, Caine finds acceptance and a willingness to trust. She understands him, she gets who he is and why he does the things he does. In Caine, Emma finds the connection with another human being that's been lacking in her life since her grandmother's death.

    This is a shorter novella, so the characters aren't as fully developed as they might be in a longer title, but I felt I got a full story. With a resolution in a relationship I could believe in, and that made this a fun read. That and the crazy hot sex. That was fun too. I recommend this title. Well, that was just sweet! And hot - it was hot too!

    Loved learning about Caine's past and watching him moved past it all with Emma. She was wonderful, in general but especially with him. Very glad I read this one! Mar 12, Eye in Bookland rated it liked it. Caine es mi personaje favorito de esta serie y hasta el momento este es mi libro favorito de la misma.

    I loved this story so much! I hate that this is the final book in this series. I feel there are so many more stories to be told! Maybe one day she'll be able to circle back to them. Safer that way for everyone. He had a traumatic childhood, and he's never had anyone he could really count on until he met his brothers in the club.